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									                                                      FRENCH 2 Curriculum Map
                            Resources: Allez, viens! I, II and Supporting Resources (Print, Audio, Visual )
  Quarter              Functions / Concepts                      Structures / Skills                 Portfolio / Performance

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                                                             FRENCH 2 Curriculum Map
                                   Resources: Allez, viens! I, II and Supporting Resources (Print, Audio, Visual )
Au téléphone   Functions:                                           Grammar:
                        Asking for and expressing opinions                 The passé compose with avoir
                        Inquiring about and relating past events           Placement of adverbs with the passé
                        Making and answering a telephone call               compose
                        Sharing confidences and consoling others           The –re verb répondre
                        Asking for a giving advice                         The object pronouns le, la, leslui, and leur

Quarter 1
               Culture:   Arles                                     Vocabulary:
                          History of Arles                                 Daily activities
                          French telephone system
                          Telephone habits of French-speaking

               Functions:                                           Grammar:
Dans un                 Asking for and giving advice                       Verbs mettre, porter
magasin de              Expressing need, inquiring                         Adjectives used as nouns
vêtements               Asking for an opinion; paying a                    -ir verb (choisir)
                         compliment                                         direct object pronouns le, la , les
                        Criticizing                                        c’est versus il/elle est
                        Hesitating; making a decision

               Culture:   Arles                                     Vocabulary:
                          Clothing sizes                                   clothing
                          Fashion in francophone countries
                          Responding to compliments

               Functions:                                           Grammar:
                        Inquiring bout and sharing future plans            Prepositions à and de
Vive les
                        Expressing indecision;                             The –ir verbs (partir)
vacances!               Expressing wishes
                        Asking for advice
                        Making accepting and refusing              Vocabulary:
                         suggestions                                        Vacation places and activities
                        Reminding; reassuring                              Travel items
                        Seeing someone off
                        Asking for and expressing opinions
                        Inquiring about and relating past events

               Culture: Arles
               Colonies de vacances – Vacations

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                                                             FRENCH 2 Curriculum Map
                                   Resources: Allez, viens! I, II and Supporting Resources (Print, Audio, Visual )

               Review Chapter (optional)                              Grammar:
               Functions:                                                     Pronoun Y
                        Pointing out places and things                       Contractions with de
                        Makng and responding to requests
                        Asking for advice
Quarter 2               Making suggestions
                        Asking for and giving directions             Vocabulary:
                                                                              Buildings
   En ville    Culture: Fort-de-France                                        Things to do or buy in town
                        Store hours in france and Martinique                 Means of transportation
                        Making “small talk” in francophone                   Locations
                        Getting a driver’s license in francophone
                        DOMs and TOMs
                        Public areas downtown

               Re-entry                                               Grammar:
                                                                                                                   Oral Portfolio:
               Functions:                                                     Verb avoir, être review
                                                                                                                   Students will record a conversation based on the
Bon séjour!             Describing and characterizing yourself and           Adjective agreement
                                                                                                                   prompts in the Alternative Assessment book – C.1
                         others                                               Interrogative adjective quell
                        Expressinglikes, dislikes, and preferences           Choisir and other ir verbs
                                                                                                                   Writing Porfolio:
                        Asking for information                               Imperative
                                                                                                                   Students wil write in the journal describing a favorite
                        Asking for and giving advice                         Future with aller
                                                                                                                   celebrity, including what he/she looks like, and what
                        Asking for, making and responding to
                                                                                                                   the student imagines he/she likes to do.
                        Relating a series of events
                                                                                                                   Students will create a brochure for travelers going to
                                                                                                                   an ideal vacation destination. Students will tell what
               Culture:   Environs de Paris                                   Travel items
                                                                                                                   the weather is like and give advice bout what
                          Travel documents for foreign countries
                                                                                                                   clothes to bring/wear.
                          Studying abroad
                          Ethnic restaurants
                                                                                                                   Students will create a survey for high school
                                                                                                                   students to find out their likes/dislikes
                                                                                                                   Oral Portfolio:
               Re-entry                                               Grammar:
Bienvenue      Functions:                                                     Using tu / vous
                                                                                                                   Students will record a conversation based on the
                                                                                                                   prompts on the CD assessment.
Chartres!               Welcoming someone and responding to                  Questions formation
                         someone’s welcome                                    Adjectives that precede the nound
                                                                                                                   Writing Portfolio:
                        Asking about how someone is feeling and              Contractions with à
                                                                                                                   Students will plan a treasure hunt; with a
                         telling how you’;re feeling                                                               starting/ending point, and set of directions from
                        Pointing out where things are                Vocabulary:
                                                                                                                   each point to next.
                        Paying and responding to a compliment                Furniture and rooms
                                                                              Places in town
                                                                                                                   Sudents will write a newspaper article describing a
               Culture:   Environs de Paris                                                                        famous personality’s home and lifestyle.
                          Polite behavior for a guest                                                             Students will write a letter to a French-speaking
                          Teenagers’ bedrooms in France                                                           exchange student who will be coming to visit in the
                          Paying and receiving compliments                                                        near future, describing their home, etc.
                          Notre-Dame-de-Chartres

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                                                              FRENCH 2 Curriculum Map
                                    Resources: Allez, viens! I, II and Supporting Resources (Print, Audio, Visual )
                         Houses in francophone countries

                                                                    Grammar:                                             Oral Portfolio:
Un repas à     Functions:
                        Making purchases
                                                                             The object pronoun “en”
                                                                             The partitive articles
                                                                                                                         Students will record a conversation with a partner in
                                                                                                                         a restaurant, asking for, accepting, refusing
la française            Asking for, offering, accepting, and               The indirect object pronouns lui and leur   suggestions, and paying the bill.
                         refusing food
                        Paying and responding to compliments                                                            Writing Portfolio:
                        Asking for and giving advice               Vocabulary:                                          Students plan a party, using food vocabulary,
                        Extending good wishes                              Places to shop                              writing invitations, creating a menu and describing
                                                                            Food items to buy                           the setting.
               Culture: Environs de Paris                                   Meals
                        Neighborhood stores                                Gift items                                  Students will imagine that they have just arrived in
                        Typical meals in the francophone world                                                          France and are surprised by all the small shops and
                        Courses of a meal                                                                               items they can buy. They will write a letter to the
                        The euro                                                                                        French class telling them about the experience.
                        Special occasions
               Functions:                                           Grammar:                                             Oral Portfolio:
                        Asking for information and describing a            Recognizing reflexive verbs                 Students will speak about their daily activities using
Sous les                 place                                              The reflexive pronouns se and me’           reflexive verbs.
tropiques           
                         Asking for and making suggestions
                         Emphasizing likes and dislikes
                                                                             The relative pronouns ce qui and ce que
                                                                             The present tense of reflexive verbs
                        Relating a series of events                        Adverbs of frequency                        Writing portfolio:
                                                                                                                         Students will write a postcard to a freiend talling
                                                                    Vocabulary:                                          what the island of Martinique is like, what there is to
               Culture:   Martinique                                        Places, flora, and fauna                    see, and what there is to do.
                         La ville de Saint-Pierre                          Vacation activities
                         Places to visit in different regions              Daily activities                            Students will write a poem (diamante) about a
Quarter 3                Yoles rondes                                                                                   favorite place.
                         The créole language
                         Carnaval                                                                                       Students will write a paragraph about which
                         Music and dance in Martinique                                                                  vacation activities are the most popular among
                                                                                                                         teenagers using adverbs of frequency.

                        Expressing concern for someone             Grammar:                                             Oral Portfolio:
                        Inquiring; expressing satisfaction and             Passé compose with avoir                    Students will tell what happened to him/her the day
                         frustration                                        Introduction to the passé compose with      before, telling what they did and how things went.
                        Sympathizing with and consoling someone             être
                        Giving reasons and making excuses                                                               Writing Portfolio:
                        Congratulating and reprimanding someone                                                         Students will write a short story bout a French high
                                                                    Vocabulary:                                          school student who had a really bad day yesterday.,
               Culture:   Touraine                                          School day vocabulary                       including at least six things that happened. (using
                          Carnet de correspondance                                                                      connectors)
                          Meals at school
                          French grades and report cards                                                                Students will write a dialogue for one of their
                          School life in francophone countries                                                          favorite TV shows with two children coming home
                                                                                                                         with report cards, - one good, one very bad.
               Functions:                                           Grammar:                                             Oral Portfolio:
                        Asking for opinions                                The phrase c’était                          Students will tell a friend five unbelievable things
                        Expressing enthusiasm, indifference, and           The passé compose with être                 that happened to them yesterday.

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                                                              FRENCH 2 Curriculum Map
                                    Resources: Allez, viens! I, II and Supporting Resources (Print, Audio, Visual )
                          dissatisfaction                                    Formal and informal phrasing of questions
                         Expressing disbelief and doubt’                    The verb ouvrir                             Writing portfolio:
                         Asking for and giving information                                                               Students will write a story about a place they’ve
Quarter 4      Culture:   Touraine                                  Vocabulary:
                                                                                                                          visited or like to visit.

                         Types of châteaux in France                       Weekend activities                           Students will write a letter to the school newspaper
                         Studying historical figures in school             Verbs that use être in the passé compose     about their last trip to a zoo, amusement park, etc.
                         Buses and trains in France                                                                      telling the reasons why/why not the reader should
                                                                                                                          or shouldn’t go there.

               Functions:                                           Grammar:                                              Oral Portfolio:
                        Expressing concern for someone and                 Reflexive verbs in the passé compose         Students will record a presentation on what people
En pleine          
                         Giving advice, accepting and rejecting
                                                                             Pronoun en with activities’
                                                                             Verb devoir
                                                                                                                          need to do to be healthy.

forme                    advice                                             Verb se nourrir
                        Expressing discouragement and offering                                                           Writing portfolio:
                         encouragement                              Vocabulary:                                           Students will create a presentation (medium will
                        Justifying your recommendations a                  Health expressions                           vary) on what people need to do (eating healthy,
                        Advising against something                         Parts of the body                            exercise, etc.) to stay healthy. They should also
                                                                            Injuries                                     include advice on avoiding bad habits.
               Culture:   Touraine                                          Staying fit
                          Pharmacies in France                             Good and bad eating habits                   Student will create an ad for a new health
                          Figures of speech                                                                              spa/resort, describing the meals, activities, etc.
                          Teenagers exercise habits
                          Staying healthy                                                                                Students will create a conversation between two
                          Mineral water                                                                                  people who have just met at the gym. One is in
                                                                                                                          shape, the other is not!

               Functions:                                           Grammar:                                              Oral Portfolio:
C’était            
                         Telling what or whom you miss
                         Reassuring someone
                                                                    The imparfait of avoir and être
                                                                    Formation of the imparfait
                                                                                                                          Students will talk about promoting tourism for a city
                                                                                                                          or region in the country.
comme ça!               Asking and telling what things were like   Si on + the imparfait
                        Reminiscing                                                                                      Writing portfolio:
                        Making and responding to suggestions                                                             Students will write a 2-3 paragraphs describing a
                                                                                                                          favorite place or region in the world, telling why it is
               Culture:   Côte d’Ivoire                             Vocabulary:                                           a great tourist attraction, comparing to another, and
                          Village life in Côte dívoire             Describing places                                     persuading why the chosen place is better.
                          Ethnic groups in west Africa             Childhood activities
                          High school in Cote D’Ivoire             Thins to see and buy in Côte d’Ivoire
                          Félilx Houphouët Boigny
                          City vs. country living

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