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CR 03 07 2009 internet EN


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									                          BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                             3 July 2009 – 11.00 AM

Admissions – Members
       Three new members were admitted in June. As at 3 July, TPA counts 244 members.


   TPA professors lectured in 19 different schools or universities in June.
   We were also in touch with:
          - École Centrale de Paris, setting up an “Energies” course
          - École Centrale de Lyon, reviewing TPA courses in 2008-2009 and preparing
          academic year 2009-2010.

TPA delivered 175 half-days of courses from April to June 2009 (compared to a total of
269 half-days from April to August 2008).


   Europe
       - The TPA office in Belgium (in Féluy) is up and running. Jacques Legrand is at the
       - We have been in touch with several universities in the UK and Russia discussing
           courses in 2009-2010.
       - We are preparing the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers
           (EAGE) Student Tour, involving 48 conferences in European countries by 6 Total
           ot TPA professors.

   Americas:
      - We are preparing courses for Brazil and Canada in 2009-2010.
      - We have run courses in Venezuela (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de
          Administraction-IESA and Universidad Central de Venezuela-UCV), and are
          preparing the programme for 2009-2010, which should essentially focus on UCV.

   Asia:
       - We ran three weeks of courses in May and June, in Malaysia, Thailand and
          Vietnam respectively.
       - We are preparing our programme for 2009-2010 in Cambodia, China, India,
          Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

   Middle East:
       - Courses for Iraq and Iran, preparing programmes for 2009-2010.
       - Preparing programmes for Yemen for 2009-2010.
   Africa
       - Preparing 2009-2010 courses in South Africa, Benin, Libya, Congo and Burkina-
       - Cameroon: 8 weeks of courses at the ISTAC Douala in June, preparing the
           programmes for 2009-2010.

Recap: we ran 134 weeks of courses outside France from September to June 2009, i.e. 65%
more than the 81 weeks in the previous academic period.

The increase should be 73% over the full academic year (through end-July 2009).

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