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                                 A MESSAGE FROM MRS. CHAMBERS AND                            In This Issue:
                                 MRS. LAMBACHER
                                                                                           The Principal's Office
                               It is hard to believe that the leaves are changing colors
                               and the days are getting cooler and shorter. Fall must      PSO President Letter
                               be upon us!
                                                                                           Treasurer's Report
Congratulations to Avery Diedrick, in Mrs. Moser’s homeroom, and Jacob Luther, in
Mrs. Duke/Biondi’s homeroom, for their winning Health & Safety poster designs!             Levy Information

Our Respect and Connect Week has concluded and was a meaningful week for all               Upcoming Events
students. Thanks to Mrs. Schwertle and the PSO parents who assisted throughout the
week. Activities included students pledging to use their S.A.F.E. strategies when faced    PSO Membership
with conflicts with peers, wearing Respect bracelets to show their support of the week,
and finding ways to “Connect” with others when connections do not seem obvious. The        Snack Cart Scedule
week ended with a “Mix it Up at Lunch” period where students were asked to sit with
someone new at lunch. Questions were provided to “spark” conversations among the           Market Day
                                                                                           Box Tops/Campbell's
D.A.R.E. classes for our fourth grade students will be completed next week. Sgt.
Goodrich has met with all of our homerooms to discuss personal safety, dangers of
drug and alcohol use, and strategies to resist the temptations of drugs and alcohol.
Sgt. Goodrich will return in January to begin the D.A.R.E. classes with our fifth grade

Our Student Council had their first meeting and the students created a scarecrow
design for the Haunted Heights’ activities. The students were selected in their
homerooms and will represent their homerooms throughout the remainder of this              Buzz Editor,
school year. The group meets once each month and will be involved in a number of
building related activities, as well as service projects, in our local communities.        Valerie Kerekanich
Thanks to Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Engler for, once again, taking on the leadership of the
group.                                                                                     The Buzz is published monthly
                                                                                           by the Central School PSO for
The Central student newspaper staff is busy working on the 1st semester edition of         students, parents and staff of
“The Honey Times,” our student newspaper. Watch for this 1st semester edition to           Central School. Please submit
come out before the winter break!                                                          articles and photos via email
Our second evening of parent/teacher conferences was held October 21st. If you
were not contacted for a conference and would like to meet with your child's teacher,
please contact them to schedule a meeting..
We would like to offer our families some tips from the Health Department about
staying healthy as we move through the flu season. Students should be encouraged           Deadline
to wash their hands, wash their hands, and wash their hands. Sanitizers are available      for the
in our classrooms, as well as in the cafeteria. Students should be encouraged to           December
cough/sneeze into their sleeves. The Health Department continues to communicate            issue....
to families the importance of keeping children home when they are sick. Students

                                                                                                                    PAGE 1
   A Message from Mrs. Chambers and Mrs. Lambacher               CONTINUED..

   should not return to school until they have been fever free (without medication) for a period of 24 hours. Thank
   you for working with us in our efforts to keep everyone healthy.

   Central’s Fall Fundraiser has concluded and it looks as though it was a big success. Thanks, as always, to our
   PSO parents for organizing this year’s fundraiser. Also, a big thanks to all of the Central families for supporting
   our school through purchases or donations! Funds from the fundraiser will be used to support staff and student
   activities throughout the school.

   We are pleased to be partners with our families in the educational experiences of our students. As the year
   progresses, and as you become more informed, “puzzled”, or concerned, we encourage you to call the school
   and talk with those who might be of help and assistance. This might be your child’s teacher, the guidance
   counselors, the main office, or the building administrators. Our goal is to create a positive, personalized learning
   environment for our students. We want our parents to feel at home at Central School. We appreciate your
   feedback in our never ending quest to provide an outstanding learning environment for our students! To that end,
   we will be continuing our “Communication Central!” This will provide an opportunity for our families to join
   members of the staff in informal dialog and conversation about educationally based topics! Be sure to contact
   our guidance counselors, Mrs. Schwertle and Mrs. Wiesler, to share topics of interest to you and your family.
   More information will be coming home shortly as we plan our first “Communication Central”!

   Please be aware that the Brecksville Broadview Heights City School District will be asking for your support on
   Issue 104 in this November’s election. The 5.5 mil levy has been endorsed by the District PSO Council and
   each school’s PSO unit. Mayor Hruby and Mayor Alai have actively demonstrated their support of the levy
   throughout their respective communities. It has been five years since the school district has gone to the voters
   for new money to support the schools. A number of cuts have already been put into place to reduce the millage
   amount needed. Should this issue fail, the school board has authorized the Superintendent to create a plan that
   will reduce an additional 1.7 million dollars from the school district budget. Additional staff will be reduced,
   building budgets will be cut, sports and extracurricular activities may be eliminated or costs will be passed along
   to families, and transportation cuts may be necessary. Please visit the Schools Issues Committee website
   where you can find more information regarding the upcoming levy. The website address is:
   Please support Issue 104 on November 3rd.

   Just a few reminders:
       • As we look ahead to the next few months of winter, children need to be dressed prepared to go outside
            for recess. Having an extra sweatshirt or jacket stored in the locker would be helpful for many students.
            Making sure that your child is dressed appropriately for outside recess would be appreciated!
       • Please be aware of our “Requesting Assignments” procedures this year. If you know your child will be
            absent 2 days or more please contact the main office before 8:00 a.m. on the second day to request
            assignments for your child. Every effort will be made to have assigned work ready in the main office by
            3:45 p.m. that afternoon.
       • A great number of items are dropped off daily to the office to be delivered to students…from homework
            assignments, to textbooks, to other miscellaneous items. Doing a quick check to remember these
            items before leaving for school each day certainly would be helpful in decreasing the number of these
            deliveries. However, when those occasional forgetful moments occur and that extra trip to school must
            be made…those items will be placed in the teacher mailboxes for pickup at a time that is convenient for
            the teacher. We are not able to interrupt the instructional program in the classrooms to make personal
            deliveries. Lunches brought to school would certainly be an exception to this policy. Your understand-
            ing in this matter is certainly appreciated.

 TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                           Kathleen Deuch 838-1930

 Cash Balance as of 9/1/09                $ 12,537
 Receipts                                     6,307
 Disbursements                               (4,294)
 Cash Balance as of 9/30/09                $ 14,550

 If you need a cash reimbursement form or a cash collection form, please see the Treasurer’s folder in the PSO box in the
                                                Central PSO Meeting
                                 When:        Friday, November 6, 2009
                                              at 9:30 a.m.
                                 Where:       Pilgrim Hall at the United
   Central School                             Church of Christ (next to
    2009-2010                                 Central)
   PSO Officers                  With the holiday season quickly approaching, the
                                 PSO will be hosting a cookie/appetizer tasting
                                 at their next meeting. Here is what you need to
        President                do; Join us for the meeting, bring a couple
       Renee Boblick             dozen of your favorite holiday cookie or appe-        tizer along with several copies of the recipe,
                                 plan on staying to try the different goodies, and
  1st Vice President             pick up the recipe for your favorites to share
        Natalie Tilk             at home.
                                 Babysitting will be provided for $2.00 per
  2nd Vice President             child.
      Alicia DeSantis
  2nd Vice President
       Karen Mitchell
 Recording Secretary             As we know with the weather we have in Ohio
       Laura Sonntag             we have many days of indoor recess at school.
           237-4467              The classrooms have some activities for the
Corresponding Secretary          children. Wear and tear over the years has de-
    Jennifer Schneider           pleted the amount of games for indoor recess.
      Kathleen Deutche
           838-1930              If anyone has used or new board games/card
   Council Delegates             games appropriate for our grade levels and
        Cyndi Riley              would like to donate them, it would be greatly           appreciated. It is a great way to clear out some
       Marianne Pilat            of the clutter in our basements. Please send       them into the office.
            877-9775             Thank You

                                                                            PAGE 3

   Fall is already here, the first quarter of school is almost over. We have had so
   many activities already this year. In September the Health and Safety Week
   was a success. Students became familiar with safety procedures. They learned
   the importance of hand washing and received healthy snacks. Thank you to Joann
   Farwell and Shari Green for coordinating it all.

   Also in September, thanks goes to Ann Marie Williams , Sue Dalesio & our guidance counse-
   lors for helping our students learn to “Respect & Connect” with each other.

   The PSO fundraiser was held and we are still tallying up all the numbers. We will have details
   next month. An approximate number right now is about $50,000.00 in items sold. WOW!!!
   Thank you to Alicia DeSantis and Karen Mitchell for taking charge with duck duty and all
   those who participated in our fundraiser.

   Parent liaisons were chosen and an informational meeting was held in September. Nuvia Martin
   and Alicia DeSantis did a great job organizing it all!

   We all know there is a very important issue on the ballot for our Schools. I encourage you to
   read everything that is out there regarding this issue. Please use your best judgment when
   sifting through the facts. If you need the facts, please visit our site (

   Renee Boblick

                                       COSI ON WHEELS FOR 5TH GRADE
                                             DECEMBER 16, 2009

 COSI ON WHEELS is coming to Central School! A program called “WHAT’S WILD!” will be presented to the 5th grade on
 Wednesday, December 16, 2009 in the small gym. Students will be introduced to Ohio’s wildlife and wildlife habitats and explore
 how science can help humans and wildlife co-exist. Many volunteers are needed to assist with these activities for the duration of
 the program. If you would like to help with this program, and have not already signed up, please contact Leah Livermore, (440-
 717-1819; Cultural Arts Committee Chairperson. The Cultural Arts Committee looks forward to your

 _____Yes, I can help set-up the evening before (around 6:00 p.m. for one hour) on Tuesday, December 15, 2009. Requires lifting
 up to 50 pounds.

 _____Yes, I would like to help when my child’s class is scheduled.
 _____Yes, I can help_____morning_____afternoon_____all day
 _____Yes, I can help with take down after school (1 hour) on Wednesday, December 16, 2009. Requires lifting up to 50 pounds.


 Please submit volunteer form to the Cultural Arts Committee Folder, Central School Office

                  November/December 2009 Central
                     LRC Volunteer Schedule

Tuesday, Nov. 3           Jenny Gee                  526-8145
Wed., Nov. 4              Michelle Mihalich          546-7649
Fri., Nov. 6              Kate Foulkes               526-4989

Tues., Nov. 10            Rose Blanc                 526-6219
Thur., Nov. 11            Himali Raghovan            230-1569
Fri., Nov. 13             Rebecca Carroll            740-0527

Mon., Nov. 16             Alpa Amin                  740-0261
Wed., Nov. 18             Theresa Lawton             740-0489
Thur., Nov. 19            Shari Green                554-3845

Mon., Nov. 23             Lisa Putka                 526-5316
Tues., Nov. 24            Anooradha Ivaturi          526-2379

Mon., Nov. 30             Darlene Perelka            546-0780
Wed., Dec. 2              Kim Carver                 843-5855
Thurs., Dec. 3            Kathleen Drinko            717-0759
Fri., Dec. 4              Kate Churchin              546-2348

Mon., Dec. 7              Lynne Wilson               230-0438
Tues., Dec. 8             Joan Berish                546-1748
Wed., Dec. 9              Judith Sedio               457-2229
Thurs., Dec. 10           Debbie Brooks              838-0460
Fri., Dec. 11             Laura Robuston   

Mon., Dec. 14             Rebecca Campbell           740-0527
Tues., Dec. 15            Shayne Jablonski           526-3554
Wed., Dec. 16             Leigh Hall                 526-0104
Fri., Dec. 18             Suzanne Orlando            746-7135

You can choose the time of day you work. However, please call Linda or Judy in
the LRC (740-4130) before you go to make sure there is work for you to do. Note
that Linda and Judy are not at Central on Monday or Thursday mornings.

Please call Ellen Kramer (440-717-1355) (Coordinator) or Tammy Finn (440-237-
8294 (Trainer) if you have any questions or problems.

                                                                                  PAGE 5
                          Snack Cart Volunteers – November 2009

         1st Shift – 10:45am to 12:00pm                            2nd Shift – 12:00pm to 1:15pm

    11/3     Pat Gable             216-447-1891                   11/3      Joan Berish             546-1748
    11/4     Erika Nagy            746-9636                       11/4      Kathleen Deuch          838-1930
    11/5     Mary Ann Krusinski    717-0665                       11/5      Becky Zanath            526-2884
    11/6     Janet DiBaggio        717-0678                       11/6      Stacy Cook              717-5399
    11/9     Darlene Perelka       546-0780                       11/9      Luna Tabbaa             740-0755
    11/10    Cyndi Riley           526-8656                       11/10     Lori Holzinger          746-0868
    11/11    Holly Long            546-0585                       11/11     Christina Magalotti     717-9771
    11/12    Dawn Allen            546-3391                       11/12     Rebecca Carroll         740-0527
    11/13    Mary Moore            717-0122                       11/13     Aurelia Mino            526-5934
    11/16    Tina Nelson           526-4935                       11/16     Pam Aube                740-0776
    11/17    Jina Demeo            237-6078                       11/17     Kathy Chambers          546-5464
    11/18    Rose Blanc            526-6219                       11/18     Debbie Burkhart         546-7504
    11/19    Ellen Kramer          717-1355                       11/19     Annie Barth             526-4341
    11/20    Jackie Tuckerman      546-0018                       11/20     Kim Johnson             596-7892
    11/23    Karin Grolimund       838-1342                       11/23     Christine Venesile      230-9984
    11/24    Sheryl Fenton         546-7182                       11/24     Theresa Lawton          740-0489
    11/30    Theresa Raffin        877-1655                       11/30     Mary Jane Link          546-7535

    Subs – both Shifts                                   Subs – 1st Shift
    Mimi Whitney            526-8334 M,T,W,TH            Rose Blanc                 526-6219 F
    Shayne Jablonski        526-3554 all                 Micheline Gates            746-9767 all
    Wendy Naypaler          740-1011 all                 Barb Johnson               546-9379 all
    Ruth Georgevich         717-0592 all                 Gina Cronauer              526-9689 M,W
    Aurelia Mino            526-5934 F                   Karin Grolimund            838-1342 M,T,W,TH
    Bill&Ginny Kubiak       526-1094all                  Shari Green                554-3845 all
    Darlene Perelka         546-0780 M,W                 Dawn Allen                 546-3391 TH,F
    Deb Karpowicz           526-4145 T                   Ellen Kramer               717-1355 T,W,TH
    Sue Dalesio             746-0131 T,TH,F              Terri Speck                526-7153 T
    Valerie Kerekanich      740-0321 F
    Stacey Asimou,          526-6639 F
    Shari Harper            526-8978 M,T,F               Subs – 2nd Shift
    Debbie Brooks           838-0460 M,W,TH,F            Andrea Diedrick    526-3844 M
    Mary Moore              717-0122 F                   Toni Straziuso     717-0740 M
    Maria Camperchioli      546-1020 all                 Kate Churchin      546-2348 M,T,W,F
    Kathleen Deuch          838-1930 all                 Sandy Lesesky      759-2221 M,TH
    Cyndi Riley             526-8656 T,W,TH,F
    Marilyn Dosen           546-1883 all

  The Book Fair Committee would like to send a Special Thanks to all the volunteers and participants who helped make
  the August 2009 mini book fair such a success. We made $1194.42 in sales on that night. This total will combine with
  the Spring Book fair (March 15, 2010 through March 19, 2010) total. Our appreciation goes out to Renee
  Boblick, Angie Bradley, Ann Cooper, Ellen Kramer, and Laura Sonntag for helping thoughout the Book Fair.

  Thanks again,

  The Book Fair Committee, Nuvia Martin, Marianne Pilat, Lori Samhric

                                    Central School Opening Survey Results are IN!

Central School is continuously reevaluating programs, strategies and activities in place to be sure they meet
the needs of our families. We are also constantly brainstorming new ways to meet those needs. In Septem-
ber we surveyed our families to see if we are on the right track. The survey was to help us gauge how our
families felt about the opening experience so that we could reflect and make adjustments and/or improvements
for next year. We also wanted to be sure our families were aware of the many programs, strategies, and
activities that were offered or put into place to welcome students to Central. 627 surveys were sent home with
students and 214 were returned. Some good suggestions were offered that will be considered for next year.
There were also some very positive comments commending the helpfulness of staff and some of the specific
programs, strategies, and activities mentioned. While there were some concerns, they were few, as repre-
sented by the final tally results.

4th grade:
     1. How were yours and your child’s transition experiences to Central?
               82% Excellent          16% Satisfactory       2% Needs Improvement
     2. How was your child’s first day of school at Central?
               83% Excellent          17% Satisfactory       0% Needs Improvement
     3. How is school going for your child now?
               80% Excellent          18% Satisfactory       2% Needs Improvement

5th grade:
     1. How was your child’s “getting ready for 5th grade at Central” experience?
               74% Excellent          25% Satisfactory       1% Needs Improvement
     2. How was your child’s first day of school at Central?
               80% Excellent          20% Satisfactory       0% Needs Improvement
     3. How is school going for your child now?
               74% Excellent          26% Satisfactory        1% Needs Improvement.


                             It is not too late to ‘Bee’ a part of our Hive
                Join Central School PSO and help your child’s class win a pizza lunch

   Student name:          _______________________________ Teacher: _________________
                          _______________________________ Teacher: _________________
   Member Name (s) __________________________________
   Phone Number _______________________ Email ___________________________
   **___ please check here if you do not wish to be placed on the PSO distribution list
   TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED ($5.00 per member): $________________

                                                                                                      PAGE 7

   The following questions have been asked about why our schools are seeking a new 5.5 Mill Levy. A lot of
   misinformation has been printed lately about our schools. Here are the real answers to many of your questions.

   Q. Why can’t our schools live within their means?
   A. This is the way the State Legislature has decided to fund (or more accurately, fail to fund) school finances.
   It’s unfortunate, but Ohio Schools must ask their local residents to pass new levies for operating money just
   about every 3 to 4 years. When a levy is passed, the amount of money it brings in is basically flat-lined. The
   money from that levy never increases unless the voters actually approve an increase in the amount collected.

   Q. But wait, normally my house value has gone up significantly over time. The schools receive more tax
   money from me because of that same levy, right?
   A. No. House Bill 920 was passed in the late 1970’s, a period of high inflation. That law says if, for example,
   we collected $4,000,000 per year on a levy when it was first passed, the Schools never receive more than
   $4,000,000 from that levy. That’s true no matter how much our local housing values increase over time.

   Q. So how much will the 5.5 Mill levy cost me?
   A. $14.04 per month per each $100,000 of home value. That’s $168.44 a year, or less than 50¢ per day. For a
   $200,000 home, that’s less than $1.00 per day.

   Q. Why hasn’t the School Board tightened its belt already to make ends meet?
   A. They did. In April, they made almost $1.5 Million in cuts (a 3% budget reduction), and laid off 53
   employees (8.3% of the entire workforce). Between retirements and layoffs, we have 13 fewer teachers this
   school year than last year. The Board felt they had to make cuts on their own before ever coming to the voters
   for new money.

   Q. Maybe so, but won’t the School Board just reinstate all those cuts as soon as the levy passes?
   A. No. Only some of the individual school building operating budgets may be restored. Most of the jobs
   eliminated will never come back, unless the law requires it, or if needed for safety/health reasons.

   Q. But I heard the Schools had almost $13 Million in cash as of June 30, 2009. Why isn’t that enough to
   make ends meet?
   A. That’s fine for this year, but that’s not even half the story. Since the Schools’ levy revenues are basically
   flat-lined (because of House Bill 920), in the life of every levy for every Ohio school district, there comes a
   time when expenses continue to increase and exceed the revenue. We crossed that line last fiscal year. Based
   on the official 5/19/09 Projections on the Ohio Department of Education website, by June 30, 2010 we are only
   projected to have $7.3 Million in cash. That’s less than 2 months’ worth of operating expenses. And by
   June 30, 2011, we are projected to have just over $1 Million, less than 1/4 of 1 month’s operating expenses.
   That’s dangerously low, for a $53 Million projected annual operating budget. By 2012, we go deeply in the red.

Q. I don’t care about the Schools’ future money problems. Why don’t the schools just live on what they
have now, and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes?
A. If we ignored future costs and budgets, our Schools and communities would lurch from one financial crisis
to the next. That’s simply not prudent. The law requires a 5 year forecast be regularly updated and posted on
the school website. Our projections show the financial crisis is just 2 years away. Dealing with it now actually
costs the voters less taxes than if we ignore it.

Q. Some residents say the School Board should just impose an across-the-board wage cut, just like
private sector employers. Why hasn’t the School Board done that already?
A. Legally, the Board cannot simply impose wage changes on their own. All teachers and support staff are
represented by Unions. The labor contracts govern all wage issues. The law requires that wage changes be
negotiated between the Board and the Unions.

Q. But can’t one side just demand a change in the labor contracts?
A. LeBron James may be able to get away with that, but the law requires everyone else to have both sides
negotiate in good-faith about any wage changes.

Q. But there is an oversupply of teachers in Northeast Ohio. Why can’t we just pay low entry level
wages if the BBH Schools are such a desirable place to work?
A. Two reasons. First, we would violate both state and federal law, not to mention violating the contracts, if
we offer job openings at lower wages than the negotiated labor contract minimums. Second, we would not be
such a desirable work place for long once it became known we were bottom fishers willing to take just any
applicant desperate for a job. Yes, we currently attract hundreds of applications for each teaching job opening.
But out of all those applicants, only the very best meet our high standards.

Q. Why doesn't the School Board negotiate a new long term contract so the voters know what it will
A. There will always be that kind of “chicken-and-the-egg” situation. By law, the School Board can only
approve a labor contract if it knows how it can pay for it. Negotiations begin in January 2010 for the new
contracts. With the current projected finances, the most the Board can likely approve is a 1 year contract. And
then we will be right back where we are now.

Q. Won’t negotiating a tough new labor contract solve all the Schools’ financial problems?
A. No single solution generates enough money to solve the problem. First, it takes cuts, like the $1.5 Million
already slashed from the budget. Second, it will still take new levy revenue approved by the voters. Third, it
will require prudent and financially responsible negotiations of new labor contracts. None of these by
themselves is enough. But taken together, all of these steps will keep our school district financially sound.

                   For more information about Issue 104, please visit:

                                                                                                         PAGE 9
                              QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS NO. 2

     Questions have been asked about why our schools are seeking a new 5.5 Mill Levy. Some misinformation
     has been printed lately about our schools. Here are the real answers to many of your questions.

     Q: Who is watching the spending by our School District?
     A: The School Board has ultimate responsibility to watch the finances. They rely on the Treasurer/CFO
     and Superintendent to be extremely diligent in managing the finances. But ultimately, all responsibility
     lies with the School Board.
     Q: Didn t the voters just pass an operating levy?
     A: 2004 was the last time a new money operating levy was passed. The School Board promised that
     2004 levy would last for 4 years, but has stretched it to cover for 5 years.

     Q: If the School Board was really watching the finances, why wasn t the last levy enough?
     Even with expense cuts, this past fiscal year the District s expenses exceeded its revenues. That same
     thing happens at some point in the normal course of every operating levy in every school district in Ohio.
     Most Ohio schools need to seek new operating money levies just about every 3 or 4 years.

     Q: But why come to us in the middle of a recession?
     A. The School District already cut almost $1.5 million in expenses before ever coming to the voters.
     53 employees (8.3% of the workforce) were laid off. A delay will bring more layoffs and really start to
     damage the District s award winning programs. That will hurt the future of our Communities children.

     Q. What happens if we just delay passing the levy until 2010?
     A. The November levy will cost $336.88/year (less than $1.00 per day) for a $200,000 home. But if our
     communities wait until 2010, the cost could increase to more than $470 per year to produce the same tax
     dollars over the same time period. That s because the millage will need to be increased, and the tax
     collections will be delayed an additional year.
     Q: I read that the Strongsville Schools are forming a group of community members to study their
     finances and make recommendations. Why don t we do that?
     A. We did, starting more than 7 years ago. It s called the Financial Activities Communication Team.
     FACT is comprised of community members with financial backgrounds, including accountants, bankers
     and financial industry specialists. FACT regularly reviews the School District finances with the
     Treasurer/CFO, and annually reports to the School Board.
     Q. But has the School Board really listened to FACT?
     A. Many FACT recommendations have been implemented. These include a) refinancing the Bonds for
     the new High School, which saved our voters millions of dollars, b) making our cafeterias financially self
     supporting, c) implementing personnel reductions prior to going to the ballot, and d) going to the ballot.
     While not every FACT recommendation has been possible, their involvement and guidance has saved our
     School District and our voters millions of dollars.

                         For more information about Issue 104, see



 We began the year in science studying the tools and skills of inquiry, and the scientific method. Inquiry in science is the
 idea that we ask questions and then try to answer them. To help answer our questions we use tools like a hand lens,
 microscope, or balance. We also studied and applied scientific inquiry skills such as classifying, using numbers, and
 determining patterns and sequences. Students completed their first experiments following the scientific method.
 Central's halls and rooms were filled with zooming cars in the name of scientific inquiry! We are beginning to study
 weather. This includes weather causes and instruments, the water cycle, and weather predictions and measurements.


In Accelerated Language Arts, 4th grade students are working in our Word Wisdom program which includes a study of the
meanings and usage of vocabulary words focusing on Latin roots and stems. We are also working on a grammar unit of
finding complete and simple subjects and predicates and direct objects within sentences. For our first literary piece, we
are reading together and identifying the elements of fiction within The Teacher’s Funeral by Richard Peck. This is an
exciting, humorous look at life in rural America in the early 1900’s.

                  SOCIAL STUDIES

In social studies, the fourth graders have been learning about Ohio’s geographical features and how glaciers shaped the
land. The fourth graders continue to learn about the people who inhabited the land that we live on today. The students will
study the Prehistoric Indian groups and Historic Indian groups and the cultural practices each group lived by. These groups
will set the stage as the students eagerly await learning about the conflicts involved in creating the history of Ohio.

MUSIC – Mrs. Wenstrup

The strings and band programs are in full swing. Students have their assigned instruments and schedules. Watch for the
fourth grade string concerts to begin in January! The fifth grade strings and band will be having their concerts in February.

All students attend general music class one day each week. Both grade levels are concentrating on good singing, singing
in harmony, and playing the xylophones. The elements of melody, rhythm, harmony, and form will be explored this first
quarter. The fourth grade students have studied the composer Bach while the fifth graders have had to handle "Handel".
There will be one music worksheet and one music quiz per semester. Also, a "Talent Day" is coming up in November.
Students can choose to perform for the class as a solo, with groups, or be an audience participant!

I look forward to a great year with our great students!

COMPUTER LABS – Mrs. Berge and Mrs. Eiben

We are in the testing mode in our computer labs. All of the students have been assessed in math and are looking forward
to taking the language arts assessment test during the week of October 12th.

The labs were opened with directed assignments, allowing the student to become comfortable with the language used in
the program and the variety of ways of inputting answers. When we were satisfied that all students had sufficient exposure
to the different aspects of the Orchard software, we assigned and proctored the math assessment test last week. We will
review the scores and assign only those skills which the majority of students had difficulties. A re-testing will take place in
late January. We will also design a language arts curriculum based on the results of that assessment test.

As in years past, coupons for free sessions are distributed for birthdays and extra special performance in language arts,
math, typing, and science.

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 The accelerated math students recently completed a unit of study on Number Theory. Topics investigated were…
 *Arrays to represent products and quotients
 *Factors & Factorization
 *Tests for Divisibility
 *Prime and Composite Numbers
 *Square Numbers and Square Roots
 *Review of Basic Multiplication Facts
 *Problem Solving
 Students are currently studying a unit of study on Estimation and Computation.
 Topics being investigated are…
 *Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication of Whole Numbers and Decimals
 *Addition and Subtraction Number Stories
 *Estimating Products
 *Lattice Method of Multiplication
 *Comparing Large Numbers (Millions, Billions, Trillions)
 *Problem Solving


 All fourth graders have completed units in place value, rounding, and addition and subtraction with regrouping. This
 review of previously taught skills is going to be a great foundation in which to build upon the rest of the year. We
 are moving ahead to practice and apply higher level multiplication and division skills. As we work with these fourth
 grade standards, mastery of basic multiplication facts is a must. Home practice is always beneficial.

                         LANGUAGE ARTS
 In Language Arts, the fourth graders have been sharpening their reading and writing skills. In reading, students have
 focused on answering comprehension questions, making story predictions, and understanding the elements of a story. In
 writing, students are focusing on complete sentences, proper end marks, and identifying subjects and predicates.

 The fourth graders will become "word detectives" as they determine meanings of words using prefixes, suffixes, synonyms,
 antonyms and homonyms. Students will continue to be engaged in writing formal and informal letters using the correct
 letter format. Students will use the writing process to create final writing pieces.

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LRC – Mr. Butler

Welcome to the Central School Library Resource Center (LRC). The LRC is the information hub of our school providing
books, magazines, and information for our students and staff. Students come to the LRC once or twice per week. During their
weekly visits classes will learn a host of library skills such as finding books in fiction and nonfiction as well as how to use our
online catalog and reference materials.

Another primary focus of the LRC program revolves around technology projects designed to blend classroom curriculum with
state media and technology standards. These projects include word processing, graphing with spreadsheets, and presentations
created in Power Point and on web pages.

After learning about the organization of the LRC, all 4th grade students complete an activity that requires them to locate a
variety of books on the shelves in both fiction and non-fiction. A portion of this activity involved using our online catalog (Cat Jr.)
to locate books. A major goal for the 4th grade will be for all students to be able to efficiently use this online catalog to identify
whether the books that they desire are available in our collection. This will be a skill that is practiced throughout the remainder
of 4th grade. Cat Jr. can be accessed from home by visiting our Central School web page at and
going to the Media Center link.

In 5th Grade students are required to find a great deal of information. Learning how to find and evaluate credible information from
a variety of sources is a major goal in the LRC. An excellent online resource is INFOhio, ( a state funded
subscription database that includes many different tools to find information. All students will be instructed in the use of
INFOhio and complete lessons that require them to explore numerous links and locate information. When using INFOhio from
home a username and password are required to enter. Bookmarks with the username and password will be distributed
all students in the LRC during the first quarter. Please encourage your children to use this outstanding site from home.

One important component of INFOhio that is heavily promoted in the LRC is World Book Online. This reference tool includes
an excellent encyclopedia, a comprehensive world atlas, and the user a friendly student dictionary. Students at both grade
levels are using the atlas feature in October to complete lessons that coordinate media and technology standards with
classroom geography lessons. Please encourage your children to take advantage of this wonderful, age appropriate resource
when looking for information at home.

Trivia Question: What national holiday was celebrated by all public school students in the United States on or around
September 17th? Your son or daughter should be able to tell you that the holiday was Constitution Day! Formerly known as I
Am an American Day and then Citizenship Day, Constitution Day was created to aid in developing an awareness of the
importance of the U.S. Constitution in the lives of all citizens. All students at both grade levels participated in lessons
designed to provide a basic understanding of why this historical document is so vitally important to all of us. Parents of 5th
grade students: Ask your child which amendment they identified in the Bill of Rights as the most important. Number 1
received the most votes but Amendments 2, 8, and 9 received many votes as well.

Several years ago Mr. Butler’s Book Blog was created. ( The purpose of this blog was to
introduce our students to Web 2.0, the new generation of web pages that allow users to comment on posts created by other
users. On Mr. Butler’s Book Blog students are encouraged to read each others comments and create their own. Parents:
Please consider posting your own blog comments in the Parent Book Review category. Most parents have a favorite book
from their own childhood or a great book that they’ve read with their son or daughter. Just click on the Comment link under
the introductory article and blog away! Our students would love to hear from you.

Overdue Books: As we near the end of the first quarter, some students have not returned their library books on time and now
have overdue books. The overdue book notification policy at Central is as follows:

    •   Students are allowed to borrow books for two weeks. After the two week period expires, books not returned are
        overdue and further borrowing privileges are suspended.
    •   As soon as a book is overdue, students are given a printed reminder that the book is overdue and are asked to
        return the item as soon as possible.
    •   Two weeks after a book is overdue, another printed reminder is presented to the child and they are again verbally
    •   Three weeks after a book is overdue, a third printed reminder is presented to the child and they are again verbally
    •   Four weeks after a book is overdue, a letter is sent home to the parents identifying the missing item and the cost of
    •   After the item is returned or replaced, full borrowing privileges are restored.

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          H1N1 -
          Many in the community are concerned about the new H1N1 virus or Swine Flu. Our district
          policy concerning communicable diseases is in alignment with the recommendations from the
          CDC and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. The best advice to avoid catching or spreading
          influenza is also the same advice that is given for all diseases. Here are some basic suggestions:
              • First, hand washing is the most important aspect of staying healthy and preventing the
                  spread of disease. Soap and water are the best option. If soap and water are not
                  available, hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol are also effective.
              • Stay home if you are sick, for at least 24 hours after you no longer have a fever without
                  the use of fever reducing medication. Parents are encouraged to check their child each
                  morning for signs of illness before sending them to school. Keep them home if they have
                  signs of emerging illness or a fever.
              • Remember to use good respiratory etiquette, cough/sneeze into a tissue if possible
                  (discarding it immediately) or into your shoulder or upper arm.
              • When calling the school to report your child’s absence, please inform the staff member of
                  the reason for the absence. The Cuyahoga County Board of Health is tracking the
                  progression of influenza and this information will help this process.
              • You are encouraged to think ahead of who might care for your child in the event that they
                  are ill and unable to attend school or are sent home ill from school.
              • Consider having you and your child immunized for both the seasonal and H1N1

          Symptoms of influenza are: fever of 100 or greater, headache, fatigue, cough, sore throat, runny
          or stuffy nose, body aches, diarrhea and vomiting (more common in children than adults). If the
          only symptom is vomiting or diarrhea, it is not influenza.

          When treating the symptoms, remember that many cold medications have Tylenol or Advil like
          ingredients in them. If they do contain one of these ingredients, do not give additional Tylenol
          or Advil to your child.

          If you suspect your child may have influenza or any virus, including chicken pox, do not give
          them aspirin or products containing aspirin. This may lead to a condition called Reyes
          Syndrome. Check the label of all over the counter drugs for the words aspirin or salicylates. Do
          not use aspirin or products containing aspirin for children 19 years or younger. Refer to the
          Reyes Syndrome website for more information and a list of products containing aspirin,

          The best source of current and accurate information concerning H1N1 can be found on the CDC
          website ( Go to the home page and there you will find links to provide you with
          an extensive amount of information. Local information can be found on the Cuyahoga Board of
          Health website (; again go to the home page and click on H1N1.

          Use good hygiene and stay home if you are sick!!

          Lisa Witzke RN Health Care Coordinator

                                        INTO THE HIVE....

Kathy Ramage                            A   Europe. Being married to an       A   Summer – I can be outside
Administrative                              architect, I can appreciate old       golfing and biking
Assistant                                   architecture.
                                                                              Q If you could go anywhere in the
Q What is your                          Q Best advice you could ever give?      world, Where would it be?
  middle name?
                                        A   Each day is a blessing…be         A   Australia
A   Lynn                                    grateful!
                                                                              Q Best advice you could ever give?
Q What is your favorite ice cream?
                                        Dana Lambacher,                       A   Life is what you make it!

A Cappuchino Heath Bar Blizzard         Asst. Principal

                                        Q What is your
Q What was your favorite subject in                                           Beverly Chambers,
                                          middle name?
  school?                                                                     Prinipal
                                        A   Jane
A   English                                                                   Q What is your
                                        Q What is your favorite ice cream?      middle name?
Q What is your least favorite
  vegetable?                                                                  A   May
                                        A   Graeters Raspberry chocolate
A Asparagus                                                                   Q What is your favorite ice
                                        Q What was your favorite subject in     cream?
Q When is your bedtime?                   school?
                                                                              A   My current favorite is pralines
A   11:30 p.m.                          A   math/science                          and cream…YUM!

Q Do you play any sports?                                                     Q What was your favorite subject
                                        Q What is your least favorite
                                          vegetable?                            in school?
A   No
                                        A   Brussel sprouts                   A   I loved Math! I still love to
Q Do you play any musical
                                                                                  problem solve in Math…it is
                                        Q When is your bedtime?                   always a challenge!

A   No
                                        A   10:00 pm                          Q What is your least favorite
Q What is your favorite Season?
                                        Q Do you play any sports?
                                                                              A   As is the case with many
                                        A   Ski, golf, bike                       individuals, I do not especially
A   Winter. I love watching the
                                                                                  enjoy spinach.
    snow fall in front of a crackling   Q Do you play any musical
    fire.                                 instruments?                        Q When is your bedtime?
Q If you could go anywhere in the
                                        A   piano – but not very well!
  world, Where would it be?
                                        Q What is your favorite Season?

                                                                                                          PAGE 15
                                          INTO THE HIVE....

  A   I am not a late person, so I       A   Marie                             Paula Herzak,
      typically will “hit the hay” by                                          Secretary
      9:30 or so during the work         Q What is your favorite ice cream?
      week.                                                                    Q What is your
                                         A   Mint Chocolate Chip                 middle name?
  Q Do you play any sports?
                                         Q What was your favorite subject in   A   Sue
  A   I love to walk and I play tennis     school?
      as well. I enjoy watching                                                Q What is your favorite ice
      football and tennis on TV, too!    A   English                             cream?

  Q Do you play any musical              Q What is your least favorite         A   Banana
    instruments?                           vegetable?
                                                                               Q What was your favorite subject
  A   I play the piano and actually      A   None – I love veggies!              in school?
      played the clarinet when I was
      in elementary school.              Q When is your bedtime?               A   Health

  Q What is your favorite Season?
                                         A   Never the same, usually around    Q What is your least favorite
                                             11:00 p.m.                          vegetable?

  A   My favorite season is definitely   Q Do you play any sports?             A   Spinach
      summer. I love being outdoors,
      the long days, the warm            A   No                                Q When is your bedtime?
      weather, and vacations!
                                         Q Do you play any musical             A   About 11:30
  Q If you could go anywhere in the        instruments?
    world, Where would it be?                                                  Q Do you play any sports?
                                         A   No
  A   I have wanted to travel to Paris                                         A   No
      for quite some time now. I         Q What is your favorite Season?
      would love to see all of the         Why?                                Q Do you play any musical
      things that I have seen in                                                 instruments?
      books, like the Eiffel Tower!      A   Spring – I love the temperature
                                             and how pretty everything looks. A    No
  Q Best advice you could ever give?
                                         Q If you could go anywhere in the     Q What is your favorite Season?
  A   Honesty is the best policy.          world, Where would it be?             Why?

                                         A   On a trip anywhere with a beach A     Spring. It’s a prelude to
                                             with my family.                       summer, and I love seeing the
  Cheryl Carcioppollo,                                                             trees and plants come to life
  Educational                            Q Best advice you could ever give?
                                         A   Treat others as you would like    Q If you could go anywhere in the
                                             to be treated.                      world, Where would it be?
  Q What is your middle name?

                                            INTO THE HIVE....

A   I’d go just about anywhere given    A   I played the clarinet in middle     Q When is your bedtime?
    the chance!                             school, first chair
                                                                                A   I try to go to bed around
Q Best advice you could ever give?      Q What is your favorite Season?             10:00, sometimes even earlier.
A   When you can go to bed at night                                             Q Do you play any sports?
    and say it was an ‘uneventful’  A       summer—I love the long days
    day, be thankful because you            and nights filled with kids’        A   I like to run, and I’m trying to
    never know what the day ahead           baseball                                learn to golf.
    will hold for you.
                                    Q       If you could go anywhere in the     Q Do you play any musical
                                            world, Where would it be?             instruments?

Denise Schwertle,                       A   Italy, the mountains…stay           A   I don’t play any instruments.
Guidance Counselor                          indefinitely
                                                                                Q What is your favorite Season?
Q What is your                          Q Best advice you could ever give?        Why?
  middle name?
                                        A   Remember you get back what          A   It’s hard to pick one. I like
A   like so many others, Marie              you give….                              being able to experience all of
Q What is your favorite ice cream?
                                        Mandy Bornhorst,                        Q If you could go anywhere in the
                                        Title I                                   world, Where would it be?
A   anything with peanut butter and
    chunks of chocolate
                                        Q What is your                          A   I would go back to Italy. I
                                          middle name?                              really enjoyed it there.
Q What was your favorite subject in
  school?                                                                       Q Best advice you could ever give?
                                        A   Lee
A   history                                                                     A   Don’t sweat the small stuff.
                                        Q What is your favorite ice cream?
Q What is your least favorite
  vegetable?                            A   I really like Handel’s ice cream.
                                            Cookies and cream may be my
A brussel sprouts                           favorite.
Q When is your bedtime?
                                        Q What was your favorite subject in
A   as early as I can make                school?
    it….sometimes even before my
    kids are home from hockey           A   I liked all the subjects, but
                                            math and reading were my
Q Do you play any sports?                   favorite.

A   I run, it clears the cobwebs out!   Q What is your least favorite
Q Do you play any musical
  instruments?                          A   I don’t care for brussel sprouts
                                            or peas.

                                                                                                          PAGE 17

 Boston Mills Ski Resort - Saturdays - 6-10 pm.
 Sponsored by Central School’s PSO in cooperation with Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort.

 Who Can Join?
 BBH Central Students and their immediate family members can join. Friends of BBH Central students can join
 provided all materials are sent via Central School student. Participants must be 8 years old by 1/1/10.

 When Does it Start? The 2009/2010 program starts Saturday, January 9, 2010.

 What does the Program Include?

  1.       The first five sessions/Saturdays of the program - Admission to Boston Mills from 6-10 pm.
  2.       Lessons for Ski, Snowblade, Intermed. or Advanced Snowboard. There will also be 4 beginner snowboard
           stations. Participants can spend an unlimited amount of time at stations. Progress at your own rate!
  3.       Week 6 or February 9th, whichever is later, school tags become admission to Boston Mills or Brandywine all
           day Saturday. These will be all day Saturday lift tickets until they close for the season.
  4.       Freebie Passcard (see below)
           Please note: The BBH Central School Ski Club does NOT provide transportation to the ski resorts.

 Tell me more about the Freebie Passcard!
  1.       Freebie Passcard is valid for 3 Admissions to Boston Mills, Brandywine or Polar Blast.
  2.       Can be used by anyone, any day, any time of day & all day, including holiday break. The ski club member
                                   MUST be present to redeem freebie pass.
  3.       Can also be used for Snowtubing at Polar Blast located next to Brandywine. Please note: snowtubing
           sessions are 3 hours, not full day passes.

  How much does this cost?
  1.   For anyone without a 2009-2010 BMBW Season/Summit Pass:
           If you own your equipment = $127  If you need rental equipment = $175
  2.       For anyone with a 2009-2010 BMBW Season/Summit Pass:
           If you own your equipment = $65

       •Complete and promptly return the Registration/Sign Up Brochure Request Slip below.
       •You will then receive a Registration/Sign Up Brochure via kid mail.
       •You are NOT a registered Ski Club participant until the requested Registration/Sign Up Brochure
        is completed in its entirety, accurately and is returned with payment.
 * REGISTRATION                RETURN DEADLINE – Wednesday, 11/11/09
 Ski Club Advisor: Laura Sonntag (440) 237-4467/(440) 476-3146 cell or

 Request Slip for a Registration/Sign Up Brochure - You are NOT registered by submitting this slip
 Student Name_____________________________ Home Phone (                 ) ________________
 Grade ______ Homeroom Teacher _______________________________________________
 Parent Name _________________________ Email _________________________________
 Number of Brochures Needed (Request one brochure for EACH participant) _______________

 DETACH & PROMPTLY RETURN TO YOUR HOMEROOM TEACHER<<<< Teachers, please forward to Ski Club
 Advisor, Central School Office >>>
   It’s Time to Sell November Desserts & Win a $20, $15 or $10
                     Market Day Gift Certificate
All customers who order 3 or more “Bonus Days Desserts” will be entered in a drawing to win one of three
gift certificates.


                  PICK UP DATE FOR ALL ORDERS IS: TUES., NOVEMBER 10TH, 3:00-5:30 P.M.


Please help us reach our goal to sell over 500 Pies or Cheesecakes so that PSO will receive the highest
profit tier. Thank you for supporting our schools through your Market Day purchases.
                                                  (Cut here)

                           Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. In
                           the spirit of the holiday, we are collecting
                           donations to give apple & pumpkin pies to
                                     the Cleveland Food Bank

Please consider donating a pie and/or a slice of pie.

Name: ______________________ Phone: ____________

Amount enclosed:
  Pie $10: _______                                       Slice of pie $2.00:______
                                                      (Donations for slices will be combined to purchase pies)

Return this completed form and cash or a check made payable to “MARKET
DAY”. Return to your school by Nov. 5th in an envelope marked “PIE DONATION -
- MARKET DAY”. Any pie you donate will count towards your purchases to be
entered into the gift certificate drawing; however, it will not count towards the
free coffee offer.

                                                                                                        PAGE 19
                                   Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School PSO’s
                                                      Production of

                          Music and Lyrics by Sammy Fain and Bob Hilliard, Oliver
                           Wallace and Cy Coban, Allie Wrubel and Ray Gilbert,
                               Mack David, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston

                                  Music Adapted and Arranged and Additional
                                    Music and Lyrics by Bryan Louiselle

                           Book Adapted and Additional Lyrics by David Simpatico

                             Based on the 1951 Disney film "Alice in Wonderland"
                            and the novels "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland"
                              and "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll

                                         TICKET ORDER FORM
                                         (ALL TICKETS ARE OPEN SEATING)

 NAME:____________________________________PHONE: ___________________________________

 ADDRESS:__________________________________CITY/ZIPCODE_______________                                         _

                                                                # STUDENTS        # CHILDREN           Total $
    PERFORMANCE DATE               # ADULTS      # SENIORS      (grades 1-12)    (preschool/K)        Enclosed
                                    @ $7.00        @ $5.00         @ $5.00          @ $2.00
   Friday Nov.13th, 7:30pm
   Saturday Nov.14th, 7:30pm

          Please fill out the ticket order form completely and mail it with a self addressed stamped envelope to:

                                   BBHMS Alice in Wonderland Jr. Tickets
                                              c/o Brenda Foster
                                10055 Glen Hollow Court, Brecksville, OH 44141
                             If you have any questions, please call Brenda at (440) 773-1603.

  Disney's Alice in Wonderland Jr. is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
          authorized performance materials are also supplied by:MTI, 421 West 54 Street, New York, NY 10019
                            Phone: 212-541-4684 Fax: 212-397-4684
           Gr       St ent
  F if t h G ra d e S t u d ent s

                E DAT ES!
       SAV E TH     ON...
           MIN G SO
                     AUDITIONS: JANUARY 6th & 7th, 2010

PRACTICE DATES: FEBRUARY 9th,10th,17th-19th, 2010


              SHOW DATE: FEBRUARY 26TH, 2010

   Registration forms due at office October 30, 2009!

               ircus of o
                          ur                        talen
             C                                 best ms!
                  Stars!                    Our rfor
                               Special G

                                                             PAGE 21
                Join the Central School Book

          Central School’s PSO is excited to offer an after school book discussion group. The Book Club will
          challenge students in an interesting and engaging manner. We have chosen four books from
          different genres that are contemporary and stimulating. Students will have a full month to read
          the assigned book. The student will need to spend time at home reading and thinking about the
          assigned book. The meetings will be enjoyable, with lively conversations! We will enjoy a small
          snack, book discussion and an activity pertaining to that month’s selection. The books and dates are
          below. We will meet from 3:15-4:45 in the Central School cafeteria.

          Informational Meeting                                  Thursday, Nov. 5th (3:15-4:15pm)

          Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett                       discussed on Thursday, Dec. 3rd

          The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman                      discussed on Thursday, Jan. 14th

          Kids will vote for this month’s book                   discussed on Thursday, Feb. 18th

          The Tale of Despereaux by Timothy Basil Ering          discussed on Tuesday, March 16th

          The Book Club is free to join. Students are responsible for supplying their own books. If your child
          is interested in joining the Club, please fill out the form below and return it to the school office by
          October 19, 2009. Place the form in an envelope marked “Central School Book Club.” If you have
          any questions call Sue Dalesio at 440 746-0131 or Jenny Gee at 440 526-8149.

          Thanks and Happy Reading!

          Please return by October 19th

          ______ Yes, I want to join the Central School Book Club. I plan to attend the meetings.



          Grade____________________ Phone____________________________

          Email______________________________ this is how we would like to communicate with your child

          Parent Name______________________________________ Willing to help out? Y/N

                 Please invite your favorite
             older adult neighbors or relatives
              to a special event just for them.
Friday, October 23                                     9:00 am - 1:30 pm

  Senior Citizen Wellness Day
                                                The cities of Brecksville and
9:00—9:30       Continental Breakfast           Broadview Heights Human
                                              Services Departments along with
9:30—10:00      Welcome Presentation
                                                      C.A.P.A Present:
10:00—11:00     Angelo & A.J. Petitti
                Petitti Garden Center
                Entrepreneur / Owner
                Petitti Garden Centers
                                                The 12th Annual
11:00—11:15     Break                          Senior Wellness Day
11:15—11:45     Ron Seballos                      The City of Brecksville
                Owner, Seballos Bakery
11:45—12:30     Cheryl Wilson
                                                 Human Services Center
                Artist/Instructor                  2 Community Drive
                SeniorzArt                       Brecksville, Ohio 44141
11:00—12:30     Ongoing Wellness Activities
                                                 Reservations Required
                Create Your Own Window                   Contact:
                Garden, Cleveland Botanical
                Gardens                             Ted Lux, Brecksville
Sign-up         Mini Chair Massages               Human Services Director
                by Lisa Cooper LMT                Phone: (440) 526 –2499
12:30—1:30      Lunch                            Amy Washabaugh, Director
                                                     Broadview Heights
Entertainment provided by the Brecksville-            Human Services
Broadview Heights High School Men’s Choir          Phone: (440) 526-4685

                                                                            PAGE 23
                                             to all that became Central PSO Members

  Roberta Bosley                Lori Reagan                    Mary Kay Beduhn
  Caryn Cody                    Charlene Kovacs                Linda Carney
  Rick & Kathy Golem            Chaoxia Gu                     Ling-Tai Jang-Chen
  Sharon Means                  Karim & Connie Lopez           Suzanne Kuhn
  Julie Seballos                Joshua & Grace Kim             Monica Shaheen
  Wendy Norris                  Debbie Razek                   Mariya Yamaletdzinau
  Dina Packard                  Laurie Restifo                 Kelly Palucki
  Marianne Pilat                Trisha Lyons                   Lynn & George Holobinko
  Jan Omacht                    Barbara Toman                  Natalie Tilk
  Karen Kassel                  Jill McMahon                   Valerie Kerekanich
  Evette Gearhart               Zhuo Meng & Yan Zhuang         Carol Monaco & Glenn Hibben
  Bernadette Pejic              Jennifer Evans                 Laura Bronstrup
  Carrie and Robert Hotaling    Leah Livermore                 Diane Habranek
  Paula & Greg Wradisky         Dacia & Gary Pitzer            Beth Parker
  Janice Schenk                 Mary Grace & Jim Dimitrijevs   Anka Majstorovic
  Lori Jakel                    Jennie Hickin                  Rose & Tony Blanc
  Tracy & David Doubler         Kelly & Keith Horter           Jina Demeo
  Michael & Jacqueline Ross     Andrea Sherry                  Lisa Putka
  Caron & Lou Wargo             Lios Zakelj                    George & Jenny Gee
  Mary Dolansky                 Lisa Mreimeier                 Michelle Shively
  Himali & Narayanan Raghavan   Gina Cronauer                  Holly Hasman
  Rose Jenkins                  Eric & Stacey Clifford         Jan Holcovic
  Cheryl Perez                  Michele Mihalich               Ellen & John Kramer
  Kate Foulkes                  Ann Sandvick                   Mary Ann Krusinski
  Stacey Stefan                 Larry & Juliana Bowen          Zhuo Meng & Yan Zhuang
  Janelle Bilek                 Claudia Griesme                Ann Marie & Dave Williams
  Werner & Laura Sonntag        Julien Lyden                   Kathleen Deuch
  Tricia Oswald                 Mary Sullivan                  Maria Camperchioli
  Lauri & Richard Toohey        Theresa Lawton                 Maria & Chris Hartland
  Debbie Insana                 Jim & Rebecca Carroll          Joyce Barchet
  Alicia DeSantis               Audrey Yuknavich               Nikki Kasmarcak
  Monica Eakin                  Hee Ja Lee                     Karen & John Graham
  Anna Marie Arsena-Armstrong   Cathy Trump                    Christine Mingus
  Heidi Ewing                   JoAnn Farwell                  Julie Manley
  Jackie Tuckerman              Sheila Newman                  Christine Hudacek
  Diane Kurrass                 Beth D’Anna                    Kim Traum
  Dan & Pat Jacobs              Ayesha Erfan                   Anne Cooper
  Kate & Steve Churchin         Aurelia Mino                   Jim and Evie Boulas
  Pam & Keith Knerem            Carrie & Robert Hotaling       Ruth Georgevich
  Jennifer Roush                Kathleen Deegan                Dena Moeritz
  Cindy Klaus                   Geff & Janis Gioia             John & Meri Halupnik
  Laurie Schlikman              Amy Ritchie                    Trina Galauner
  Georgia Jakovyevic            Heather Morabito               Alicia DeSAntis
  Jill Page                     Theresa Sternad                Liz Nassif
  Elizabeth Luther              Angie & Brandon Bradley        Janet DiBaggio
  Linda LaMarca                 Lori Zabak                     Tina Urbnowicz
  Marguerite Greenlee           Mary Paciorek                  Julie Ziebro-Latarski
  Kelly Eberflus                Linda Begley                   Kim Johnson
  Scott & Jennifer Schneider    Tammy & Matt Finn              Jayne Drown
  Anne Robakowski               Bob & Heidi Lemerise           Beth O’Donell
  Kelly Boczulak                Mary Baltas                    Sherry Cooper
  Lisa Petersen                 Ingrid Bryan                   Patrice Studniarz
  Du/Jessica Agostine           Mimi Whitney                   Debbie Burkhart
  Amy Sowers                    Dianne Remington               Rosario Clifford
  Lisa Geringer                 Darlene & Jerry Kinney         Dana Rees
  Pam & Brian Root              Barb DelRoso                   Renee & John Boblick

Salim & Rima Julien                       Joanne Kaminski                           Gretchen DeLuca
Susan Vidovic                             Barbara Diver                             Terri & Dave Speck
Heidi Munson                              Toni Straziuso                            Marilyn Dosen
Erika Nagy                                Tim & Kathy Chambers                      Luna Tabba
Jennifer Spears                           Sandy Lesesky                             Tracey Szczesniak-Fernberg
Dawn Matejka                              Chris & Stacy Cook                        Arleene Wiedlund
Jean & Stan Pajka                         Theresa Fallon                            Suzanne Orlando
Melissa Rohrer                            Carrie Rini & Douglas Foor                Lisa Wong
Laurie Milicia                            Joey Glassco                              Beth Tupa
Nancy Gammato                             Jill Sheplavy                             Michelle & Scott Williamson
David & Nuvia Martin                      Lisa Romito                               Mike & Lidia Dobronos
Andrea Diedrick                           Marissa Wilk                              Kelly Livingston
Arminda Boyne                             Mary Brumbaugh                            Sue Ryan
Kate & Steve Churchin                     Jill Sheplavy                             Cathy Castro
Tim & Cindy Riley                         Salim & Rima Julien                       Rosemary Farag
Sue Tyler                                 Kathy Bazil                               Gosha & Derek Madej
Daniel Kang                               Wendy Mau                                 Karen & Terry Mitchell
Cheryl Priest                             Stacey & John Asimou                      Hamida Merchant
Lidia Hooke                               Kim Angle                                 Paula Gilbride
Nicole Telzsow                            Sue & Tony Dalesio                        Kathleen Drinko
Eric and Stacey Clifford                  Leah Corbo                                Sandy Gordon
Bonnie Green                              Candice Beaver                            Patricia Hedrick
Jayne Pandy                               Patty Steer                               Kim Eastman
Leigh Hall                                Irene & Matthew Boehlefeld                Dawn Allen
Shayne Jablonski                          Barb Johnson                              John & Connie Popielarczyk
Robin Kulik                               Michael & Nikki Topoly                    Ruth Perozeni
Mary LaPlante                             Carol Nixon                               Jennie Zheng
Meena Humchad                             Bill & Ginny Kubiak                       Lottie Kraguljac
Vera Matic                                Sharon Potoczak                           Debbie Brooks
Melanie Ropchock                          Mr. Jan & Suzanne Sorige                  Shelly Frederick
Laura Robusto                             Melinda Fazioli                           Jeff Marlow
Laura Bouchahine                          Linda Richardson                          Sara Good
Melissa & Russ Kocher                     Mike & Monica Boyko                       Brenda Foster
Mike Pakert                               Kylie Hulten                              Cheri Lydel
Kaitlin Blamble                           Dena Wilson                               Schwertle family
Bruce & Lynne Wilson                      Shizuka Masaki                            Tina Nelson
Christina & Michael Chase                 Cheryl Carcioppolo                        Padmaja Maroju
Julie O’Donnell                           Rob & Lisa Hager

                                               Respect and Connect Week
was a smashing success at Central this year. Celebrated from September 28 – October 2, students followed guidance
lessons that encouraged them to respect each other and make connections with new people. Did you see the yellow
wristbands? Monday and Tuesday, all students pledged to use the SAFE strategies when handling any conflicts at school
with thumbprints. Don’t know what those are? Your student can fill you in. Wednesday and Thursday students looked at
photos of people who appear very different from them and were asked to make possible connections to themselves. If
you find this confusing, take a look at the bulletin board outside the cafeteria in the main hallway for winning examples.
Friday was Mix It Up at lunch day, a big favorite at Central.

          The following week, 30 prizes were awarded to those who made the best connections. PSO funding made the
goodie-filled water bottles possible, and special thanks go to Star Sports for donating Bees pencils to help fill our bottles.
Mrs. Schwertle, Mrs. Wiesler, Sue Dalesio and Ann Marie Williams planned the exciting week. Warm bee thanks go out
to all our volunteers who made all the lunch time activities run so smoothly: Debbie Brooks, Kathy Chambers, Deanne
Giordano, Melissa Kocher, Erika Nagy, Darlene Perelka, Dacia Pitzer, and Michelle Williamson.

                                                                                                                      PAGE 25

                              2009 - 2010 Membership Drive
                              Join us to enrich the education of our children

     Imagine being able to touch the lives of thousands of students.
     You can do just that by becoming a member of the Brecksville-
     Broadview Heights Schools Foundation. Over the past year, members
     and contributors provided funding for enrichment grants to teachers
     for innovative programs that reached more than 2,000 students. They
     also helped us award $23,000 in scholarships to graduating high school
     seniors to help make their dreams of a college education a reality. You
     are invited to join now or renew your membership. Just fill out the
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     In addition to the membership program, the Foundation offers
     memorial funds to keep the memory of a loved one alive while
     enriching the education of our students. If you have any questions
     about this fund, or any aspect of the Schools Foundation, please
     call 440-740-4785.
                                                                                   Six of the 42 Schools Foundation 2009 scholarship recipients.

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