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									                                 School wires Notes

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Benefits of schoolwires…
      Everything all in one place. Blogs, email alerts for announcements, homework,
       etc. (if parents register), slideshows, podcasts, webpage, calendar
    Parents can subscribe to get alerts from any section of the website. COOL!
            o A parent registers for e-alerts and can get info from all their childs
    Calendars- now there is only one per teacher/section. Coming soon- teachers can
       have multiple calendars for each subject area.
    We are giving up some “creativity” to have incredible benefits for other services.
    When teachers move sites, webpage moves with them! Site director would move
       it to the new site. Would never have to re-create it.
    Saving the district $75,000! Were will that new found $ go? Back into the
    Section Report- shows you who is subscribed to your website!
    Right click anywhere to print, back, refresh, etc….
To log in:         Password: changeme
    Select a site: liberty elementary school
    Channel- the main sections created by the district… teachers, etc.
    Sections- “teachers” Athletics

School for staff development: For staff- schoolwires demo

        In my teacher section- click on new page.
        Select Blogs- Name it as a “general title”. Not the name of the blog.
        Create the new posting page. Title it. (blog title)
        Insert image (first button) Second button is image properties. Make sure text
         wraps around. Left justify.

    In my teacher section- create New page

Training Teachers.
    Logging process
    Site director (district level- Ken & Stu)
          o Homepage Editor- Karen
          o Section Editors
          o Subsites…schools
                   Subsite director (me/webmasters)
                   Section editor (teachers)

Monday: October 22, 2007
                                 School wires Notes

Forms and Surveys- Design, Inactive or Active formats
Use as a pre-test and post test; class contracts w/ contact information;
           o Gradable selections-
           o Choice 1 drop down
           o Choice – one answer

Open Ended comment box-Essay questions
    Use for Name, address, etc.

Open Ended one line- Matrix with multiple lines for input

      To change the text…use html code- ie: <b>name</b> for bold, “i” for italicized

Tips for forms/surveys- Use new pages often instead of scrolling. Better to read and
“click” than to scroll down. (like QLab- one question per page).

      Use new page for Piping…uses the name of the individual in the next response
       after you copy/paste the “piping code”

   When a student is taking a test…if they answer “yes” it takes you to a specific
   All questions in one group…will go to specific page.

Page Types-
   o Management- can click and drag to re-order your pages.
   o When you are working on a page- click “inactive”
   o “breadcrumbs” are the access back to where you want to go….
    Overview page- can’t be deleted, can make more and can rename (it is the index
      page that the site goes to “landing page”.
    Article Library- Archives alphabetically the list (date to show or hide) !
         o Homework, documents, vocab word lists- Type directly onto these pages.
         o New Article…same button, same location on each page type for all NEW
             stuff in every page type!
         o Set date- automatically saves it for a year unless you change it. Make sure
             it is accurate. Started is correct or end hasn’t passed.
         o Make sure it’s marked “active”

      Flex Page- used the most- can be deleted, added, etc. Like Microsoft word, photo
           o Past “text” is best instead of paste from word. You want to edit/format text
               in schoolwires.
      Link Library- Obviously for links that can be date generated…start and end date.
      File Library- Documents – pdf, Microsoft office- requires software to open these
                                School wires Notes

      Calendar- Every teacher can have their own. Color categories. Teacher can
       request to have their event put on the district calendar. COOL! I can put events
       down onto the teacher’s calendars.
          o New event is best way to add the events to your calendar
          o Site coordinator has set 20 color coded event categories. Eventually,
              teachers will be able to add their own categories.
          o Registration ability- Adult ed or teacher training…can set # of
              participants, date to register by, choice of meals, etc.
          o Import events from on-line calendar
      Maps and directions- List locations and links to
      Blogs- posting ability- can lock comments for review
      Podcasts- record and then upload file- automatically

Section Configuration- Creating a template for teacher pages. Can only apply it to a new
     Leave Auto list for teachers for now.
     Round trip editing…allows you to edit in Dreamweaver, etc. Restrict Formatting
     Pages….give them familiar things that they know like “homework”…Section
        Editor- page 12-14.
           o Welcome- Flex pages
           o Homework- Article Library- Can put a start and end date on any

Step 1- Do Page Layout first for teachers- Can only be applied to a flex page.
Step 2- Section Configuration
Step 3- Import Users…use check box for Robot “helper”.

Manage users to : import all teacher, counselors, admin and give them editor features
         o User Management
         o Import Users
         o Click the “use the Section Robot Tool…”

    Look under the School wires Modules after the photo gallery.
    Data entry must be consistent (is: school names) or else the drop down menu will
       think it is 2 different schools)
    For a custom mini-base…with photos. Upload photos to the school wires files and

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