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					Galena Park ISD
Technology Plan
      Raquel Britton
       EDLD 5362
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Challenges of technology in
“The challenge for our education
system is to leverage the
learning sciences and modern
technology to create engaging,
relevant, and personalized
learning experiences for all
learners that mirror students’
daily lives and the reality of their
futures” (Shimabukuro, 2010,
para 3).
National Technology Plan
               National Education
              Technology Plan 2010


   To apply the advanced technologies used in everyday life to our education
   The plan presents recommendations for states, districts, and the federal
   There are five essential components:

                1. Learning                           Engage and empower

                2. Assessment                         Measure what matters

                3. Teaching                           Prepare and connect

                4. Infrastructure                     Access and enable

                5. Productivity                       Redesign and transform
    New for the National Education
       Technology Plan 2010
New recommendations of the 2010 plan include:

   Adequate broadband and wireless access inside and outside of
   At least one Internet-enabled device for every student and
    educator -- at home and at school
   Use of Creative Commons and open licenses in course content
    and support for OpenCourseWare endeavors
   Research and development into the use of gaming, simulations,
    and virtual worlds for instruction and assessment
   Encouragement of cloud computing for school districts, freeing
    local IT resources for other purposes
   Development of computerized assessment tools that are both
    adaptive -- that is, respond to student's own input -- and
   Changes to FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act)
    to open access to student data and enable better data portability
    for student and financial records
   Changes to CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) to open
    access to the Internet and rethink how filtering works in schools

Texas Long Range Plan 2006-2020

 “Addressing the needs of education in
 Texas and planting the seeds for a secure
 future” (Texas Education Agency, 2010).

 Four recommendations to help realize the
 vision of the plan by 2020:

 1. Teaching and learning
 2. Educator preparation and development
 3. Leadership, administration and instructional support
 4. Infrastructure for technology
Galena Park ISD Technology Plan

            District Profile

Number of campuses             22
Total student enrollment       21,150
Percent Econ. Disadvantaged    81.00%
Galena Park ISD Technology Plan
Technology Expenditures                                             $2,362,149.00

Technology budgets reported in     Teaching and Learning              $426,430.29
plan by category
                                   Educator Preparation and
                                   Development Budget                $382,364.82

                                   Leadership, Administration and
                                   Support Budget                      $81,196.08

                                   Infrastructure for Technology
                                   Budget                           $1,472,157.81

Technology Expenditure per pupil                                         $111.69
Galena Park ISD Technology Plan

         Executive Summary

Galena Park Independent School District’s
Long Range Plan for Technology includes all
aspects for the use of technology in GPISD for
the next three years. The goals and objectives,
as well as the mission and vision for
technology, are aligned with those established
by the Board of Trustees and reflect the
Graduate Profile and the District Improvement
     Galena Park ISD Technology Plan

                    Existing conditions
Telecommunications Services
    All campuses, support and administrative offices are interconnected
    through gigabit fiber optic backbone using lines leased from Comcast.
    Classrooms and offices are connected to the Wide Area Network (WAN)
    and the internet.
    Every campus has file servers running on Novell 6.x or better and is
    backed up regularly and connected to UPS. District’s goal is to make
    available Windows XP, or better, workstations for each classroom, setup
    data projector for multimedia applications, internet display, modeling and
    software introduction and use.
    All campuses have multiple types of productivity software for both students
    and staff.
    Galena Park ISD Technology Plan
       Technology Recommendations
   Implement a planned renewal of technology so that every
    computer is no more than four years old.
   Maintain current software licenses and to upgrade licenses as
   Provide a data projector in every classroom.
   Increase the number of interactive boards/tablets at each
   Meet the increasing demands of user for network, hardware and
    software resources.
   Changing hardware standards – DVDs rather than VCRs, and
    data projectors and interactive boards rather than overhead
   Upgrading Circulation and Library computers should be replaced
    every three years.
   Increase Windows workstations in elementary and secondary
              Galena Park
           Technology Mission
    The technology mission of GPISD is to integrate
    technology in a way that the educational program for all
    children in the district will:

   Encourage problem-solving, exploration and learning in
    the classroom
   Provide student-centered learning
   Provide access to technology for all students and staff
   Provide for both current and future needs
   Restructure the learning environment
   Encourage communication
   Complement current key teaching strategies
   Implement a comprehensive information system
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