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									  The NOREX
Technology Group
 “We help IT professionals avoid
    reinventing the wheel.”
                  About NOREX
• NOREX professionally manages an IT consortium made up
  of more than 1,300 organizations from across North

• For 25 years, NOREX has provided an array of services
  aimed at helping IT professionals leverage the real-world
  knowledge and experiences of their peers

• NOREX is focused on providing effective tools for sharing
  technology related best practices and tactical advice

• NOREX is free of vendor influence, ensuring an open and
  objective exchange of information, with no hidden agenda
    NOREX Resources & Services
• Networking & Information Assistance
   Prearranged peer-to-peer IT project networking

• IT Documents
   Online repository of 1,900 “real world” examples

• TeleForums
   Professionally facilitated IT project networking calls

• IT Roundtables & Forums
   Professionally facilitated national, regional and industry
    specific roundtable discussions
  Networking & Information Assistance

Peer-to-peer networking with IT professionals

    NOREX maintains a database comprised of technology profiles
     used to identify organizations with similar IT initiatives

    NOREX personnel coordinate peer-to-peer networking
     opportunities with mutual consent of participants

    Peers exchange insight and information, helping one another
     expedite projects and avoid costly mistakes
             IT Document Repository
Online repository including over 1,900 “real world” documents

    Shorten development time by using tried and tested examples
     created and implemented by other organizations

    Repository contains policies, procedures, strategic plans,
     RFP’s, product evaluations, SLA’s, job descriptions, etc.

    NOREX personnel remove names, phone numbers and email
     addresses from the documents before posting them online

    Unlimited access to the entire online repository

    NOREX personnel fulfill requests for documents not found in
     the repository

  Sample documents at
Interactive conference calls addressing timely IT issues.

    Agendas comprised of questions submitted by participants.

    Participants receive topic specific feedback from a cross-
     section of peers without leaving the office

    NOREX organizes, promotes, moderates and transcribes the

    TeleForum transcripts are available online and include a table
     of contents, poll results and resource links
               Upcoming TeleForums
• IT Issues Specific to Colleges & Universities
    Tuesday, May 02, 2006 10:00 AM Central Time
• IT Capacity Planning
    Thursday, May 04, 2006 3:00 PM Central Time
• Global IT Issues
    Tuesday, May 09, 2006 3:00 PM Central Time
• VoIP
    Thursday, May 11, 2006 3:00 PM Central Time
• Enterprise Backup Strategies
    Thursday, May 18, 2006 3:00 PM Central Time
• Data Security
    Thursday, May 25, 2006 3:00 PM Central Time
           IT Roundtables & Forums
Professionally moderated peer-to-peer roundtable discussions

    Attendees drive the discussion agendas by submitting topics
     and questions in advance of the roundtables

    Vendor/consultant participation is not allowed, promoting
     candid discussion about product pricing and performance

    NOREX organizes, promotes and facilitates a three-day
     national technology conference, numerous full-day regional
     forums, and industry specific IT roundtables

    Upcoming regional forums will be held in New York City,
     Lansing, Minneapolis, and Toronto
             Example Roundtable Topics
How successful are your service level agreements?
Has anyone implemented a service catalog. How did you go about doing it?
What percentage of purchase price are others paying for annual maintenance
How are others handling morale issues that result from increasing workloads?
What tools are others using for portfolio management of IT projects?
What document retention policies are in place? How long are you required to retain
What are you archiving (e-mail, instant messaging, file servers, etc.) and what archiving
   product are you using?
What infrastructure outsourcing sources are members using? Any recommendations?

Identity Management: Dual authentication, biometrics/smart cards, single sign-on, etc.
Experience with merging Active Directory domains over wide areas
How tricky has the upgrade from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 been for others?
What are your experiences with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)?
What are people seeing as typical cost for voice calls (switched services) - 3 cents, 2
   cents, under 2 cents?
Example Roundtable Topics (continued)
What are your desktop application software direction and strategies?
Windows 2000 server migration to Windows 20xx experiences
Open systems experiences
Linux Running Production Servers
How many members are running Oracle on Linux? Are members satisfied with the I/O
Are there any gotchas in moving from Unix to Linux?
Who has implemented SharePoint Portal and in what capacity? Experiences?

What experiences have people had with McAfee desktop firewall? Any bad experiences?
What are some product recommendations for intrusion prevention systems and
    implementation experiences?
Who is using co-location sites? Any problems, wishes or the like? Would you do it again?
In-house disaster recovery success stories.
How long do you retain disaster recovery plans as part of a formal retention policy?
When do you activate your company’s various BCPs?
        Sample the NOREX Resources
• CTA members may request up to three examples from the
  NOREX online document repository free of charge

• CTA members may participate in a NOREX TeleForum or a
  Regional Forum at no cost

• Please contact Zac Miller with document and/or event
  registration requests

Zac Miller
Manager, Government Services
Phone: (952) 447-8898 ext. 233

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