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					Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document                           Page 1 of 19

                          UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT
                             DISTRICT OF NEW HAMPSHIRE

   In re:

       Kingsbury Corporation                             Bk. No. 11-13671-JMD
       Donson Group, Ltd.                                Bk. No. 11-13700-JMD
       Ventura Industries, LLC                           Bk. No. 11-13687-JMD
                                                         Jointly Administered

                                   CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE

        I, Angela Stewart, being over the age of eighteen and an employee of Bernstein, Shur,

Sawyer & Nelson, P.A. in Portland, Maine, hereby certify that on December 21, 2011, I caused the:

            •   Notice of (A) Sale of Certain of the Debtor’s Assets; (B) the Assumption and
                Assignment of Certain Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases; and (C)
                Procedure for Determining Cure Amounts (the “Sale Notice”) [D.E. 215];

            •   Bid Procedures [D.E. 213];

            •   Assumption and Assignment Procedures [D.E. 213] with Cure Schedule [D.E. 234];

            •   Order Approving Bid Procedures [D.E. 237];

            •   Motion of the Debtor for Authority to Sell Certain Assets of the Debtor Free and
                Clear of Liens, Claims and Encumbrances and for Approval of the Assumption and
                Assignment of Certain Leases and Executory Contracts (the “Sale Motion”) [D.E.

            •   Asset Purchase Agreement (the “APA”)[D.E. 228];

            •   Proposed Order Authorizing (A) Sale of Certain of the Debtor’s Assets Free and
                Clear of Liens, Claims and Encumbrances and (B) Assumption and Assignment
                and/or Sale of Certain Contracts (the “Proposed Sale Order”) [D.E. 232]; and

            •   Affidavit of Jeremy L. Lamb in Support of the Debtor’s Bid Procedures Motion and
                Sale Motion (the “Lamb Affidavit”) [D.E. 216]

to be served upon: (i) the United States Trustee; (ii) counsel to the Official Committee of Unsecured

Creditors; (iii) local, state and federal taxing authorities for each jurisdiction in which the Assets are

located; (iv) counsel to the Stalking Horse; (v) prospective bidders (or their counsel) that are known
Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document                          Page 2 of 19

to the Debtor and its advisors; (vi) the Counter-Parties to the executory contracts and unexpired

leases on the Contract & Cure Schedule; (vii) the National Labor Relations Board, United Auto

Workers and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, or their respective counsel, if any; and (viii) all

parties known to the Debtor to have or assert any liens, claims and encumbrances or other interests

against the Assets; and (ix) all parties having filed requests for notices in the Debtor’s case.

        I further certify that the Sale Notice was served upon all creditors.

        A full list of the parties served and the manner of service is detailed below.

Dated: December 22, 2011

                                                  /s/ Angela L. Stewart
                                                 Angela L. Stewart, Paralegal
100 Middle Street, P.O. Box 9729
Portland, ME 04104-5029
Telephone: (207) 774-1200
Facsimile: (207) 774-1127

                                           SERVICE LIST

The Sale Notice, Bid Procedures, Assumption and Assignment Procedures, Cure Schedule, Order
Approving Bid Procedures, Sale Motion, APA, Proposed Sale Order, and Lamb Affidavit were
served upon the following parties via U.S. First Class Mail unless otherwise noted:

(i)     the United States Trustee;

            Geraldine Karonis
            Ann Marie Dirsa
            Office of the U.S. Trustee
            1000 Elm Street, Suite 605
            Manchester, NH 03101

(ii)    counsel to the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors;

            Brendan C. Recupero
            Steven C. Reingold
            Bruce F. Smith
            Jager Smith P.C.
            One Financial Center
            Boston, MA 02111

Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document                       Page 3 of 19

(iii) local, state and federal taxing authorities for each jurisdiction in which the Assets are

           City of Keene
           Attn: Mary Alther, Revenue Collector
           3 Washington Street
           Keene, NH 03431

           State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue
           109 Pleasant Street
           PO Box 457
           Concord, NH 03302-0457

           Internal Revenue Service
           PO Box 7346
           Philadelphia, PA 19101-7346

(iv) counsel to the Stalking Horse;

           Benjamin E. Marcus
           Drummond Woodsum & MacMahon
           84 Marginal Way, Suite 600
           Portland, ME 04101

(v) prospective bidders (or their counsel) that are known to the Debtor and its advisor;

       Service upon the prospective bidders was completed via Federal Express.

(vi) the Counter-Parties to the executory contracts and unexpired leases on the Contract & Cure

      Chrysler Group, LLC                             Keene Gas
      Attn: Mike Miller,                              583 Sawyer’s Crossing Road
      Risk Management                                 Swanzey, NH 03446
      P.O. Box 21-8004
      Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004
      CIT Technology Financing Services, Inc.         IKON Financial Services
      10201 Centurion Parkway North                   1738 Bass Road
      Suite 100                                       Macon, GA 31210
      Jacksonville, FL 32256

             Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document                              Page 4 of 19

                    ConEdison Solutions, Inc.                              Waste Management of New Hampshire, Inc.
                    100 Summit Lake Drive                                  25 Monadnock Highway
                    Suite 410                                              North Swanzey, NH 03431
                    Valhalla, NY 10595

              (vii) the National Labor Relations Board, United Auto Workers and Pension Benefit Guaranty
              Corporation, or their respective counsel, if any;

                  National Labor Relations Board              United Auto Workers Local 2232
                  10 Causeway Street – 6th Floor              c/o Timothy P. Smith, Esq.
                  Boston, MA 02222-1072                       67 Middle Street
                                                              Manchester, NH 03101
                  Pension Benefit Guaranty                    United Auto Workers Local 2232
                  Corporation                                 c/o Nicole Horberg Decter, Esq.
                  Attn: Mark S. Pfeuffer, Esq.                Segal Roitman LLP
                  1200 K Street, N.W.                         111 Devonshire Street, 5th Floor
                  Washington, DC 20005-4026                   Boston, MA 02109

              (viii) all parties known to the Debtor to have or assert any liens, claims and encumbrances or
              other interests against the Assets; and

Diamond Business Credit, LLC
                                                Marmon/Keystone Corporation                  State of New Hampshire Dept. of Labor
c/o Joseph A. Foster, Esq.
                                                Attn: Norman Gottschalk                      c/o Peter C.L. Roth, Esq.
McLane Graf
                                                PO Box 992                                   33 Capitol Street
900 Elm Street, PO Box 326
                                                Butler, PA 16003                             Concord, NH 03301-6397
Manchester, NH 03105-0326
                                                                                             TD Bank, N.A.
                                                Service Engineering Inc.
New Hampshire Employment Security                                                            c/o Mark F. Weaver, Esq.
                                                2190 West Main Street
32 South Main Street                                                                         Ford & Weaver, PA
                                                PO Box 5001
Concord, NH 03301                                                                            10 Pleasant Street, Suite 400
                                                Greenfield, IN 46140-5001
                                                                                             Portsmouth, NH 03801
U.S. Small Business Administration*             Utica Leaseco, LLC                           Utica Leaseco, LLC
Birmingham Disaster Loan Servicing Cntr         c/o Lee Harrington, Esq.                     c/o Daniel W. Sklar, Esq.
801 Tom Martin Drive, Suite 120                 Nixon Peabody LLP                            Nixon Peabody LLP
Birmingham, AL 35211                            100 Summer Street                            900 Elm Street
                                                Boston, MA 02110-2131                        Manchester, NH 03101

Aries Engineering                               Wrabacon Inc.
130 Aries Drive                                 P.O. Box 7
PO Box 110                                      150 Old Waterville Road
Dundee, MI 48131                                Oakland, ME 04963

*Was also served via email upon in-house counsel, Jason Pullen, Esq.

Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document                   Page 5 of 19

(ix) all parties having filed requests for notices in the Debtor’s case;

Beejol Enterprises, Inc.
2415 Wheaton Drive
Colorad Springs, CO 80904-4800

Donnelly Penman & Partners
17160 Kercheval Ave.
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-1661

TrueNorth Capital Partners, LLC
40 Richards Avenue, 3rd Floor
Norwalk, CT 06854

Highlands Fuel Delivery, LLC
c/o Fred W. Bopp, III
Perkins Thompson
One Canal Plaza, PO Box 426
Portland, ME 04112-0426

Public Service Company of NH
c/o Christopher J. Allwarden, Esq.
780 North Commercial St., PO Box 330
Manchester, NH 03101

Northeast Utilities Service Company
c/o Honor S. Heath, Esq.
107 Selden Street
Berlin, CT 06037

(x) a copy of the Sale Notice was served via U.S. First Class Mail upon all creditors:

See attached matrix.

                  local 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document Shur, Sawyer & 19
Label Matrix forCase:noticing            Beejol Enterprises, Inc.             Bernstein, Page 6 of Nelson, P.A.
0102-1                                   2415 Wheaton Drive                   670 N. Commercial St., Suite 108
Case 11-13671-JMD                        Colorad Springs, CO 80904-4800       PO Box 1120
District of New Hampshire Live Database                                       Manchester, NH 03105-1120
Tue Dec 20 09:43:44 EST 2011
Donnelly Penman & Partners               Donson Group, Ltd.                   Jager Smith, PC
17160 Kercheval Ave.                     197 Eighth Street                    One Financial Center
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-1661             Suite 850                            Boston, MA 02111-2665
                                         Boston, MA 02129-4250

Kingsbury Corporation                   Public Service Company of NH             State of New Hampshire Dept. of Labor
80 Laurel Street                        780 No. Commercial St                    95 Pleasant Street
Keene, NH 03431-4207                    PO Box 330                               Concord, NH 03301-3852
                                        Manchester, NH 03105-0330

TD Bank, N.A.                           TrueNorth Capital Partners, LLC          United Auto Workers Local 2232
c/o Mark F. Weaver, Esq.                40 Richards Avenue, 3rd Floor            Local 2232
Ford & Weaver, P.A.                     Norwalk, CT 06854-2320                   991 Candia Road
10 Pleasant Street                                                               Manchester, NH 03109-5209
Suite 400
Portsmouth, NH 03801-4551
Ventura Industries, LLC                 U.S. Bankruptcy Court                    3M Company Prescription Eyewear
197 Eighth Street                       1000 Elm Street                          2925 Gary Drive
Suite 850                               Suite 1001                               Plymouth, IN 46563-8889
Charlestown, MA 02129-4250              Manchester, NH 03101-1708

A & A Mfg. Co., Inc.                    AIN Plastics of New England              AMC
2300 S. Calhoun Rd.                     110 Shawmut Road Unit B                  C/O Choate, Hall & Stewart
P.O. Box 510847                         Canton, MA 02021-1412                    2 International Place, Suite 34
New Berlin, WI 53151-0847                                                        Boston, MA 02110-4101

Abrasives & Tools of N. H. Inc          Action Tool & Machine, Inc.              Advanced Machine & Engineering
49 Sheep Davis Road                     C/O Jay M. Niederman, Esq.               2500 Latham Street
Concord, NH 03301                       55 W. Webster Street                     Rockford, IL 61103-3972
                                        Manchester, NH 03104-2913

Air Incorporated                        Airex Filter Corporation                 Airgas East
8 Forge Park                            14 Clement Road                          27 Northwestern Drive
Franklin, MA 02038-3138                 Hudson, NH 03051-3905                    Salem NH 03079-4809

Alberto Gilli Consulting LLC            Allegheny-York Company                   Alltex Div of Standard Uniform
7408 Sitio Lima                         P. O. Box 3327                           324 Taylor Street
Carlsbad, CA 92009-8469                 York, PA 17402-0327                      Manchester, NH 03103-3608

American Express                        American Express                         American Express Bank FSB
One Cate Street                         POB 1270                                 c/o Becket and Lee LLP
Portsmouth, NH 03801-7108               Newark NJ 07101-1270                     POB 3001
                                                                                 Malvern PA 19355-0701
                 Travel 11-13671-JMD          American Filed: 12/22/11                  Anthem Blue Cross Blue 19
American ExpressCase: Related Services Co Doc #: 238 Steel & Aluminum LLC Desc: Main Document Page& 7 of Shield
Corp Card                                     27 Elm Street                             POB 751
c/o Becket and Lee LLP                        Auburn, MA 01501-2754                     North Haven CT 06473-0751
POB 3001
Malvern PA 19355-0701

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield          Apw-Mclean Midwest Sub of Zero Corp         Ariel Printing
3000 Goffs Falls Road                      2100 Hoffman Way                            24 Roxbury Street
Manchester, NH 03111-0001                  Anoka, MN 55303-1738                        Keene, NH 03431-3265

Aries Engineering Company, Inc             Atlantic Stainless Co., Inc. Unit 5         Ats   Specialized, Inc.
130 Aries Drive                            140 John L. Dietsch Square                  725   Opportunity Drive
PO Box 110                                 North Attleboro, MA 02763-1028              Box   1377
Dundee, MI 48131-0110                                                                  St.   Cloud, MN 56301-5886

Audet, Lee                                 August Steinmeyer Gmbh & Co Kg              Austin, W. Peter
16 Garrison Ave                            Riedstrasse 7                               4 Partridgeberry Lane
Keene, NH 03431-5009                       72458 Albstadt,                             Swanzey, NH 03446-3705

Automated Drive And Design, LLC            Automation & Modular Components, Inc.       B & R Machine & Gear Corp.
6350 S. Inwood Drive                       Attn: Richard Shore, Jr., Chief Financia    4809 U.S. Highway 45
Columbus, IN 47201-8449                    10301 Enterprise Drive                      Sharon,, TN 38255-4464
                                           Davisburg, MI 48350-1312

Baldor Electric Company                    Balluff, Incorporated                       Bank of America Business Card
PO Box 2400                                8125 Holton Drive                           80 Holtz Drive
Fort Smith AR 72902-2400                   Florence, KY 41042-3009                     Buffalo, NY 14225-1470

Bankruptcy Administration                  Barrows, Craig                              Beejol Enterprises Inc.
IKON Financial Services                    36 Sargent Hill Road                        2415 Wheaton Drive
1738 Bass Road                             W Chesterfield, NH 03466-3358               Colorado Springs CO 80904-4800
PO Box 13708
Macon GA 31208-3708

Bei Technologies Inc Ind. Encoder Div      Bernier, Norman                             Bijur Delimon International
7230 Hollister Avenue                      854 Rt 12 A                                 2100 Gateway Centre Blvd.
Goleta, CA 93117-2891                      Surry, NH 03431-8218                        Suite 109
                                                                                       Morrisville, NC 27560-6230

Blanchflower Lumber Corp.                  Bodycote Corporation                        Bokers Incorporated
Library Avenue Box 267                     187 Water Street                            3104 Snelling Avenue South
Alstead, NH 03602-0267                     Laconia, NH 03246-3351                      Minneapolis, MN 55406-1937

Bokum Tool Company, Incorporated           Bolduc, Andrew                              Boyd Coatings & Research Co.
32301 Dequindre Road                       Po Box 233                                  51 Parmentar Road
Madison Heights, MI 48071-1594             267 King’s Highway                          Hudson, MA 01749-3213
                                           Hancock, NH 03449-5120
                                                                         Bradford Page 8 Inc.
Boyle, Kevin Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document Machine Co., of 19
                                    Braden Printing
27 Ashuelot Court                   19 Ralston Street                    30 Bradford Drive
Keene, NH 03431-3325                Keene, NH 03431-3643                 Brattleboro, VT 05301-9171

Bruce Bohannon                         Buckley, Jeremy                           Buffum, Catherine
315 Matthews Road                      289 Scotland Road                         19 Pond Road
Swanzey, NH 03446-3505                 Winchester, NH 03470-3006                 Po Box 27
                                                                                 Harrisville, NH 03450-0027

Butler, Bruce                          Byram Laboratories                        C & H Distributors
51 Main Street                         1 Columbia Road                           770 South 70th Street
Marlborough, NH 03455-2130             Branchburg, NJ 08876-3518                 PO Box 14770
                                                                                 Milwaukee, WI 53214-0770

CED/Twin State Electric Supply         CIT Technology Financing Services, Inc.   CMG Precision
66 Ralston Street                      Bankruptcy Processing Solutions, Inc.     45 State Street
Keene, NH 03431-3645                   1162 E Sonterra Blvd                      Ludlow, MA 01056-3434
                                       Ste 130
                                       San Antonio TX 78258-4048

CT Corporation System                  Cambridge Valve & Fitting, Inc            Central Safety Equipment Co.
3 Winners Circle, 3rd Floor            126f Hall Street                          P. O. Box 250
Albany, NY 12205-1161                  Concord, NH 03301-3447                    300 West Broad Street
                                                                                 Burlington, NJ 08016-1412

Champney, Michael                      Chemserve                                 Choate, Hall & Stewart
20 Jaffrey Road, Lot 11                317 Elm Street                            2 International Pl., Ste 34
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447-3395             Milford, NH 03055-4760                    Boston, MA 02110-4101

Cincinnati Machine LLC Service Parts   Cit Technology Fin Serv., Inc.            City of Keene, NH
2200 Litton Lane                       Po Box 550599                             3 Washington Street
Hebron, KY 41048-8435                  Jacksonville, FL 32255-0599               Keene, NH 03431-3192

Clark, Stephen                         Co-Op Tool Workholding Systems            Co-Op Tool Workholding Systems
13 Mill Road                           360 Tomahawk Drive                        c/o Barkan & Robon Ltd.
Keene, NH 03431-5600                   PO Box 1450                               170 Woodlands, Ste 100
                                       Maumee, OH 43537-8450                     Maunee, OH 43537

Comcast                                Commercial Gear & Sprocket Co.            Commodore Logistics
POB 1577                               618 Washington Street                     Coface North America Ins Co.
Newark NJ 07101-1577                   E. Walpole, MA 02032-1300                 50 Millstone Road, Bldg 100, Ste 360
                                                                                 East Windsor NJ 08520-1415

Commodore Logistics LLC                Computer Solutions of Keene               Contech Castings, LLC
25525 Mound Road                       117 Main Street                           21177 Hilltop Street
Warren, MI 48091-1536                  Keene, NH 03431-3775                      Southfield, MI 48033-4912
                Case:                                                                   Page 9 of 19
Corporate Express Inc. 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document Rock Bottled Water
                                        Corrigan, Michael                    Crystal
c/o Stapels                             37 Evans Lane                        1050 Buckingham Street
1 Environmental Way                     Keene, NH 03431-5243                 Watertown, CT 06795-6602
Bloomfield, CO 80021-3416

Curtis 1000                            D & D Automation, Inc.                  Daykin Electric Corporation
1725 Breckinridge Parkway              658 Erie Street                         7792 Boardwalk
Suite 1000                             Stratford, ON N5A 2P1                   Brighton, MI 48116-8521
Duluth GA 30096-8994

Dell Marking Systems Inc               Denso Sales California, Inc.            Detroit Edge Tool Co.
721 Wanda Street                       C/O Jay M. Niederman, Esq.              6570 East Nevada
Ferndale, MI 48220-2661                55 W. Webster Street                    Detroit, MI 48234-2866
                                       Manchester, NH 03104-2913

Devitt Machinery Co.                   Diamond Business Credit, LLC            Dicronite Dry Lube, Northeast
4009g Market Street                    200 Ledgewood Place, Suite 200          66 Mainline Drive
Aston,, PA 19014-3140                  Rockland, MA 02370-1068                 Westfield, MA 01085-3388

Dionne, Albert                         Dixi Machines                           Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc.
21 Giffin Street                       3590 Rt.9, Suite 204                    2300 Twenty-Third Avenue
Keene, NH 03431-2023                   Cold Spring, NY 10516-3875              Rockford, IL 61108

Donson Group, Ltd.                     Doody, Terry                            Dumond, Joseph
c/o Ventura Industries, LLC            59 Wellington Drive                     88 Kendall Road
197 Eighth Street, Suite 850           Spofford, NH 03462-4523                 Keene, NH 03431-2207
Boston, MA 02129-4250

Duval Precision Grinding               Dynamic Chromium                        E2 Drilling Systems Company
940 Sheridan Street                    50 Parker Street, #5                    2845 S. Redbud Trail
Chicopee Falls, MA 01022-1031          Newburyport, MA 01950-4068              Niles, MI 49120-8724

EBPA                                   Eagle Precision Cast Parts Inc          Eastern Bearings
37 Industrial Drive, Suite E           5142 Evanston Avenue                    7096 So. Willow Street
Exeter, NH 03833-4593                  Muskegon, MI 49442-4852                 Manchester, NH 03103-2334

Edmunds Gages                          Efector Inc.                            Electrical Controls, Inc.
Farmington Industrial Park             782 Springdale Drive                    275 Centre Street
P. O. Box 385                          Whiteland Business Park                 Holbrook, MA 02343-1079
Farmington, CT 06034-0385              Exton, PA 19341-2850

Elvie Corporation                      Emco Tool & Gauge Company               Emd Optima
54105 Eisenhower Drive                 Ludlow Industrial Center                260 Washington Street
La Quinta, CA 92253-3680               100 State Street Bldg #206              Pembroke, MA 02359-1805
                                       PO Box 396
                                       Ludlow, MA 01056-0396
                                       Empire Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document Page 10 of 19
Emedco Company,Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Wire
                Incorporated                                                 Enm Company
P.O. Box 369                           270 Rex Blvd.                         5617 Northwest Highway
Buffalo, NY 14240-0369                 Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2953           Chicago, IL 60646-6177

Entegee, Inc.                                 Euchner Usa Inc.                         Eugene Hrabowiak
23 Executive Drive                            6723 Lyons Street                        169 Mt. Albion Road
2nd Floor                                     E.Syracuse,, NY 13057-9332               Hamilton, Ontario L8K6T9
Hudson, NH 03051-4944

F. W. Webb Company                            FedEx Tech Connect Inc as Assignee       Federal Equip-US Drill Head Co.
501 Winchester St                              of FedEx Express/Ground/Freight         5298 River Road
Keene, NH 03431                               3965 Airways Blvd, Module G, 3rd Floor   Cincinnati, OH 45233-1643
                                              Memphis, Tennessee 38116-5017

Federal Express Corporation Dept A            Festo Corporation                        Filters Water & Instrumen.Inc.
3620 Hacks Cross Road                         PO Box 18023                             23 Londonderry Road
Building B, 3rd Floor                         Haupauge, NY 11788-8823                  Unit 13
Memphis, TN 38125-8800                                                                 Londonderry, NH 03053-3314

Fish, Neil                                    Flanders, Joel                           Flexlink Systems Inc.
272 Base Hill Road                            184 Old Walpole Rd                       6580 Snowdrift Road, Suite 200
Keene, NH 03431-5933                          Keene, NH 03431-4916                     Allentown, PA 18106-9331

Fontaine, Bruce                               Forrest Robinson Manufacturing           Fp Mailing Solutions
159 Liberty Lane                              561 Main Street                          140 N.Mitchell, Ste 200
Keene, NH 03431-4847                          Keene, NH 03431-4038                     Addison,, IL 60101-5629

Frederick A. Farrar, Inc.                     Frigon, Eileen                           Frontier
15 Avon Street                                11 American Avenue                       Po Box 2951
Keene, NH 03431-3596                          Keene, NH 03431-4802                     Phoenix, AZ 85062-2951

GE Capital Information Technology Solutions   Genham Diamond Tooling Systems           Gerald R. Croumie
c/o IKON Financial Services                   11 Ponderosa Court                       Apt.B11
Bankruptcy Admin.                             Montrose, CO 81401-6201                  4700 South A Street
POB 13708                                                                              Richmond, IN 47374-7805
Macon GA 31208-3708

Gibson Engineering Co., Inc.                  Goodale, Charles                         Grant, Randy
90 Broadway                                   7 Heritage Way                           47 Richmond Street
P.O. Box 496                                  Marlborough, NH 03455-2157               Winchester, NH 03470-2428
Norwood, MA 02062-0496

Gray, Kermit                                  Gray, Leland                             Guilbeault, Arthur
8 Cardinal Circle                             1 Canada Street                          418 Eaton Rd
Keene, NH 03431-1671                          Marlborough, NH 03455-2107               Swanzey, NH 03446-3615
                                     Hardin Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document Products Company 19
Gusher Pumps Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Machine Tools, Inc.             Hardware Page 11 of
Div. Of Ruthman Pump                 5220 Valley Brook Circle              191 Williams Street
Ruthman Drive                        Birmingham, AL 35244-1976             Chelsea, MA 02150-3822
Dry Ridge, KY 41035

Hatch, Bileta                         Helmsman Insurance Agency, LLC         Helmsman Management Services, Inc
202 Pine Cliff Road                   20 Riverside Road                      9 Riverside Road
Alstead, NH 03602-3818                Weston, MA 02493-2206                  Weston, MA 02493-2220

Helsman Insurance Agency              Henderson, John                        Hennig, Inc.
c/o Liberty Mutual Group              97 Butternut Drive                     9900 North Alpine Road
100 Liberty Way, POB 1525             Keene, NH 03431-4813                   Machesney Park,, IL 61115-8211
Dover NH 03820-4597

Hernon Manufacturing Inc.             Hole Specialist Inc.                   Honeywell
121 Tech Drive                        51 West Street                         Attn: Morray Ysaguirre
Sanford, FL 32771-6663                Ware,, MA 01082-1413                   2055 Dublin Drive
                                                                             San Diego, CA 92154-8203

Hongisto, Bradley                     Hope Group                             Horizon Solutions Corporation
118 Liberty Lane                      70 Bearfoot Road                       701 Kelly Way
Keene, NH 03431-4837                  P. O. Box 840                          Holyoke, MA 01040-9684
                                      Northboro, MA 01532-0840

Howard P. Fairfield LLC               Howell Macduff Company, Inc.           Hydra-Lock Corporation
94 Sheep Davis Road                   69 Shrewsbury Street                   25000 Joy Boulevard
Pembroke, NH 03275-3709               PO Box 759                             Mt. Clemens,, MI 48043-6021
                                      Boyalston, MA 01505-0759

IBM                                   IFM Effector Inc.                      (p)INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE
5 Bedford Farms                       Attn: Gail Curti                       CENTRALIZED INSOLVENCY OPERATIONS
Bedford, NH 03110-6531                782 Springdale Drive                   PO BOX 7346
                                      Exxon, PA 19341-2850                   PHILADELPHIA PA 19101-7346

Ibelle, Jean                          Ikon Financial Services                Ikon Office Solutions
98 Holman Road                        1750 Elm Street                        1750 Elm Street
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447-3405            Manchester, NH 03104-2907              Manchester, NH 03104-2907

Industrial Control Specialists        Industrial Tire Sales Co.              Infoprint Solutions LLC
8 Delta Drive                         7 Grant Avenue                         4111 Northside Pkwy.
Londonderry,, NH 03053-2349           Burlington, MA 01803-2192              Atlanta, GA 30327-3015

Inovis                                Internal Revenue Service               Interstate Specialty Products Co.Inc.
11720 AmberPark Drive                 PO Box 7346                            55 Gilmore Drive
Suite 200                             Philadelphia, PA 19101-7346            Sutton, MA 01590-2745
Alpharetta, GA 30009-2275
                                                                            Joslyn, Page
               Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document Su-Ann 12 of 19
Irving Oil Corp.                       James L. Koontz
One Canal Plaza                        765 W. Hill Road                     254 Pond Road
PO Box 426                             Keene, NH 03431                      Surry, NH 03431-8111
Portland, ME 04112-0426

Joyal, Richard                       K M S Company                         Kadant Johnson Inc.
132 Partridgeberry Lane              5072 Lakeshore Dr N.                  805 Wood Street
Swanzey, NH 03446-3707               Holland, MI 49424-1068                Three Rivers, MI 49093-1011

Kaydon Corporation                   Keating, Keating                      Keene Answering Service
P. O. Box 688                        71 Bridge Street                      232 Winchester Street
Muskegon, MI 49443-0688              Manchester, MA 01944-1462             Keene, NH 03431-4638

Keene Country Club, Inc.             Keene Gas                             Keene Industrial Paper Co., Inc
755 West Hill Road                   PO Box 604                            104 Emerald Street
Keene, NH 03431-2181                 Keene, NH 03431-0604                  Keene, NH 03431-3603

Kendall, Christopher                 Kendall, Douglas                      Kenneth M. Britt
28 Russell St                        28 Russell Street                     27 Sawmill Plain Road
Keene, NH 03431-2354                 Keene, NH 03431-2354                  South Deerfield, MA 01373-9717

Keyence Corporation of America       Korea Delph Automotive Systems        Koskela, Brett
C/O Jay M. Niederman, Esq.           580-1                                 290 Valley Road
55 W. Webster Street                 Buk-Ri                                Dublin, NH 03444-8737
Manchester, NH 03104-2913            Nongong-Eup, Dalseong-Gun
                                     Daegu, Korea

Koski, Terry                         L.M. Tarbell Associates, Inc.         LNS Turbo Inc.
574 Sawyers Crossing                 140 Industrial Drive                  203 Turbo Drive
Swanzey, NH 03446-3638               P.O. Box 1300                         Kings Mountain, NC 28086-7641
                                     East Longmeadow, MA 01028-5300

LPP Manufacturing                    Lafortune & Lafortune                 Lawrence, Kenneth
A Subsidiary of Linamar              12 Essex Street                       163 George Street
347 Silvercreek Pkwy N.              Andover, MA 01810-3728                Keene, NH 03431-2016
Guelph, Ontario
Canada N1H 1E6

Lee Spring                           Liberty Calibration, Inc.             Life Safety Fire Protection Inc
140 58th Street                      105 Hampton Drivwe                    97 Lower Jaffrey Road
Brooklyn, NY 11220-2521              P.O. Box 67                           Dublin, NH 03444-8713
                                     Manchester, CT 06045-0067

Lindquist Steels Inc.                Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc       Loring Mulkerin Group Inc.
1050 Woodend Road                    3999 Hupp Road, R-43                  18 Ocean Street
Stratford, CT 06615-7341             Laporte, IN 46350-7696                South Portland, ME 04106-2849
                                                                         M. A. Selmon Company, of
Losma, Inc. Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document Page 13 Inc.19
                                    M C Hycon, Incorporated
231 West Parkway                    349 E. Industrial Park Drive         40 Hathaway Drive
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444-1066       Manchester, NH 03109-5313            Stratford, CT 06615-7371

MSC Industrial Supply Co.             Man-U-Tec, Incorporated              Manufacturers Pattern and
1 Perimeter Road                      2660 Auburn Road, Suite 600          Foundry
Manchester, NH 03103-3340             Auburn Hills, MI 48326-3181          PO Box 468
                                                                           East Longmeadow, MA 01028-0468

Marena Industries                     Marshall, Donald                     Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
433 School Street                     112 Main St.                         One Ashburton Place
East Hartford, CT 06108-1162          PO Box 224                           Boston, MA 02108-1598
                                      Marlborough, NH 03455-0224

Massachusetts Department of Revenue   Masterline Design & Mfg.             Mastermans
Attn: Bankruptcy Unit                 41580 Production Drive               PO Box 411
P.O. Box 7010                         Harrison T.S., MI 48045-1357         Auburn, MA 01501-0411
Boston, MA 02204-7010

Matrix Business Technologies          Matrix International Limited         Matt J. Mcdonald Company
201 Brookwood Rd.                     449 Gardner Street                   3 Anchor Way
Atmore, AL 36502-3405                 South Beloit, IL 61080-1326          Marine Industrial Park
                                                                           Boston, MA 02210-2417

Mattson, Bradley                      Mattson, Thomas                      Maxwell Bennett Associates
369 Jaffrey Road                      98 Troy Road                         264 River Road
Marlborough, NH 03455-2703            Marlborough, NH 03455-2714           Waddington, NY 13694-3160

Maylin, Donald                        Mayr Corp.                           McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton, P.
149 Old Rt 12 East                    4 North Street                       PO Box 326
Westmoreland, NH 03467-4707           Waldwick,, NJ 07463-1845             Manchester, NH 03105-0326

Mclaughlin, Edward                    Mcmaster-Carr Supply Company         Merrill Tool & Machine, Inc.
Box 138                               200 New Canton Way                   21659 W. Gratiot Road
Hillsboro, NH 03244-0138              Robbinsville, NJ 08691-2343          Merrill, MI 48637-8717

Merrill, Marlie                       Miller, Henry                        Minuteman Controls Company
89 Congress St                        999 Old Homestead Hw                 7 Foster Street
Keene, NH 03431-4306                  E. Swanzey, NH 03446-2407            P. O. Box 1559
                                                                           Wakefield, MA 01880-5559

Misumi USA, Inc.                      Mitropoulis, Iris                    Modern Tools Inc.
1717 N. Penny Lane                    197 8th Street, #528                 24 Parkway Road
Ste. 200                              Charlestown, MA 02129-4232           Stoneham, MA 02180-2821
Schaumburg, IL 60173-5627
                                                                            NH Department of 14 of 19
               Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document PageRevenue Administration
Montisano, Joseph                      Musgrave, Peter
82 Brookline Street                    90 Trinity Street                    Attn: Kathryn E. Skouteris, Esq.
Pepperell, MA 01463-1139               Manchester, NH 03109-4642            109 Pleasant Street, PO Box 457
                                                                            Concord, NH 03302-0457

NSF International Strategic Registration   (p)NSTAR GAS COMPANY AND NSTAR ELECTRIC COMPA   NSTAR Gas Company
789 N. Dixboro Road                        ATTN LEGAL COLLECTIONS                          Att: Legal Collections
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-9723                   1 NSTAR WAY NW 220                              1 NSTAR Way, NW 220
                                           WESTWOOD MA 02090-2341                          Westwood MA 02090-2341

Nelson, Danny                              Nelson, Jr., Jon                                New England Metrology Inc.
10 Starlight Dr                            121 Cross Street, Apt 1                         225 Whitten Road
Keene, NH 03431-2800                       Keene, NH 03431-3014                            Hallowell, ME 04347-3034

New Hampshire Department of Justice        New Hampshire Department of Labor               New Hampshire Employment Security
Office of the Attorney General             PO Box 2076                                     32 South Main Street
33 Capital Street                          Concord, NH 03302-2076                          Concord, NH 03301-4857
Concord, NH 03301-6397

Newark Electronics                         Nortek, Inc                                     Northeast Delta Dental
59 Composite Way                           70 Doty Circle                                  One Delta Drive
Lowell, MA 01851-5150                      West Springfield, MA 01089-1394                 PO Box 2002
                                                                                           Concord, NH 03302-2002

Northeast Mechanical Corp.                 Northland Industrial Truck Co. Inc.             Nowak, Thomas
198 Londonderry Turnpike                   44 Loche Road                                   88 Butternut Drive
Hooksett, NH 03106-1960                    Concord, NH 03301-5416                          Keene, NH 03431-4846

O’Connor & Drew, PC                        OHWM                                            Ober-Read & Associates Inc.
25 Braintree Hill Office Park              85 Emerald Street, Suite 115                    Po Box 125
Suite 102                                  Keene, NH 03431-3627                            North Branford, CT 06471-0125
Braintree, MA 02184-8715

Office Max A Boise Co                      Office of the U.S. Trustee                      Olson, Liisa
125 Industrial Way                         1000 Elm Street                                 82 Marcy Hill Rd
Portland,, ME 04103-1043                   Suite 605                                       East Swanzey, NH 03446-2107
                                           Manchester, NH 03101-1703

Olson, Paul                                One Communications                              One Communications Dept 284
82 Marcy Hill Rd                           528 Washington Ave                              PO Box 80000
East Swanzey, NH 03446-2107                North Haven CT 06473-1332                       Hartford, CT 06180-0284

PC Connection, Inc.                        PCW                                             PCW Fund, Inc.
730 Milford Road                           C/O Choate, Hall & Stewart                      Attn: Mr. John S. Cookson, Treasurer
Merrimack, NH 03054-4612                   2 International Place, Suite 34                 85 Waters Edge
                                           Boston, MA 02110-4101                           Marston Mills MA 02648-1430
Pac Tool                               Peaks, Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main Document Page 15 of 19
               Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Sue                             Pearse-Bertram LLC
61 Old Wakefield Road                  P.O. Box 872                          22 Tobey Rd.
Milton, NH 03851-4915                  Keene, NH 03431-0872                  Bloomfield, CT 06002-3522

Pelham Machinery Company               Pellerin Plumbing Co.                   Pennoni Associates Inc.
32 W Madison Ave.                      136 Island Street                       93 Stiles Road
Dumont, NJ 07628-2327                  Keene, NH 03431-3530                    Suite 201
                                                                               Salem, NH 03079-5815

Performance Feeders Inc.               Physio-Control Inc.                     Pic Design Company
251 Dunbar Ave.                        11811 Willows Road Ne                   P. O. Box 1004
Oldsmar, FL 34677-2900                 PO Box 97048                            Benson Road
                                       Redmond, WA 98073-9748                  Middlebury, CT 06762-1004

Portland Glass Company                 Positrol Inc.                           Premium Assignment Corporation
2225 Layfayette Road                   3890 Virginia Avenue                    PO Box 3066
Portsmouth, NH 03801-5608              Cincinnati, OH 45227-3499               Tallahassee, FL 32315-3066

Promess Inc.                           Property Tax Advisors, Inc.             Prud’homme, Robert
11429 East Grand River                 125 Brewery Lane                        339 Monadnock Way
PO Box 748                             Portsmouth, NH 03801-4996               East Swanzey, NH 03446-2135
Brighton, MI 48116-0748

Public Service Company of N.H.         Public Service of New Hampshire         Public Service of New Hampshire
73 West Brook Street                   PO Box 330                              c/o Honor S. Heath, Esq.
Manchester, NH 03101-1214              Manchester NH 03105-0330                Northeast Utilities
                                                                               107 Selden Street
                                                                               Berlin CT 06037-1651

R. L. Balla, Inc.                      R. L. Schmitt Company, Inc.             RDP Electrosense Inc.
338 Beryl Mountain Road                34506 Glendale                          2216 Pottstown Pike
South Acworth, NH 03607-4615           Livonia, MI 48150-1304                  Pottstown, PA 19465-8718

Rawling Gear, Inc.                     Regor Precision                         Retirement Committee
1750 Milton Avenue                     326 Athol Road                          Kingsbury Corporation
Syracuse, NY 13209-1626                Richmond, NH 03470-4209                 80 Laurel Street
                                                                               Keene, NH 03431-4207

Rexnord, Incorporated                  Reynolds, Thomas                        Richard Chayer
3655 Brookham Dr., Suite J             7 Nelson Street                         14 Salt Shed Road, Apt #7
A/C# 3740101                           Keene, NH 03431-2303                    PO Box 384
Grove City, OH 43123-4852                                                      Spofford, NH 03462-0384

Robichaud, Thomas                      Robinson, William                       Rodier, David
53 Oriole Avenue                       55 Hubbard Road                         25 Hackler Drive
Keene, NH 03431-1609                   Sullivan, NH 03445-4313                 Swanzey, NH 03446-2505
                                      Royce, Filed:
Ross Controls Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Charles 12/22/11 Desc: Main DocumentRalph
                                                                            Royce,    Page 16 of 19
1 Ross Way                            88 Mine Road                          162 Staddle Hill Rd.
Lavonia, GA 30553-1179                Winchester, NH 03470-2722             Winchester, NH 03470-2729

Ryerson New England                        Sanborn, Head & Associates Inc      Schneeberger
301 Binney Street                          20 Foundry Street                   11 Deangelo Drive
Cambridge,, MA 02142-1030                  Concord, NH 03301-5419              Bedford, MA 01730-2203

Service Engineering Inc.                   Setco Sales Co.                     Shallco, Incorporated
2190 West Main Street                      5880 Hillside Avenue                P. O. Box 1089
PO Box 5001                                Cincinnati, OH 45233-1599           Smithfield, NC 27577-1089
Greenfield, IN 46140-5001

Shaw, Charles                              Shoudt, Steven                      Shuttleworth, Inc.
91 Dolly Lane                              20353 St Rte 579                    10 Commercial Road
Rindge, NH 03461-5708                      Curtice, OH 43412-9614              Huntington, IN 46750-9044

Sigma-One                                  Sim’s Press Incorporated            Simmons Machine Tool
20 Chenell Drive                           91 Route 202 North                  Attn: Robert Gerren
Concord, NH 03301-8537                     Peterborough, NH 03458-1108         1700 North Broadway
                                                                               Albany, NY 12204-2793

Simonds, Brian                             Smith. John                         Specialty Bolt & Screw Inc.
49 Foxglove Lane                           38 Lower Parker Hill Road           235 Bowles Road
Swanzey, NH 03446-3700                     Springfield, VT 05156-9339          P.O. Box 1030
                                                                               Agawam, MA 01001-6030

Spiral Brushes Incorporated                Springfield Tool Supply             Standard Insurance
1355 Commerce Drive                        9 Precision Drive                   75 Market St., Suite 403
Stow, OH 44224-1751                        PO Box 405                          Portland, ME 04101-5040
                                           North Springfield, VT 05150-0405

Staples Manufacturing, LLC                 Star Su LLC                         State of Michigan
2612 Elliot Road                           5200 Prairie Stone Parkway          Dept Of Energy, Lbr, Growth
Troy, MI 48083-4633                        Suite 100                           Bureau Of Comm. Serv, Corp Div
                                           Hoffman Estates, IL 60192-3709      PO Box 30702
                                                                               Lansing, MI 48909-8202

State of NH-Des Dept of Environmental Se   State of New Hampshire              State of New Hampshire
6 Hazen Drive                              Dept. of Employment Security        NH Dept. of Revenue Admin.
Concord, NH 03301-6510                     Attn: Arnold Rocklin-Weare          Document Processing Division
                                           32 South Main Street                PO Box 637
                                           Concord, NH 03301-4857              Concord, NH 03302-0637

Stelron Components, Inc.                   Steve Shoudt                        Stewart-Hunt, Incorporated
1495 MacArthur Blvd.                       20353 West St. Route 579            8 Garfield Circle
Mahwah, NJ 07430-2309                      Curtice, OH 43412-9614              Burlington, MA 01803-4909
               Case:                                                                  Page 17 Ind.
Stilson Products LLC 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main DocumentProducts Companyof 19Div
                                       Sullivan, Francis                    Sunnen
15935 Sturgeon Street                  28 Evans Lane                        7910 Manchester Ave.
Roseville, MI 48066-1818               Keene, NH 03431-5233                 St. Louis, MO 63143-2793

Sunset Tool, Inc                          Swett, Shaun                         TD Bank
58 Optical Avenue                         173 Highland Circle                  Mail Stop: ME092B-12
Keene, NH 03431-4319                      Swanzey, NH 03446-2519               75 John Roberts Road, Building B
                                                                               South Portland, ME 04106-6967

TPC Wire And Cable                        TPJ                                  Taper Line, Inc.
7061 E.Pleasant Valley Road               Po Box 958                           23426 Reynolds Court
Independence, OH 44131-5500               53 Marlboro Street                   Clinton Township, MI 48036-1240
                                          Keene, NH 03431-4148

Technipower                               Techno Sommer Automatic Co           Telesis Technologies, Inc.
Building 100, Suite 250                   2101 Jericho Turnpike                28181 River Drive
1080 Holcomb Bridge Road                  New Hyde Park, NY 11040-4702         P.O. Box 1000
Roswell, GA 30076-4346                                                         Circleville, OH 43113-7000

Tempron Products Corporation              Tfmoran Inc.                         The Melanson Company Inc.
21 Maple Street                           48 Constitution Drive                353 West St
Milford, MA 01757-3650                    Bedford, NH 03110-6096               Keene,, NH 03431-2442

Thomas Transportation Dervices Inc        Thompson, Robert                     Thyssen Elevator, Inc.
93 Monadnock Hwy.                         154 Eaton Road                       31 Dartmouth St.
Swanzey, NH 03431-4549                    Swanzey, NH 03446-3642               Westwood, MA 02090-2302

Tommila Brothers Lumber Co.               Toomey Associates                    Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft
Route 12                                  1100 Russell Road                    740 York Ave.
PO Box 188                                P.O. Box 577                         Pawtucket, RI 02861-2846
Troy, NH 03465-0188                       Westfield, MA 01086-0577

Transatlantic Connection                  Transformer Service Inc.             Travelers
109 N.Main Street                         74 Regional Drive                    Brown & Brown of Nh Inc.
Rockford, IL 61101-1101                   PO Box 1077                          PO Box 1510
                                          Concord, NH 03302-1077               Merrimack, NH 03054-1510

Tri-State Packing Supply, Inc.            Turmoil, Inc.                        U.S. Securities and Exchange Comm
158 Pleasant Hill Road                    Po Box 583                           Northeast Regional Office
Scarborough, ME 04074-8721                West Swanzey, NH 03469-0583          233 Broadway
                                                                               New York, NY 10279-0001

U.S. Small Business Administration        UAW Local 2232                       UAW Local 2232 and UAW International Union
Birmingham Disaster Loan Servicing Cnt.   991 Candia Road                      c/o UAW Region 9A
801 Tom Martin Drive, Suite 120           Manchester, NH 03109-5209            960 Turnpike Street, Suite 2D
Birmingham, AL 35211-6424                                                      Canton MA 02021-2851
                                                                               By: Mr. Don Boehner
                                     Unicco Filed: 12/22/11 College               Unicorr Page 18
UGL Services Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Service Co. Keene State Desc: Main Document Packaging Groupof 19
Unico Operations                     229 Main Street                              473 Bowen Road
275 Grove Street                     Keene, NH 03435-0001                         Bennington, VT 05201-2757
Suite 3-200
Auburndale, MA 02466-2287

Unicorr Packaging Group                  Union Mutual Insurance Co.                United Industrial Services Co
c/o Coface North America Ins. Co.        C/O Brown & Brown Of Nh Inc.              136 Gracey Avenue
50 Millstone Rd, Bldg. 100, Ste 360      PO Box 1510                               Meriden,, CT 06451-2270
East Windsor NJ 08520-1415               Merrimack, NH 03054-1510

United Oil Recovery                      United Parcel Service                     United States Postal Service CMRS-FP
c/o Lang & Corona, PC                    2400 Brown Ave.                           PO Box 7247-0119
470 Main Street                          Manchester, NH 03103-6833                 Philadelphia, PA 19170-0119
Middlefield CT 06455-1210

Unum Life Insurance Company of America   Utica Leaseco, LLC                        Vallen Proveedora Industrial
Po Box 406990                            44225 Utica Road                          Blvd. Adolfo Lopez Mateos
Atlanta, GA 30384-6990                   Utica, MI 48317-5464                      #4000 Col. Universidad Poniente
                                                                                   Tampico, Tamaulipas
                                                                                   Mexico 89336

Ventura Industries LLC                   Verizon Wireless                          W. W. Grainger, Incorporated
197 Eighth Street, Suite 850             Po Box 15062                              370 E Industrial Park Drive
Boston, MA 02129-4250                    Albany, NY 12212-5062                     Manchester, NH 03109-5314

Wage and Hour Administrator              Walter Burkart Estate                     Waste Management Cheshire Sanitation
NH Department of Labor                   764 W. Hill Road                          25 Monadnock Highway
PO Box 2076                              Keene, NH 03431-2137                      North Swanzey, NH 03431-4520
Concord, NH 03302-2076

Weiss North America                      Westfield Electroplating Co               White, Anthony
3860 Ben Hur Avenue, Suite 3             68 North Elm St                           Po Box 10653
Willoughby, OH 44094-6370                Westfield, MA 01085-1690                  Swanzey, NH 03446-0653

Whitman Castings,Inc.                    Whitten, Wayne                            Wilson Tool International
40 Raynor Avenue P.O. Box 456            5 Organ St., Apt 1                        12912 Farnham Ave.
Whitman, MA 02382-0456                   Brattleboro, VT 05301-6546                White Bear Lake, MN 55110-5929

Wm. J. Williams Company                  Worcester, Rex                            Wrabacon Inc.
72 Kapper Drive                          40 Old Spofford Rd                        150 Old Waterville Road
Winchester, NH 03470-2300                Winchester, NH 03470-2211                 PO Box 7
                                                                                   Oakland, ME 04963-0007

YRC (RDWY)                               Yarde Metals                              Jennifer Rood
PO Box 471                               45 Newell Street                          Bernstein Shur
Akron, OH 44309-0471                     Southington, CT 06489-1424                670 N. Commercial St., Ste 108
                                                                                   PO Box 1120
                                                                                   Manchester, NH 03105-1120
               Case: 11-13671-JMD Doc #: 238 Filed: 12/22/11 Desc: Main DocumentJ. Keach 19 of 19
Jessica A. Lewis                       Maire B. Corcoran                    Robert
Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson, PA   Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson     Berstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson
100 Middle Street, POB 9729            P.O. Box 9729                        100 Middle Street, PO Box 9729
Portland, ME 04104-5029                Portland, ME 04104-5029              Portland, ME 04104-5029

Timothy P. Smith
67 Middle Street
Manchester, NH 03101-1905

                   The preferred mailing address (p) above has been substituted for the following entity/entities as so specified
                   by said entity/entities in a Notice of Address filed pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 342(f) and Fed.R.Bank.P. 2002 (g)(4).

IRS                                                  NSTAR
Special Procedures                                   One NSTAR Way
80 Daniel St., PO Box 9502                           Westwood MA 02090
Portsmouth, NH 03802

                 The following recipients may be/have been bypassed for notice due to an undeliverable (u) or duplicate (d) address.

(u)Diamond Business Credit, LLC                      (u)Highlands Fuel Delivery, LLC, d/b/a Irving        (u)Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors

(u)Optimation Technology, Inc.                       (u)Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation              (u)Utica Leaseco, LLC

(d)Denso Sales California, Inc.                      End of Label Matrix
c/o Jay M Niederman, Esq.                            Mailable recipients   393
55 W. Webster Street                                 Bypassed recipients     7
Manchester, NH 03104-2913                            Total                 400

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