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									                                             Address Correction Required

                                                                           Jackson, MO 63755
                                                                           528 West Main Street
                                                                           Real Baseball Instincts, LLC
RBI is a premier baseball and softball
                                                                                                                Real Baseball
training facility located in Southeast
Missouri. We work with athletes to
                                                                                                               Instincts, LLC
better their hitting, pitching, and                                                                                  Baseball/Softball
fielding skills; we also work with them                                                                              Training Facility
to improve their basic fundamentals,
agility, and leadership skills.
Athletes can work out in a temperature                                                                        2012 Winter
controlled environment; developing new
and current skills through sport specific                                                                    Coaching Clinic
                                                                                                                January 14, 2012
Age and skill appropriate clinics are                                                                               8:00am – 5:00pm
offered year round. Informative guest
                                                                                                                     At Drury Lodge
speakers will provide athletes, coaches,
and parents with recruiting tips, current
game strategies, training ideas, and
We help athletes become more confident
leaders with positive, motivating goals
for their successful future, in sports and
in life.

   Real Baseball Instincts, LLC
      528 West Main Street
       Jackson, MO 63755
                                                                                                             “Taking Your Game
       Phone: 573-243-7247
        Fax: 573-243-7247
                                                                                                             To The Next Level”
                                                                                                                 Phone: 573-243-RBIS (7247)
            E-mail:                                                                                       Web site: www.realbaseballinstincts.com
Coachq6@realbaseballinstincts.com                                                                                  Follow us on Facebook
                 WINTER COACHING CLINIC                                                          REGISTRATION
RBI’s coaching clinic is directed to all levels of coaching. It will be               Early registration rate is $60.00. Early
held Saturday, January 14, 2012 from 8:00am to 5:00pm at the                          registration deadline is Wednesday,
Drury Lodge in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Presenters and topics will                   January 4, 2012. After January 4, rate
consist of:                                                                           will be $75.00. Lunch is included in
                                                                                      registration price.
Steve Bieser, Pitching Coach,                 Jim Powell, Owner, Litchfield Sports,
Southeast Missouri State University:          Inc. and Midwest Mules Baseball: “The
“Catching Drills”                             Big 5”                                  Name

Jim Brady, Head Baseball Coach,               Dr. Tim Rademaker, Professor,
University of Missouri – St. Louis:           Southeast Missouri State University:    Date of Birth
“Extreme Hustle”                              “Mental Preparation”
Bubba Cates, Head Baseball Coach,             Gary Ramirez, Asst. Baseball Coach,
University of Tennessee – Martin:             Lindenwood University: “Practice
“Base Running Drills”                         Organization”                           Address

Dr. Jim Edwards, Surgeon,                     Scott Terry, Instructor, All-Star
Orthopedic Associates: “Treatment of          Performance and Former Major
Injuries”                                     League Pitcher: “Pitching Mechanics”
Ken Henderson, Head Baseball                  Stan Waldon, Head Baseball Coach,
Coach, Southern Illinois University –         Mineral Area College: “Recruiting”
Carbondale: “Infield Play”
                                                                                      For more information or questions call
Matt Kennedy, Head Baseball Coach,                                                    Real Baseball Instincts at 573-243-7247.
Parkland College: “Outfield Drills”           Mark your calendars and join us for
                                              this fun and informative day of         Method of Payment accepted: Cash, Check,
Jacob Pattengill, Center Manager              baseball!                               Visa, MC, Discover. (Cash or check only day
and Physical Therapist, Select                                                        of clinic.)
Physical Therapy: “Injury Prevention”
                                                                                      Mail registration to Real Baseball Instincts,
                                                                                      528 W Main Street, Jackson, MO 63755
                                                                                      or call 573-243-7247.
        “ T a k i n g   Y o u r   G a m e   T o   T h e   N e x t   L e v e l ”

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