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									                                          Chesterfield Technical Center
                                                 CAREER MAP

           Career Path:                                  NURSING CAREERS

                           Education                              Other Credentials                                   Career Options
             High School Diploma                               C.T.C. Practical                          Nursing Assistant/Aide
                                                               Nursing 1st year
                                                               course starts in Senior

                                                               HS Honors Course

                                                               After successful 1st                      Certified Nurses Aide (CNA)
                                                               year, students can
                                                               take the Certified
                                                               Nurses Aide Exam
             High School Diploma                               CPR
             additional educational                            C.T.C. Practical
             certificates or                                   Nursing 2nd year in
             apprenticeships                                   Clinicals

                                                               Certificate of
                                                               Completion In                             Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
                                                               Practical Nursing
                2 year College Degree                          Associate in Applied                      Registered Nurse
                     (Associate)                               Science – Nursing                         Staff Nurse
                                                               (JTCC, JSRCC, VA                          Nurse Educator at PN level
                                                               State, Richard Bland
                                                               College with Southside                    Clinic Nurse
                                                               Regional Medical                          Office Nurse

                3 year Hospital based                                                                    Registered Nurse
                  Nursing Program                              Diploma in Nursing
                                                                                                         Staff Nurse
                                                               (Bon Secours Memorial
                                                               School of Nursing)                        Nurse Educator at PN level

The Chesterfield County public school system does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, age, religion, disabilities or national origin in
employment or in its educational programs and activities. More info:
       Education             Other Credentials             Career Options
4 year College Degree    Bachelor of Science –
(Bachelor)                                          Registered Nurse
                         (VCU, VSU, UVA, JMU,       Staff Nurse
                         ODU, Norfolk State, GMU,   Nurse Manager
                         Radford, etc.)
                                                    School Nurse
                                                    Public Health Nurse
                                                    Nursing Educator/Coordinator
                         FYI:                         at PN level
                         College graduates with
                         a BA or BS degree in
                         other college majors can
                         go to a local community
                         college to get an
                         Associate in Applied
                         Science in Nursing to
                         get their Registered
                         Nurse (RN) credentials
                         before pursuing their
                         master’s degree in
                         nursing at most

5+ year College Degree   Master of Science in       Teacher in RN & PN Nursing
(Masters/Doctoral)       Nursing (MSN)                    Programs
                                 Or                 Nurse Practitioner
                          Master of Science         Nurse Midwife
                         (MS)                       Clinical Nurse Specialist
                                                    Nurse Anesthetist
                                                    Nurse Administrator

                         Master of Hospital         Hospital Administration

                                                    Professor in BSN, MS & Ph. D
                         Doctorate in Nursing       level nursing education

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