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									Alabama-Tombigbee Clean Water Partnership
Draft Quarterly Steering Committee Meeting Summary for May 6, 2009

From: Ashley Henderson

 Attendees                         Janalie Graham/USACE           LeaAnna Meadows/AFC

 Wesley Ballard/ALDOT              Steve Guy/ALFA                 Judy Palfrey/City of Mgm

 Janet Chapman/MDEQ                Brian Haigler/ADEM             Bob Tolbert/Tuscaloosa Co

 Barry Feagen/ALDOT                Tom Lang/AFC

 Bruce Gornto/Dixie Pellets        Roy McAuley/APPCo

The Alabama-Tombigbee Clean Water Partnership Steering Committee met on May 6, 2009.
After a welcome by Chairman Roy McAuley and introductions of all present, the following items
were discussed:

      Statewide Update-Allison Jenkins provided the attached report.
      Tombigbee Sedimentation Project Update- The attached meeting summary of the April
       7th meeting was presented.
      Regulatory Activities-Brian Haigler reported that the Alabama Environmental
       Commission has had some changeover of Commissioners. The water quality group is
       beginning work on the 2010 303(d) list. Several TMDLs are in internal review. The
       Catoma Creek pathogens TMDL will be out for review in June/July of this year, but
       probably not completed until after the Upper Alabama River water quality sampling in
       2010. Water quality sampling will be done in the Southeastern portion of the state this
       year (ie Chattahoochee, Choctawatchee, Pea, Yellow, Conecuh and Sepulga Rivers)
      Dixie Pellets- Bruce Gornto presented information about Dixie Pellets located on the
       Alabama River at Selma, AL. Dixie Pellets makes wood pellets for consumption by
       European electrical utilities. The pellets are made from 1/3 residuals from existing wood
       uses and 2/3 green in woods, non-marketable products. Seventy-five percent of the
       pellets were shipped to Theodore, AL via the Alabama River on barges in 2008. Dixie
       Pellets has several river concerns that have the potential to disrupt their business. These
       include low channel depth during dry periods, shoaling from sediments after heavy rains
       this winter and spring, and navigating the sharp river bend at the Edmund Pettus Bridge
       in Selma during high water levels.
   Facilitator Report- The Quarterly Facilitator Report is attached. Funds were requested as
    follows $2,500 to LWT for rain barrel brochure development, $1000 to Ashley
    Henderson to purchase rain barrel supplies, $8,000 to the Southeast Watershed Forum
    for the Prattville Quality Growth and Stormwater Management Forum, and $500 to
    Ashley Henderson for reimbursement for Bioretention Workshop at North Carolina
    State University. Additionally, a request for withdrawal of the previously approved
    $2000 for a Wilcox County water festival was made due to a lack of interest in the
    project at this time. Judy Palfrey made a motion to approve the funding requests. Bob
    Tolbert seconded the motion. The group voted unanimously to approve.
   Individual Reports- All members present were given an opportunity to give a report on his
    activities. Janalie Graham reported that the USACE has dredged below the Claiborne Dam and is
    providing two lockages at day for fish passage through the Claiborne Dam and the .
    Additionally, a second Alabama Sturgeon has been spotted by a Alabama Department of
    Conservation and Natural Resources staff member but not captured in the Alabama River above
    the Claiborne Dam. Barry Feagan provided the attached summary of the General Requirements
    for ALDOT Construction Projects in addition to a map showing current projects. Janet Chapman
    reported that the Northeast Mississippi Resources Initiative is working on a project similar to the
    Alabama Water Agenda, a group in Pontoc is interested in the rain barrel project and that an
    educational assessment day will be held on Lake Pickwick later in the summer.

    Dates of Interest:

    Next Ala-Tom CWP Meetings: July 22, 2009 and October 28, 2009.

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