�The Treasure of Lemon Brown,� by Walter Dean Myers by kR3B0u


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                                                    “The Treasure of Lemon Brown,” by Walter Dean Myers

The Task…
After being split into six different groups, do you best to supply an exemplary answer to the
chosen task. As a group you should plan out your answer, but all students must supply an
individual answers (That is, no copying, no word-for-word duplication and no “we worked on
this part together, though!”)
1. Discuss treasure. How is treasure defined and redefined in the story? What are each
     character’s most valued items? Be sure to consider both the onset and the end of the story.
2. Discuss sound. How does the character’s need for music echoed in the author’s introduction of sound in the short
     story? (Identify the sounds and silence used in each part of the story. Consider the setting sounds and how the
     characters interact with sound.)
3. Discuss role models. Contrast Greg’s interactions with his father and then Lemon Brown. Be sure to define role
     models, that is, the youth’s perceptions of the adults and the adult interactions with the youths.
4. Discuss learning. What does Lemon Brown teach Greg, about himself and others? Outside of a school setting,
     what motivates Greg to learn from Lemon Brown?
5. Discuss the antagonists. Discuss the use of the two thugs in the story. How do you characterize their strength and
     actions in the story? What is their motivation and how does their presence define Lemon Brown personality?
6. Story Analysis. Create a chart for “The Treasure of Lemon Brown.” Be sure to include the characters and goals
     of each character. Also include the problem, and the problem set-up and the solution and the solution set-up.
                              Be sure to highlight your question                                       Peer Response

                                                                          Short Answer Response Questions Rubric
                               2                                                                    1                                                           0
The response is accurate, and it fulfills all the requirements of   The response includes some correct information, but may be   The response is inaccurate, confused, and/or irrelevant, or the
the task. Necessary support and/or examples are included,           too general or overly specific. Some of the support and/or   student has failed to respond to the task. Handwriting may be
and the information given is clearly text-based. Any                examples may be incomplete or omitted. Some inaccuracies     illegible.
extensions beyond the text are relevant.                            appear that interfere with comprehension
Cut and Paste into Your English Notebook

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