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                          How to mow a perfect lawn.
Ever wanted to have a beautifully manicured lawn without necessarily using the service
of a landscaper? Well, it’s much easier than you think. The following simple steps will
get you on your way to owning the lawn you’ve always dreamed of.


   1. A lawn of any size, with good soil already planted with grass.
   2. A lawn mower of appropriate make and model and ability to follow instructions
      on owner’s manual. Buying a good quality product assures your mower will
      deliver years of trouble-free service.
   3. A few minutes of your time at regular intervals to actually mow your lawn.
      Depending on the grass type, it could be several times a month.

Getting started:

   1. Allow grass to grow to a reasonable height, say two inches on average. This may
      require a minimum of two weeks of undisturbed growth before cutting, enabling
      any bare patches on your lawn to be fully overgrown with grass. Alternatively,
      you could plant in the bare patches to achieve an unbroken coverage over your
      entire lawn. Be sure to plant at least two weeks before first cutting.
   2. With a rake or manually, remove all stones, bits of wood, metal objects, etc.
      which might obstruct and potentially damage the blade of your lawn mower.
   3. Carefully study the owner’s manual. This gives clear instructions about every
      aspect of the operation of your new lawn mower. Please follow these instructions.
   4. Adjust your lawn mower cutting level to the required height. A finished lawn of
      about one inch thickness all around is recommended. This is thick enough to give
      a luxuriant, springy feel to the grass bed without being bushy.
   5. Wear appropriate protective shoes, hand gloves, etc.
   6. Top up specified oil and fuel to the indicated levels and start your engine.
   7. Drive lawn mower evenly and deliberately over entire lawn, following a
      methodical pattern.
   8. Empty lawn mower sac periodically when full.

Lawn maintenance:

   1. Repeat procedure at regular intervals.
   2. Water your lawn as often as necessary.

Final word:

As with all things in life, the more care and effort you put into maintaining your new
lawn, the better your results. So get to it without delay! Happy lawn mowing!

Author: C.F.I.Nwachukwu.


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