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									                            CONOY TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
                                     MEETING MINUTES
                                       March 10, 2011

A meeting of the Conoy Township Board of Supervisors was held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 10,
2011, at 211 Falmouth Road. In attendance were Supervisor and Chair Gina Mariani; Supervisor and
Vice-Chair John Shearer; Supervisor and Assistant-Secretary Treasurer Robert Strickland, Supervisor
Clyde Pickel; Supervisor Kevin McKain; and Secretary Kathy Hipple. Also in attendance was Township
Solicitor Matthew J. Crème, Nikolaus & Hohenadel; Court Reporter Brenda Pardun.


1. Meeting called to Order by Chair Mariani at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a
moment of silence.

2. Approval of Minutes of February 10, 2011 BOS Meeting. Motion by Strickland; second by Shearer;
motion approved.

3. Chair – Announcements and additional agenda items. None.

4. Secretary: (i) Reminder - Code of Ethics forms to be completed by BOS members and returned to
Administrative Assistant Donna Alexander. (ii) Lancaster County Drug Task Force Report for year 2010
is available. (iii) PSATS 2011 Proposed Bylaws Changes – voting delegate required on Tuesday, April
19 at the general session of the PSATS Conference. Shearer is BOS voting delegate. (iv) LCATS
Spring Meeting Thursday, March 31, 2011 – BOS members, please notify Administrative Assistant
Donna Alexander if you will be attending by March 18, 2011. Verbal reply received from Strickland,
Pickel, Shearer and McKain to attend and noted by Alexander.

5. Conditional Use Hearing – 01-11 – Application submitted by Thomas A. Balmer and Karen D.
Kellogg, owners of the property located at 155 Governor Stable Road, Bainbridge, PA, tax parcel 130-
82460-0-0000, in the Agricultural (A) zoning district. The applicants seek a Conditional Use permitted
by the Conoy Township Zoning Ordinance, as amended, Article 2, Section 201.4.1, in order to create
one lot by subdivision and construct one single family detached dwelling. PC Recommendation: BOS
to ask if 1 acre is a large enough area for dwelling, on-lot septic system and alternate site. All utilities
shall remain underground. Court reporter Brenda Pardun recorded proceedings. Hearing began at
7:03 p.m. Upon advisement from Solicitor Crème BOS agreed to Stay the Proceeding and proceed
with BOS business until arrival of the applicant.

6. Presentation by Historian Audrey Snyder re: publishing of “Conoy Township the History and the
Mystery”. She is seeking grant monies and would like Township to assist by accepting donations.
Audrey stated Jane Andrews Sweigart would speak on their behalf. Jane asked, “What do the following
have in common? A murder that takes place outside of a tavern; a 70” long Atlantic sturgeon; a torch-
light political parade; a creamery with 32 flavors of ice cream; a 13 ton block of marble; and a Civil War
veteran who survived the horrors of Andersonville prison?” They are all part of Conoy Township
history, as well as the names and stories of the men and women of Conoy Township who served in the
military. It is everyone’s history who lives here. It is genealogy of the families, it is the history of their
businesses, hardships, dreams, failures, religion, education, politics, celebrations, and calamities.
Plans are to have the two-volume work in print for the upcoming Bainbridge bi-centennial; money is the
issue as the endeavor is cost-prohibitive for this project to be accomplished without donations. Ms.
Sweigart requested 3 things of the BOS: 1) a letter of endorsement that they know Audrey and Jane
and know they have been working on this project; that this is a project the BOS stands behind and
encourages contributions to this cause; 2) an account be opened and maintained by the Township
under Conoy Township History to receive the donations for final research and publication, money which
Audrey and Jane will have access to as it is needed for this project; and 3) that the BOS make a
generous donation to support this project. Mariani’s questioned if request is permissible by BOS.
Solicitor Crème advised the contributions are not tax deductible since the donations would be on behalf

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of private individuals and not a charitable organization. Shearer questioned possibility of making them
a chapter of Conoy Township Historical Society. Solicitor Crème responded it would have to be
demonstrated to the Commonwealth and IRS it is a public charity, what the budget is, what type of
organization; by-laws and organizational documents are required to do that. By setting up an account,
Township would be responsible to members of the public and to those making the contribution that the
money is used for the intended purpose. Pickel commented Township has 12 separate accounts and
this would be extra work for Hipple. Mariani questioned why Audrey and Jane could not handle the
funds. They responded it is about validation. If someone questioned what happened to their funds
because the book had not been printed a year later, they could respond the Township has the funds
and the funds cannot be obtained without signature/approval by a Supervisor. Solicitor Crème gave an
analogy of a construction project where the contractor would have certain milestones that would have to
be met for the financing and recommended postponement of the issue until Audrey and Jane could
come back to the BOS with a timeline, amount of money needed, draw schedule, etc. Mariani asked
about costs. Jane responded there are variables and depends on color vs. black & white, the economy,
dealing with publishers on prices and number to be printed. John Caley recommended they contact
Mark Platts, Lancaster-York Heritage Trust Foundation (L-YHTF), which his company is working with in
York to preserve a steam whistle for the possibility they might umbrella this project. Audrey reported
checking with Lancaster County Historical Society. They do not provide aid for such a project. Mariani
asked if they had obtained grant money. Audrey responded they cannot until they have a place for the
money to go. Jane commented that grant money is usually dependent on being affiliated with a
university or an organization. Solicitor Crème commented grants are typically awarded to non-profit
organizations. Mariani recommended Audrey and Jane check on the lead from John Caley and to allow
the BOS to do some research and give BOS until the next meeting. Shearer and Mariani expressed
appreciation for the work that has been done.

Item 5 – continued - Conditional Use Hearing reconvened at 7:20 p.m. At 7:28 p.m. motion was made
by Shearer to continue hearing to April 14, 2011 BOS meeting; second by Strickland; motion approved.
Solicitor Crème commented record of testimony will remain open.

7. Earl Fuhrman – re: Electricity for Susquehanna Old-Fashioned Field Days (SOFFD).
Fuhrman requested last month’s decision of the BOS to allow electricity from the sewer plant for
SOFFD be changed to Division St. The capacity for electricity at the sewer plant is not known; it would
be 350’ closer from Division St; the line would not cross the Creek. Mariani said Township would not
pay for another service by placing electricity at Division St. Fuhrman committed SOFFD to pay for the
initial bill and the monthly bill for minimum service billing after SOFFD. Strickland, Pickel and Mariani
verbalized agreement. Fuhrman advised the proposed line would be able to accommodate a future
pavilion. Mariani responded if that were to happen we could talk about that electricity bill. Fuhrman is
working on putting in the meter and recommended the pole be at the end of the stage area so it would
be out of the flood zone. Mariani requested Fuhrman to receive Township approval on pole location
before installation. Steve Mohr commented that the section where they want to put the pole has always
been no overhead utilities. Last year the telephone company wanted to put poles on Division St and
they were told no; the electric company wanted to put a pole there the year before and were told no.
Mohr advised that a meter be put on a pedestal mount. Chris Geesey commented he had discussed
this with Earl and coming from Division St would be a better idea as the cost coming from the sewer
plant would be twice as high due to the length of the run and the meter could be put on a pedestal or
pole. When called upon by Mariani, Strickland, Pickel and McKain gave approval. A motion was made
by Strickland to approve Fuhrman’s request; second was made by Pickel; motion was approved.

8. Report of Committees / Officers:

a. Emergency Management. No report.

b. Bainbridge Fire Company. Shearer reported 20 calls for February – 11 in Conoy, 3 in East Donegal;
1 in Mt Joy Twp, 1 in E-town Borough; 3 in West Donegal Twp and 1 in Marietta Borough.

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c. NW Emergency Medical Services – Report available. 9 calls in Conoy Township in February 2011;
total of 22 calls in Conoy Township in 2011.

d. Police – Report is available. Mariani asked Chief Haugh status of photos from park camera. SRPD is
waiting their turn to have those processed.

e. TMI. No report.

f. Waste to Energy Plant (Incinerator).

(i) Host Agreement. Solicitor Crème reported BOS was planning on considering the host agreement
that we have been discussing for several months and have been negotiating with Lancaster County
Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA). He and Chair Mariani received telephone calls this
morning from Tom Adams, LCSWMA, to inform us that they were likely to make an offer to purchase
the Harrisburg incinerator. The LCSWMA Board is going to consider this tomorrow at their meeting.
WITF radio has already reported that they did make that offer but Matt is not sure that is accurate. Tom
did not want the BOS acting on the host agreement tonight only to read tomorrow morning that
LCSWMA had done this and wanted to give us advanced notice. The effect of the Authority actually
purchasing the Harrisburg incinerator would be to postpone the need for another unit on the Conoy
incinerator. Tom indicated this was not a sure thing but if the City were to accept the Authority’s offer
and sell the incinerator to the Authority there would be capacity there at a less expensive cost to the
Authority than to build the new unit. That postpones the need for another unit here and invalidates the
projections that they have done on revenue to the Township. Matt’s recommendation is that the BOS
postpone consideration of the host agreement until we see how this all works out and then we can
return to the Authority if they do strike a deal with Harrisburg for the purchase of that incinerator to
review and revise the projections and if they don’t strike a deal then we are back to where we are now
but anything we would do in the meanwhile would be based on inaccurate information. Tom told
Strickland sometime in April they want to know yes or no from Harrisburg. Solicitor Crème confirmed
he thought that was accurate. Tom told Gina they would know next week. Matt did not get into that
discussion with Tom and advised that his expectation is that if this proceeds as a real estate transaction
typically does, that there would be a date in the offer that would be the date that requires a response
and that does not mean that cannot be extended. Once there is an official action by the LCSWMA
Board which will be tomorrow morning Matt will give them a call tomorrow afternoon for the details. No
BOS motion was necessary at this point.

(ii) Report available. January 2011 Host Fee $60,619.81; and 30,367.58 Tons.

g. Roads. Roadmaster report is available.

h. Sewage Enforcement Officer: Report available; no activity for February, 2011.

i. Sanitary Sewer System. (i) Steve Dellinger, Hanover Engineering, presented BOS members with a
copy of the Chapter 94 Municipal Waste Load Management and a report for counter year 2010 which is
a required filing to PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) for Bainbridge and Falmouth
Treatment Plants which is a summary of operations over the last year and projections for the 5 year
future of flows and organic loading at the plant and shows we are in good shape at both plants with no
projected overloads either hydraulically or organically. The only qualifier on that was noted in Bob
Lynn’s 3/10/11 letter (accompanying the report), that two years ago when we submitted a report we had
a couple spikes in the organic loading at Falmouth which were attributed probably to not enough
sampling done of the influent of the waste coming into the plant to calculate what the load is on the
plant and at the recommendation of Jay Patel, PA DEP engineer, to do monthly sampling of influent
since in 2010 there was sampling only 8 out of the 12 months and would give us a better data base and
a better number of samplings to indicate the plant is not overloaded or in fear of being overloaded
organically any time soon. It is the recommendation of Hanover Engineering that a minimum of monthly
influent samplings be done. Based on information Dellinger received from Donna Alexander today, the
lab cost is less than $25.00 a month so an extra $100.00 would be required. Strickland said if we can

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improve our sampling technique and the report we are going to send we should do it. Solicitor Crème
commented that approach would be better than the results that would happen on the other end which
would be fines. A motion was made by Strickland to increase sampling to monthly; second by
Shearer; motion was approved. McKain asked if sampling was always done 8 times a year since
installation. Dellinger responded the original permits for the two plants that were granted in 1992 when
the system was constructed, there were no specific requirements in the discharge permit for a sampling
of what comes into the plant. There is a requirement that you have to sample and analyze one or two
times a month but the discharge the only way to get the information required to be able to document not
overloaded coming into the plant you have to have some information of what is coming in and the more
information you have the better off you are.

j. Solicitor Matthew Crème: (i) NWRT Signing of Gun Club Easement Agreement; and East Donegal /
Conoy Agreement. Solicitor Crème has agreements necessary for the NWRT and gave recall that
sometime in the past the BOS accepted the Easement Agreement signed by the Gun Club but we
postponed signing it because there was no point to it unless we would enter into the related agreement
with East Donegal. East Donegal has completed their review of the East Donegal /Conoy Agreement
and copies were provided to staff and BOS and review was done by Solicitor’s office. Both are ready
for action by the BOS. Solicitor Crème requested so it is clear in the minutes although BOS approved
entering into the Gun Club Easement that BOS do that again together with entering into the Agreement
with East Donegal. A motion was made by Strickland that BOS sign the Gun Club Easement and the
East Donegal / Conoy Agreement for the Northwest River Trail; second was made by McKain; motion
was approved.

(ii) Snow Plowing Contract. Proposed contract is in circulation; Alexander, Hipple and Roadmaster
Greg Smith reviewed the proposed contract and made comments Solicitor Crème’s office will have a
revised contract prepared with the hopes that we will not need that until next winter!

(iii) Review of Sewer Ordinance. Bob Lynn, Hanover Engineering, has provided proposed changes to
Solicitor Crème who will review same and be prepared for discussion at April 14, 2011 BOS meeting.

k. Zoning Officer – Report is available.

Zoning Officer Janet Hardman presented two letters to BOS and explained the first letter is a zoning
violation letter that no permits were obtained for sheds, and the second letter is dealing with trash and
debris, the Code of Ordinances. Mariani requested other BOS members to read letters. Solicitor
Crème reviewed letters. Alexander made copies of letters for several BOS members. Mariani directed
Keith Heigel and Supervisor Strickland to sign letters.

l. Buildings. Pickel reported: (i) 211 Falmouth Rd – Township Building - HVAC system has been
installed; (ii) 2419 River Rd $10,000 was budgeted for 2011 for improvements; roof repaired, 2 new
garage doors were installed; and a contract is in place to install insulation, with all projects costs
totaling about $8,800.00 allowing $1,200.00 for other improvements. Mariani complimented Pickel on a
good job.

Solicitor Crème commented there is hope the General Assembly is going to move on a bill to increase
municipal bidding limits to $25,000.00 and advised BOS to urge Representative Hickernell to vote in
favor of the bill. The telephone bid would be raised proportionately.

m. Personnel. No report / business.

n. Parks and Recreation. (i) Community Center. Mariani referred to prior discussion of the building
behind the Lutheran Church in Bainbridge. Future plans are to move equipment which is now stored
there to 2419 River Rd and use the building as a location for senior citizens classes. Zumba could not
be held there as the building is too small to accommodate those classes. Mariani asked BOS to keep
this request in mind for planning for 2012. (ii) Music in the Park – 2/28/11 Request from Bob Frank
314-5689, Bainbridge Band. Does the BOS want to contract with the Band for music in the park at

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Conoy Park West on Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 5:30 p.m. for the cost of $750.00? Mariani / Pickel
advised last year about 50 people attended the event which averages to $15.00 per person and
commented that was expensive. Pickel commented the band is very good and very entertaining and
play for 2 to 2 ½ hours. Shearer commented it is also helping out a Township-affiliated association.
McKain asked for clarification if we have been done that for years to which the response was yes and
then he asked if it was in the budget and the response was yes. Donna Alexander asked how many
people actually attend that to which Mariani responded he (Pickel) said 50. Shearer asked John Caley
who has a refreshment stand there if he thought there were 50 there to which Caley responded yes.
Mariani asked if he made money at his stand to which Caley replied about $40.00. Shearer wants to
offer the program; Mariani thinks it is expensive. Pickel asked Strickland what he had to say and
Strickland said he has not gone to any of them because he goes away that weekend. Judy Nissley
commented the price mentioned for a band that size that is not bad and asked if this is what started out
to be a series and said her personal experience with concerts is that you have one event and have to
advertise but as soon as you put out that you have more events you get more people to attend. McKain
asked to keep it. A motion was made by Shearer to approve the Bainbridge Band to play for the June
19, 2011 concert for $750.00; second was made by McKain; Mariani opposed; motion approved.

o. Planning, Subdivision and Development. (i) Bob Gruber property, 32 Locust Grove Rd, Bainbridge
– Advertised as, “15.8 acres of R-1 Residentially Zoned Ground currently being leased for agricultural
purposes. The property has a significant positive cash flow & lends itself to many uses. This is an
outstanding investment property.” PC recommendation: BOS request Hanover Engineering prepares
definition for Historic / Archaeological sites. Confer with Solicitor Crème. BOS identify perceived
deficiency in present Ordinance and declare curative amendment to begin process. Inform Auctioneer
of information prior to sale.

Mariani asked PC Chair Mohr to give an explanation. Mohr deferred to Steve Dellinger, Hanover
Engineering. Dellinger referred to discussion at last week’s PC meeting. Apparently the Gruber
property at Locust Grover Rd is being advertised for sale and referred to the above description of the ad
and explained this is the Indian village site. The PC recommendation was that Hanover Engineering
working in conjunction with Solicitor Crème come up with ordinance provisions to protect specifically
this site but other identified archeological historic sites within the Township and there are a couple of
ways he described to the PC to do that. In the course of amending the Zoning Ordinance, this could be
done but they are realistically looking at the end of the year before that would be adopted; or declare
the existing Ordinance does not cover this which would trigger the Curative Amendment process which
would put a halt to any potential development activity that would impact this site. The other option
would be to inform the auctioneer of what is on the property and the potential pitfalls of trying to develop
the site.

Solicitor Crème strongly recommended against informing the auctioneer of anything because any
information from any source has the effect of affecting the price of the property and information can be
wrong, misunderstood, accurately stated and ignored and he would not want to see the Township put in
a position where they interrupted a contractual relationship. Mariani commented so it is their duty to
check here? Solicitor Crème advised it is always the purchasers duty to investigate and failure to
investigate, to understand, uncover information, does not place any responsibility on the Township if
somebody buys a property and then is unable to use it for the purposes they had hoped. He is the
Solicitor for the Elizabeth Township ZHB and a young fellow purchased property at a public sale, he
found out he could not use it for want he wants and he came to the ZHB for a variance and they denied
it. That does not mean that we cannot pursue the legitimate consideration and adoption of an
amendment to the Zoning Ordinance but we would need to make it clear we are not being motivated by
affecting any particular piece of property or anticipation of any submission of a plan. Strickland stated
this has already been discussed in the office to this extent that yes we would not inform the auctioneer
but any buyer who called in here could be informed there was an Indian village there. Solicitor Crème
asked if it was Temple who came in and asked if they provided us with a report. Strickland responded
no there was correspondence from a couple of years ago when a commercial real estate gentleman
wanted to come in and they did a Phase I, Phase II Evaluation. Dellinger responded that was when
River View Development was proposed and County Planning was requiring a Phase I archeological

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study and the attorneys for the developer said the PHMC does not mandate a study to be done but they
ended up doing one anyway. Strickland said we discussed this that a potential buyer could be told this
and we did that with the other real estate gentlemen that wanted to come in and that is that our sewer
plant has a certain capacity and at the present time there would be capacity for a couple of houses
back there but he has heard 35 houses be mentioned and we do not have capacity for 35 houses
because we agreed we are saving that capacity for in-building in Bainbridge in the existing Village.

Solicitor Crème explained the difficulty with any one of those phone calls is that when anyone calls in
and asks what they can do on a certain piece of property, the only accurate answer is, “I don’t know.”
Strickland commented they have to say, “Can I do this?” and then we might be able to answer them.
Solicitor Crème said that in a hypothetical situation the applicant could look at the ordinance and it is 35
acres and its minimum lot size of 1 acre and they calculate they can do 35 houses and we all know you
cannot do 35 houses on 35 acres with minimum lot sizes of 1 acre because there needs to be space for
streets, driveways, stormwater, etc. And you don’t know the geography, topography, geology, and you
don’t know that until they go to somebody who does that and bring that into Janet or somebody else
from Light-Heigel for review. So the first part of the answer is I don’t know; the second part of the
answer is there are professionals that you can hire who can advise you; and the third part of the answer
is we will be happy to review whatever you bring in. Whether it be sewer or water capacity we could
have capacity and not be able to get it there. We cannot give one answer to one person and another
answer to another person and even after we have a land plan we sometimes don’t know. Mariani
questioned what about an amendment? Solicitor Crème asked if the BOS wanted to consider that kind
of an amendment. Strickland said that would be an ongoing thing for the future. Mariani added and it
would be for all the areas. Solicitor Crème responded that is correct and we have a lot of historical
resources in the Township and since you are in the process of amending a zoning ordinance this would
be a plug-in that if you adopted it ahead of the rest of the ordinance it should be in the new ordinance
as well.

Dellinger asked to interject some additional background. Back in May of 2005 there was an inquiry
from the real estate agent specifically for the Gruber property requesting the Township to sign off on
available sewer capacity and as a result of that inquiry Mike Moulds and Steve did a capacity study for
Bainbridge identifying the Township’s preference to provide service at the existing plant for those
existing vacant lots in the Village and identifying Towns Edge, River View, Commodore’s landing as
developments that have already been approved or under construction and basically the last paragraph
In the report as presented: “Based on the findings of the report the proposed development of the
property along Locust Grove Rd (Robert Gruber property) projected at 45 EDUs would need additional
constructed treatment capacity to be able to utilize public sewer at this time.” So essentially, in 2005 it
was determined if that property were to be developed as R-1 zoning it would be necessary to expand
the treatment plant. That is public information and available. Also in the Comprehensive Plan that was
adopted, Natural Historical Resources Plan, there is mapping and description identifying a significant
archeological site on that property so that would be other information that the Township could provide.
Mariani asked if a motion was necessary. Solicitor Crème advised if it is the consensus of the Board, if
there is no objection, you can direct him and Steve to prepare some documents for BOS consideration
and then it is a question as to whether you want to move ahead to advertise a Hearing to adopt it.
Strickland agreed that Matt and Hanover Engineering should get together to see where we are going
with that in general. Matt confirmed they can provide BOS with their choices. Strickland made a
motion to find out options; second made by McKain; motion approved.

Bill Rhoads made statement he knows for a fact there is correspondence in the Township from the PA
State Historical Commission about that property.

Solicitor Crème advised that one of the things to understand about the open records law is that if we get
a request for a record, we provide a record. It doesn’t provide for an opportunity to ask any questions
we don’t have to give an answer we can provide the record. This is helpful knowledge that we know we
have records to provide if we have a request.

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9. Financial Reports – FYI – BOS given Deposit Detail, General Check Detail and Payroll Summary
reports for February 2011.

10. Bills – Motion to pay bills (see 3/10/11 Unpaid Bills Detail Reports). Shearer made motion to pay
bills; second made by Pickel; motion carried.

11. Old Business: None.

12. New Business: None.

13. Other Items and Public Participation:

a. John Caley, CTYAA, requested permission to remove grass infield at Conoy East Park baseball field
and install Diamond Tex dirt. Shearer explained this is a requirement of the league rules. He reported
the CTYAA has about 120 players this year, so all the fields will be used to capacity and we do not
have lights so they cannot play after dark so he agrees with Caley’s recommendation. Mariani asked if
the way the soccer field is laid out that it won’t have anything to do with it even if you move the soccer
field 10 or 20 more feet in. Caley’s response was it is only the area between the bases.

Caley gave a report that the CTYAA has 11 teams this year, 118 kids, with 40 games scheduled on the
Conoy West side, and he provided that schedule to the Township staff. He does not have the schedule
yet for the Conoy East side or Governor Stable but there will probably be 16 to 20 games each on those
fields. They have open projects to upgrade the Conoy East side concession stand and the Conoy West
side. Mariani asked if they have their practice schedules and if she could get that. Caley responded
practice is every night on every field from six until dark. Mariani then asked if the soccer kids were to
practice right after school if that would be okay. Caley responded that’s fine. On Saturdays on the girls’
side he does not have anything scheduled at this point; on the Conoy West side he has games
scheduled starting April 11. Mariani told Caley the soccer kids would be playing on the Conoy East
side from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. on Saturdays. Pickel asked if Caley could fax the schedule into the
Township. Hipple said the schedule that had been provided has been posted on the bulletin board.
Caley said that is just for the boys and as soon as he gets the schedule for the girls and older boys and
girls he will provide those schedules, also. Mariani asked if the T-ball field on Division is being used.
Caley responded every night. Mariani confirmed practices would be held at all four locations and Caley
informed her they will be trying to use the school field, also. They have 11 teams and most coaches
like to get their practices in during the week so it fills up every field they have from now until the season
starts. Once the season starts a lot of the time it is games only and some Sunday afternoon practices,
in most cases. The season opens April 4 and they have moved from playing against Rheems to
playing in the Elizabethtown Area Baseball League which is nothing more than Conoy getting with the
Boys’ Club and making a league so when they did that there are a lot of weekend games, a lot of
Saturday games that they are not accustomed to so the Conoy West side has out of the 10 weeks in
the season, 7 Saturday games scheduled from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Mariani asked for confirmation that
they are not practicing on those fields on Saturdays or Sundays. Caley responded at this point there
are no Sunday afternoon practices scheduled but he knows just from past experience that eventually
when you get rained out for practice coaches move into that Sunday afternoon timeframe. Mariani told
Caley there still needs to be some time for the soccer team to practice. There is one team and Mariani
told them they have to work around Caley’s schedule so she still needs that schedule from him.

b. Judy Nissley brought up the subject of community events that are not very well attended and said
that driving through Marietta they have a board that has community events and was wondering if the
Township would consider doing something like that since there is no place to indicate what is going
on in the community. Donna Alexander commented that we actually do post advertisements for the
Bainbridge Band at 8 different locations some being the Township office, the post office, Gingrich’s,
and at the Uni-Mart. The ad is also put on the web site. Mariani had gone to Fast Signs and picked up
a book for this purpose since the sign at the park is gone maybe we can incorporate something like that
so we know what is going on in the Township; good idea, Judy.

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c. Gary Jenkins asked what the mowing schedule is. Mariani responded we have not yet set a mowing
schedule since we just got done with snow. Shearer replied that by April we should know.

d. Shearer said he didn’t know what had been decided on the pear tree situation. Hipple responded
it was covered in the February 10, 2011 minutes that it was decided that the homeowner could decide
if the tree(s) were to be removed and if the tree(s) were removed and the homeowner decided they
wanted a replacement tree, the Township would decide the type of replacement tree and to start the
process each homeowner should be contacted.

e. John Caley, CTYAA, requested additional Diamond-Tex be installed for the Conoy Park East field.
Shearer confirmed that Caley has a truck load available. Caley said he does and that would take care
of the West side, Division Street and Governor Stable, fields this year but it will not be enough to do the
East side. BOS approved and Caley was told to contact Roadmaster Greg Smith.

f. Ken Alexander said last June BOS approved having storm drains put in half way down Falmouth
Rd and it never got done last year and asked if the BOS knew when they were going to schedule to
do that. Pickel said it is in the budget to put sewer drains in. Mariani will discuss with Roadmaster
Greg Smith and let Alexander know and that Greg does have the pipes.

14. Adjournment: Motion by Shearer to adjourn meeting at 8:22 p.m.; second by Strickland; motion

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy M. Hipple
Financial Clerk
Office Secretary

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