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					                        Operating Agreement
                            BISM 2100 Section 04
                                  Group 2

Team Objective and Mission Statement
Our team objective is to comprise a formal report on podcasting while working as a team
and effectively informing our audience. We will successfully achieve this through an
open line of communication with group members, and dedication to the assignment. This
project is a way of building business communication skills, along with incorporating
general knowledge of computer systems and applications. We will present our research
on podcasting to the general audience through a formal report, web design, and an oral
presentation. The technology needed to convey this information will include Microsoft
Office, Internet Explorer, and video technology.

Podcasting describes an audio broadcast that has been converted to an MP3 file or other
audio file format for playback in a digital music player or computer. We will be working
together to research the following aspects of podcasting:
         Introduction to Podcasting
         The History of Podcasting
         Podcasting Technology
         Current Issues
         Podcasting in Business
         Podcasting in Education

We as a team have decided that everyone’s opinion will be equally considered and taken
into account. We will obtain this by using the democratic process of every voice being
heard. If there is a dispute, the project manager will have the final say after considering
the views of everyone in the group.

Meeting attendance policy and Schedule
When we will meet (face to face):
        Every Monday night at 8:00
Where we will meet:
        Outside of Einstein’s in the Burruss Building
Online Meetings
        Every Wednesday night from 10:00- 11:00
Attendance Policy:
        If you are unable to make a face-to-face meeting, make sure that the group
          members are informed at least 3 days ahead of time. You can do this by
          posting it on the discussion board. It will then be the job of the project
          manager to tell them what they need to do.

Preparation and Quality
Our group as a whole believes we need to prepare our work timely and efficiently, while
putting forth our best efforts in every way possible. The success of this project is very
important to every member of the group. We are willing to put in the time and dedication
needed to deliver superior quality. Our team has come to the conclusion that work
assigned to each member will be due 48 hours prior to the deadline. This will allow the
team to proofread each team member’s work and allow sufficient time for the project
manager to make any changes and submit the assignment. Overall, we are all driven to
produce top quality work.

Non-performance and peer-review:
Non-performance and peer-review will be handled with an “open-door” policy. During
the construction of this project, if one team member has a discrepancy with non-
performance, it will be presented to the project manager. The project manager then will
address the matter with the individual needing review. If the problem continues, points
will be deducted at the period of evaluation. The evaluation will include an anonymous
survey created by the project manager. Each team member will be asked to scale the
work ethics and performance of teammates. From this, points will be dispersed

Schedule of Deliverables
We have broken down our deliverables on a weekly basis. Deadlines and due dates are
extremely important to our team to ensure the best quality work delivered. Our schedule
of deliverables goes as followed:

                   DAY:                                    ASSIGNMENT:
Mon. Nov. 5                                   MEETING*: Letter of
                                              acceptance/transmittal will be completed.
Mon. Nov.12                                   MEETING: Web page Q& A; meet in BB
                                              lab 8pm.
Wed. Nov. 14th                                Personal web page due to Brandon for
Sat. Nov 17th                                 Final group web page project due project
Mon. Nov. 19th                                MEETING: Q & A on formal report; group
                                              revision of formal report.
Tue. Nov. 20th                                Paper due to Jenna for proofreading. (w/ 3
Mon. Nov. 26th                                MEETING: Prepare & practice for video
                                              presentation; Complete abstract.
Tues. Nov. 27th                               Video Presentation; meet at 6:30.
Sat. Dec. 1                                   Final Report due to project manager.
       * As a reminder, meetings will be held Monday nights at 8pm.

Group Members:
Kraig Benson- Floater
Garrett Bollinger- Research coordinator
Brandon Brooks-Website coordinator
Zayna Callier-Project manager
Jamie Chumley- Presentation coordinator
Jenna DeWitt- Formal report coordinator

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