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By: Lionel G. Garcia
          About the Author
• A veterinarian.
• Writes about U.S. citizens with Mexican
• Born in San Diego, Texas & lived with
  his Grandfather as a child. His grandpa
  was a goat herder.
      Purpose for Reading
• Interpret, comprehend, and recognize
  the purpose (author’s purpose) for
  reading this essay.
• To answer questions regarding the
• To build vocabulary
• To respond to the essay through an
  open-ended response.

• What do the following phrases
  and words mean in terms of
  baseball: Strike Zone, Ball, Strike,
  Count, Double Play

• Evaded (v.) – avoided
     Insight to “Baseball”
In “Baseball” Lionel G. Garcia
describes the unique
neighborhood rules that he and
his friends developed for their
version of the national pastime of
baseball, as well as the reactions
their game got from those who
watched it being played.

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