Scene Breakdown for Fiddler

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					SETTING: Anatevka- A small village in Russia. 1905 Eve of the Russian revolutionary Period

SCENE                      LOCATIONS                                                                 SONG
OVERTURE          Fiddler appears at Roof top behind black scrim
PROLOGUE          Start at Dairy Place – take to bridge. Players appear from different spots         Tradition
                  On towers, Inn, Home, etc.

After Prologue- Inn off/House remains/center structure below “roof” remains

Scene 1           SR Tevye’s Interior- add table and chairs                                          Matchmaker
                  Girls go out the door and come out side- string the clothing line over to Inn
                  Play scene with laundry

Scene 2           Moves from 1. Dairy Place to 2. Bridge to 3 to front of Inn.                       If I were a Rich Man
                  4. home exterior and then 5. interior

Scene 3           SR Tevye;s Interior with table a chairs still set from scene 1                     Sabbath Prayer

Scene 4           House move off/detach clothes lines. Roll on SL Inn and furniture                  To Life

Scene 5           Inn rolls off / Scene plays Downstage (Tevye and Fiddler dance)

Scene 6           In front of SR Tower (OLD)-open space downstage.
                  Moments with Hodel and Perchick play SL Tower (NEW)                                Miracle of Miracle
                  Motel uses the Tailor Shop and SL

Scene 7           House rolls on. Add Bed, Chair and table
                  Dream with Up Stage Left of STAR Structure                                         The Dream
                  And open space LEFT

Scene 8           House rolls off. Downstage/Bridge/Tailor Shop

Scene 9           Center structure rolls off to reveal the entire STAR STRUCTURE                     Sunrise, Sunset
                  Wedding Candles are set

Scene 10          Remove Candles/ Dance takes place on Star structure. Guest have stools,
                  Chairs and benches for party. Very random seating.
                  Private moment on Tower structures while party still plays center.

END of ACT I. As Party guests leave- House rolls in and Tevye walks into his house.
               Girls are cleaning up. Fiddler back to roof top- as center structure rolls back in.
               Up Left Star Structure is used as the main exit.
II PROLOGUE Scrim is drawn. Tevye speaks from SR Dairy place and Tower.
            Motel and Tzeital are scene SL at Tailor shop and SL Tower.

Scene 1        Scrim lit to see home still rolled out. Scrim is drawn as scene begins.
               Interior has kitchen/ Exterior has clothing line and crates and such for levels   Now I have Everything

Scene 2        Use Tower to Tower- all of the steps/ landings/balconies to have the people.      The Rumor

Scene 3        Train Station. Walk through Bottom Center of STAR                                 Far from the Home I Love
               Play scene UC, C , and DC.
               Lights need to be one long rectangle to cover only that space.

Scene 4        Downstage. Moves toward SL

Scene 5        Tailor Shop and SL Tower

Scene 6        Bridge/Street. Chorus Upstage with STAR                                           Little Bird

Scene 7        SR TOWER/ Center all clear for full company circles. STAR is at FULL              Anatevka
               Exits are primarily through the STAR openings.

               Fiddler Closes the scrim for the end- watch them exit with scrim lit/then dark.

CURTAIN CALL- Fiddler re-opens scrim

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