IRSHAD MANJI
The New York Times describes Irshad Manji as "Osama bin Laden’s worst nightmare." Oprah's
magazine has given Irshad the first annual Chutzpah Award for "audacity, nerve, boldness and
conviction." She takes both as compliments.

Irshad is Director of the Moral Courage Project at New York University. It aims to develop leaders who will
challenge political correctness, intellectual conformity and self-censorship. In the best spirit of liberal education,
the Moral Courage Project teaches that rights come with responsibilities, that we are citizens rather than
members of mere tribes, and that meaningful diversity embraces different ideas and not just identities.

Through her commitment to Muslim reform, Irshad is putting these principles into practice. She is the
internationally best-selling author of The Trouble with Islam Today: A Muslim’s Call for Reform in Her Faith.
Her book has been published in more than 30 countries, including Pakistan, India, Lebanon and Indonesia - the
world's largest Muslim nation.

In those countries that have censored The Trouble with Islam Today, Irshad is reaching readers by posting free
translations on this website. Collectively, the Arabic, Urdu and Farsi editions have been downloaded more than
one million times. The Indonesian edition has become the most popular download on this website since its
launch last year.

Irshad’s most recent book is titled Allah, Liberty & Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom which
is a guide to finding the God of love and liberty within Islam. This is ultimately a book about how to become a
gutsy global citizen working for both personal and world peace. Irshad has faith not just in Allah, but also in her
fellow human beings. Prepare to be informed as well as inspired.

As a scholar beyond NYU, Irshad is Senior Fellow with the European Foundation for Democracy. She has
served as a Visiting Fellow at Yale University and Journalist-in-Residence at the University of Toronto, where
she wrote The Trouble with Islam Today.

Irshad is creator of the Emmy-nominated PBS documentary, Faith Without Fear, which chronicles her journey
to reconcile Islam with human rights and freedom. Faith Without Fear is now being screened across Europe and
South Asia. It's also circulating in the Muslim underground via digital technologies. To view clips of Faith
Without Fear, visit her official YouTube channel, IrshadManjiTV.

As a journalist, Irshad’s columns appear frequently in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Times of
London, and other major news sources. She writes a regular feature for Canada’s Globe and
Mail. A comprehensive collection of Irshad's columns, as well as articles about her, can be found in the media
archives of this website. You can also watch debates and interviews on IrshadManjiTV.

As a social entrepreneur, Irshad has founded Project Ijtihad, a global campaign to popularize Islam’s own
tradition of critical thinking. Project Ijtihad is helping to build the world’s most inclusive network of reform-
minded Muslims and non-Muslim allies. To recognize the success of this campaign, the World Economic Forum
has selected Irshad as a Young Global Leader.

In her continued quest to promote critical thinking, Irshad has created spaces for open dialogue on the World
Wide Web. Her Facebook and MySpace pages are home to vigorous debates about Muslim reform and moral

For her pioneering work, Irshad receives death threats and distinctions.

The World Economic Forum has selected her as a Young Global Leader. Maclean’s, Canada’s national news
magazine, has named her one of “10 Canadians Who Make a Difference”. And The Jakarta Post in Indonesia --
the world’s largest Muslim country -- identifies Irshad as one of three Muslim women creating positive change
in Islam today.

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