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A cover letter is a letter of introduction to an employer, which is used to formally submit a
resume for employer review. The purposely of the cover letter is to identify your intent to
"apply for" or "seek out" a specific position within a company. It also formally presents yourself
as available for a job position or range of positions within a company.

Most importantly, the cover letter is an opportunity to quickly introduce yourself and grab the
employers attention. Like the resume, it is another chance to market yourself to the hiring
manager, promoting them to read your resume and ultimately grant a job interview.

A cover letter is a critical part of the job search process. It allows you the first opportunity to
gain some interest from the employer. In our research, we have yet to find one career or
resume writing professional that doesn't recommend sending a cover letter with every resume
that you submit.

As you review the cover letter examples below, you will find that cover letters can be written in
various styles and formats. Choosing a style or format may depend on a number of factors
related to the utilization of the cover letter. For example, you may use a cover letter in different
situations, such as:

       Applying for a position in response to a job advertisement or online job posting

       Submitting the cover letter after being referred from a colleague

       Sending your resume cold to employer that you know hires people in your field and

       Using a cover letter to introduce your resume for an internal position

Each of these styles generally includes different types of information. You will use a different
introduction on each of them. In internal cover letters, it's wise to explain that you currently
work for the organization. When submitting a cover letter for a referral you may want to explain
who you are being referred from.

In the next post you will know how to format cover letter . . follow us .

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