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The TumbleBook Library is one of the Lee County Library System’s rather unique
offerings for children. This database of titles offers electronic books, read-alouds, and
audio recordings of titles for children ages 2 and up. You’ll find digital versions of some
of your favorites, including Diary of a Spider, Dinosailors, and How I Became a Pirate.
Older children discover classics like The Legend of Sleepy Hallow and Little Women.

TumbleBooks features approximately 150 storybooks that children can listen to online.
Dynamic readers present the stories as kids flip the pages with a right arrow. Many of the
stories have animated elements to make viewing more exciting.

Although well-known for their storybooks, TumbleBooks also offers e-books. To access
these, simply click on any of the TumbleBook Readables and you’ll open the TumblePad,
which allows you to read the book yourself. These offerings look similar to the Online
Reader Amazon uses for their “Click to Look Inside” feature.

New stories are the focus of the Coming Soon tab, giving readers the opportunity to mark
forth-coming stories as favorites. Readers can view their favorites by selecting the
Favorites tab.

Stories are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Russian under the
Language Learning tab, for those looking to expand their knowledge of a particular

Finally, the TumbleMailer at the bottom of the home page allows one to send a
TumbleBook or TumbleCard to a friend! TumbleBooks is the perfect way to introduce
your kids to the world of digital books.

- Submitted by Kristy Sutorius, Senior Librarian, Youth Services, Lakes Regional
Library East County Regional Library

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