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									                          No Sins Attached

Have you ever heard the statement “No strings attached?” What does that
phrase actually mean? It means that somebody wants to do you a favor and that
there are no conditions or obligations or consequences associated with it. It
means that nothing can be attached to the favor; maybe you could say it was
unconditional. Nothing later in life can come up in relation to that particular
thing. No strings attached. Now let me change that to “No sins attached”

Now what do I mean by that statement? The Bible proclaims, “As far as the east
is from the west I have removed your sins from you” Psalm 103:12. God informs
Jeremiah “I will remember their sins no more” Jeremiah 31:34. The Bible also
says “He has cast our sin into the sea of forgetfulness” How about this one from
Isaiah 1:18, though your sin maybe as scarlet I will make it white as snow and
from red as crimson to wool. That means He does not see your sin the way that
you do or someone else. Actually God doesn’t see your sin at all. He will never
bring up to you the sins committed because of the blood of Jesus. What can
wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Let me ask you a question,
when you go to the washing machine do you still see the dirt in there from the
clothes? No, why? Because it has been washed down the drain never to be seen
again. No sins attached. That’s the good news of the gospel of grace. Now there
are those out there who would have you believe that God will show you a
videotape of all your sins when you get to heaven. That He will crack the whip
and judge you for every single one of them. Sorry, the judgment seat of Christ is
not us sitting around a television eating popcorn watching old videos of our sins.

That judgment will be for our deeds, our motives and a place to receive our
rewards. The fire will test our works at that time, wood hay and stubble will burn
up and the deeds that were real and genuine will be the gold and metal, which
will endure the test of the fire and thus our rewards. This will not be a place of
remembrance for past sins and if so God is a liar and His word cannot be trusted.

Now if God doesn’t remember our sins then why do we continue to go to him
with things we have done in the past and have already confessed and repented
of? Some of us need to quit condemning ourselves and apply by faith the
finished work of Calvary and receive cleansing from our guilt. We must trust the
Spirit to aid us in this process for some of us really have some deep issues that
need healing inwardly.

 Here is something to ponder, David makes many statements concerning how
pure in heart he is and that the Lord tested him and found nothing. You would
get the feeling from reading his words that he was blameless that he never did
anything wrong. You would almost think he was a hypocrite asking judgment to
come on evildoers. He says blessed is the man who does not stand with sinners
but delights in the law. We all know David committed adultery, masterminded a
man’s murder and tried to hide his sin from all including God. David is no
different then you and I, He confessed finally but only after he got caught. But
how can a man with that history behind him say those kinds of words as if he
had a lapse of memory? He knew the forgiveness that was to come by way of
the new covenant in Christ. David reached beyond his time and cried out to God
and laid hold of the true forgiveness in the Lord. The law said he was to be put
to death for the horrendous crimes he had committed. Then God has the
audacity to say David is a man after His own heart. Has God and David forgot his
past? Yes they have. No sins attached. And by the way David you can still be
king. Look at the Apostle Paul, “I have wronged no man” What! He persecuted
and thrown into jail those who professed Jesus. He went on to say to Timothy
my conscience is clear. How could he make a statement like that? He got a hold
of the word of forgiveness and forgetfulness. You and I don’t have a leg to stand
on if you cannot forget. Else the accuser of the brethren will torment us in our
minds with things from the past that we did or with others that have caused us

Notice in Hebrews 11 that God never mentions the failures of any of those men
who are of the hall of faith. Yet they were with sins, check them out. But God
has erased them and talks about them as if they had never blown it. That’s the
beauty of justification.

Now with these things in mind do not let others accuse you of your past sins. For
there are those who love to delve into them. Shepherds do it with sheep,
spouses to each other and parents with their children and friends to other
friends. We all have done it. However by bringing up the past sins of others, we
have to reach down under the blood to pull those sins out and there we stand a
bloody mess condemning one another over past failures. The blood of Christ
dripping from our hands as we stand pointing the finger as if we are without sin

You cannot let others continue to bring up your sins, as well as you cannot let
yourself bring up the past. Kathryn Kuhlman had a past divorce in her life. Some
judged her harshly. She even carried the guilt of it with her for a season. One
day she was crying out to God about it and God said “Kathryn, according to Me it
never happened”. Right then and there she got the revelation and spoke back to
God “It never happened” and from that time on she never dealt with it again,
she was truly freed. Now there were others who would not let her forget it. One
day after this encounter with God a lady came up to her and criticized her about
her past, and asked her how d she could stand up there and minister being a
divorcee. Kathryn’s response was very weighty “Honey. that was somebody else,
that Kathryn Kuhlman died a long time ago, I have died a thousand deaths since
then” Kathyrn Kuhlman would not let someone attach her past sins to herself, or
resurrect her past failures again. She was delivered from the past and delivered
from herself. NO SINS ATTACHED! We are free from our past and all it entails.
Listen we cannot finish the course unless we are finished with the past. The past
will cripple and paralyze the future. You have got to be delivered from who you
were to become who God wants you to be. Now walk in the cleansing blood of
the Lamb, you are forgiven and the sin is forgotten. Thank God He doesn’t have
the mentality like some of us “I forgive but I can’t forget”. Through the grace of
God we can forget like David did, just like the Apostle Paul did and like our
heavenly Father has done. All things are possible with God. Rejoice! God can
deal with you as if you have never sinned. That is what justification is all about.

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