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									      CHALLENGING WORDS



 This story is about an owl that is trying
to sleep. The only problem is there is to
    much noise. The owl then seeks
                      --- Conversation Questions---

(1)   What is your favorite part of the story?
(Answer)      Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     What sound does an owl make?

(2)   If you were the owl could you have slept?
(Answer)      Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Do you sleep during the day or night?

(3)   Do you think the owl was getting mad?
(Answer)      Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Do you get mad when someone wakes you up?

(4)   How long do you think the owl had been trying to go to sleep?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     How long does it take you to go to sleep?

(5)   Define "woodpecker."
(Answer)      A climbing bird with a chisel like bill that hammers repeatedly into
              wood in search of insects.
(Follow Up)      Have you ever saw a woodpecker?

(6)   Do owls sleep at night or during the day?
(Answer)     Day.
(Follow Up)      Have you ever seen an owl?

(7)   Where was the owl trying to sleep at?
(Answer)     The tree.
(Follow Up)    Where do you sleep?

(8)   What was the squirrel doing while the owl was trying to sleep?
(Answer)    The squirrel cracked nuts and crunched them.
(Follow Up)    Has anyone kept you awake crunching?

(9)    Name some of the animals that kept the owl awake?
(Answer)     Squirrel, woodpecker, bees, crows, and other birds.
(Follow Up)    Do you enjoy hearing birds chirping?

(10)   What was the owl trying to do?
(Answer)     Sleep.
(Follow Up)     Is it hard for the owl to sleep during the day.

1.   Draw the owl in the tree trying to sleep.

2.   Write 2 sentences about how the owl felt trying to go to sleep with
     all the noises.

3.   Make a list of the different animals that were waking up the owl.

4.   Write a paragraph on other ways the owl should have tried to go to


1.   Have an owl picture copied. Show the copy to the students. Ask
     them, "When do owls sleep?" Then ask them, "When do other birds
     sleep?" Today we are going to read a story about an owl trying to
     sleep. Let's see what happens.

2.   Pretend to have children sleep and make chirping noises. See if
     they can keep their own eyes closed while the chirping continues.
     Then tell the children that today we are going to read a story about
     an owl trying to sleep.

3.   Show the front of the book to the children. Ask them what they
     think the book is about. Then tell them we are going to read about
     the owl on the front of the book and what is going on with him.

Book Title: Good-Night Owl
Author: Pat Hutchins                               Illustrator:
ISBN: 0-689-71371-1                                # of Text Pages: 14                         AR 2.1       LEX: AD410L
                                        Building Oral Vocabulary
 3               buzz               5              crunch            19                                chirped
                                          Prediction Questions
 1    Do you think the owl will go to sleep?
11    Do you think anyone else will come to the tree?
24    Do you think the owl will go to sleep, now?

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