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October 27, 2010

Governance and Administration

   The Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™) leadership and project staff met today with the
    Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) to continue to define parameters for possible GBCI
    management of SITES project certification and professional accreditation. ASLA also hosted a
    meeting of the SITES Executive Committee on Sunday. Agenda items included the long-term
    governance of SITES and the timeline and options for completing the pilot project phase, launching
    open project certification, and revising the 2009 guidelines and rating system based on experience
    with the pilot projects.

   On Sunday and Monday, ASLA hosted the third annual business meeting of the National
    Academy of Environmental Design (NAED). Modeled after the congressionally chartered National
    Academies of Science and Engineering, NAED’s mission is to “provide the leadership and expertise
    required to accomplish complex research projects on issues such as climate change, resource
    depletion, and energy security.” Participants started with a reception on Sunday evening, which
    included a green roof tour. Jim Palmer, FASLA, serves as ASLA’s representative on the NAED.
    Fritz Steiner, FASLA, is NAED chair-elect.

   At the Rail~Volution conference in Portland, OR, on October 19, President Jon Mueller, FASLA,
    participated in a panel discussion on the challenge of creating livable cities. Mueller’s fellow
    panelists were the presidents of the American Institute of Architects and the American Planning
    Association. Mueller also visited with the ASLA Oregon Chapter.

   Committee chair orientation conference calls, led by VPs Richard Hawks, FASLA, Stephanie
    Landregan, FASLA, and Mark Focht, FASLA, were held last week.

   EVP Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA, met with Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF)
    Executive Director Barbara Deutsch, ASLA, last Friday to discuss the ASLA-LAF Memorandum of
    Understanding, 2011 ASLA and LAF meeting dates, cross representation, and related issues. A
    follow-up meeting with program staff will be scheduled in November.

   Last Wednesday evening, EVP Somerville attended a briefing given by Federal Environmental
    Executive Michelle Moore and the GSA Senior Sustainability Officer Stephen Leeds on progress
    made since President Obama issued his Executive Order on Sustainability one year ago.

   Staff are working on a draft member survey to solicit input on membership qualifications issues
    under discussion by the Executive Committee and Board. The timeline calls for release of the survey
    at the beginning of December.

Government Affairs

   Last week, the Department of Transportation announced that it will distribute nearly $600 million to
    75 infrastructure projects that will create sustainable and livable communities around the country. The
    second round of the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grants
    will go to 42 construction projects and 33 planning projects in 40 states. The grants are designed to
    help communities encourage more sustainable forms of transportation, such as transit, bicycling, and
    walking. Nearly $28 million of these grants will be used to implement localized plans that ultimately
    lead to projects that integrate transportation, housing, and economic development. Please let
    ASLA’s Government Affairs team know if you or chapter members are working on projects
    using TIGER grants or leveraging any other federal resources. We are developing a list of
    projects to aid our federal advocacy efforts.

    ASLA Leaders E-Express …
   The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is awarding nearly $100 million in
    new grants to support more livable and sustainable communities across the country. HUD Secretary
    Shaun Donovan announced that 45 regional areas will receive funding through HUD’s new
    Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program. The program will support development
    and execution of regional plans that integrate affordable housing with neighboring retail and business
    development (click here for list of grantees). ASLA’s Government Affairs team would like to hear
    from any members working on projects using Sustainable Communities Regional Planning
    Grants or other federal resources.

   Legislative Analyst Kevin O’Hara attended the Atlantic Monthly 2010 Green Intelligence Forum.
    The conference featured White House Senior Policy Advisor Melody Barnes and John Holdren,
    Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology, and Governors Bill Ritter of Colorado
    and Jennifer Granholm of Michigan. ASLA staff were especially interested in panels focused on
    clean water and sustainable transportation.

   Staff attended a strategy meeting with key House and Senate staff on the Urban Revitalization
    and Livable Communities Act (URLC). ASLA has been working closely with congressional staff to
    move this bill along and are working with Senate staff on possibly including portions of the bill in the
    Livable Communities Act during a potential upcoming lame duck session.

   ASLA signed onto a Cultural Resources Preservation Coalition letter in support of the Land and
    Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). LWCF funding is important for the purchase of in-holdings and
    edge holdings for conservation lands protecting historic and cultural resources in addition to wildlife
    habitat and waters.

Landscape Architecture Magazine

   The November issue of LAM focuses on several major new parks and public spaces in New
    York City. The issue also includes—thanks in large part to the instrumental help of Government
    Affairs staff—a profile of Rep. Albio Sires (D-New Jersey) by the writer Jane Margolies. The article
    describes the congressman’s motivations for introducing the Urban Revitalization and Livable
    Communities Act (H.R. 3734), a key piece of legislation for ASLA members that would help fund
    urban parks and recreation areas through grants made by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban

   The redesign of LAM is proceeding toward its January debut. A new cover prototype by the
    design consultants at Design Army has been approved by the magazine staff and was
    enthusiastically received by the LAM Editorial Advisory Committee. With the cover design
    established, design work is now proceeding on the inside of the magazine.

Public Relations and Communications

   Staff sent an alert to all chapter presidents and their PR chairs asking them each to designate a
    Public Awareness champion to attend the 2011 summit and act as the local point person for the
    planned campaign. These representatives will serve a minimum of two years. Chapters have been
    requested to name a point person other than their currently serving chapter officers so that the
    individuals can dedicate their full attention to this effort. The exception is chapters that have
    designated PR and communications officers, who are eligible to serve this role. Chapter leaders,
    please respond with your designated representative’s name and contact information to PR
    Director Terry Poltrack.

   The Washington Post feature from the ASLA annual meeting has been syndicated by the
    Associated Press to other newspapers around the country. Some recent examples of the article

    ASLA Leaders E-Express …
    appear in the Raleigh, North Carolina, News Observer, and The Day, and the Bulletin in Bend,

   ASLA continues to promote the Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes website. The first
    two new animation videos—“From Industrial Wasteland to Community Park” and “Leveraging the
    Landscape to Manage Water”—have been viewed nearly 2,000 times on YouTube and Vimeo since
    their launch. Three more are in the works, to be completed by year end.

   Staff prepared news releases on the third-quarter Business Quarterly. The BQ closed October 22,
    and findings are encouraging, though improved business conditions are not yet translating into new

   Recent coverage of ASLA has appeared in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and the Oregonian in
    Portland, and a SITES project was written up in the Fall River, Massachusetts, Herald News. In
    addition, Architect magazine, which becomes the official magazine of the AIA in January, ran
    an extensive feature on the rising significance of landscape architecture.

   The ASLA Green Roof was added to LAF’s Landscape Performance Series as a case history.

   New to ASLA Video Channel: highlights from the 2010 ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO. View the
    video on YouTube here.

   Staff conducted an interview with Michael Van Valkenburgh, FASLA. ArchNewsNow featured the
    interview, as did Places/Design Observer Group, Planetizen, and Landscape+Urbanism.

   Staff also conducted an interview with Diane Dale, FASLA, Director of Community Design for
    William McDonough + Partners. Sustainable Cities Collective featured the post.

   The Dirt is now a guest author on the blog of, the top conservation website.
    Mongabay has featured a number of articles, most recently How Can You Put a Price on Air and Who
    Would Buy It?

   The Climate Himalaya Initiative featured the Dirt post on Tibetan glacier melt.

   The website content management system underwent a long-needed upgrade and is
    currently being debugged. Issues, though, are on the backend and invisible to users.

Publishing and Resource Development

   Contract sales for LAM now total 94 percent of the 2010 annual sales goal, with the January
    2011 issue sales still underway. In terms of dollar value, this is 10 percent ahead of the same week of
    2009. Contract sales are well underway for 2011, which is also helping drive end-of-year sales
    toward the goal. The January issue will feature the debut of the new LAM design and include a
    Residential Furnishings Directory and product profiles on residential furniture. The issue will be
    distributed at the National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show (attendance
    60,000+) meeting in January in Orlando.

   EXPO 2011 sales are up to 51 percent of the annual budget goal. In terms of dollar value, this is
    14 percent ahead of sales for the same period of 2009.

   Planning for the ASLA 2011 Annual Meeting and EXPO will officially begin with a volunteer kick-off
    meeting/reception with the San Diego Chapter next Wednesday evening at the Hilton Bayfront San
    Diego. The 2011 Host Chapter Co-Chairs are Glen Schmidt, FASLA, and Joe Esposito, ASLA.
    To date, 70 members have signed up to attend and more are expected. The Annual Meeting

    ASLA Leaders E-Express …
    Education Advisory Committee will meet next Friday and will be chaired by President Jonathan
    Mueller, FASLA.

Member and Chapter Services

   Recent chapter visits include President-Elect Susan Hatchell, FASLA, at the New York Upstate
    Chapter, where she provided a state of the profession address to 45 guests at their awards banquet.
    LAM Editor Brad McKee was the keynote at the Colorado Chapter meeting, where 75 attendees
    heard him present on the new direction of the magazine.

   ASLA’s current membership stands at 16,198 (see breakdown).

                  CATEGORY                   TOTAL
                  Affiliate                      710
                  Associate                    1,501
                  Corporate                      168
                  Full Member                  9,960
                  Full-Fellow                    664
                  Honorary                       127
                  International                  182
                  Student Affiliate              435
                  Student                      2,451

   The Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) hosted its first conference call on October 13.
    The EPC discussed plans for 2011 and brainstormed on ideas about engaging faculty.

   The Welcome to ASLA email was sent to the 80 new members and the Thank You for Renewing
    email was sent to the 507 renewing members processed the weeks of 10/4/10 – 10/23/10.

   Last week, the September Chapter Deposit and Rebate reports were sent out to the chapter
    presidents, treasurers, and executive directors.

   Also, the 2010-2011 student chapter presidents (at 62 schools) were emailed a list of student
    leadership resources, including the student chapter bylaws and guidelines, student rosters, and
    membership leaflets.

   The Member Services Committee (MSC) hosted a conference call on October 18. The MSC
    planned its review of the international membership criteria and discussed its role in the full
    membership/licensure review.

   Database maintenance included: adding a new product to iMIS (2010 Salary Survey) and posting
    the product for online sale, and updating all information tables in active staff Access databases to
    reflect the student chapter changes (a new online report is being developed for chapter and
    student chapters to access student chapter reports online).

    ASLA Leaders E-Express …
Professional Practice

   The 2010 ASLA National Salary and Business Indicators Surveys are available via online
    subscription. The surveys are discounted to members for $150 and priced at $300 for

   The PPN chairs orientation conference calls have been scheduled for Tuesday, November 2,
    3:00-4:00 pm EDT, and Thursday, November 4, 3:00-4:00 pm EDT. The call-in number is 1-866-279-
    5424; PIN 435177# (Alternate call-in number: 1-719-884-4649).

   The ASLA Professional Practice Committee (PPC) met via conference call yesterday. Daniel Tal,
    ASLA, provided an overview via an online web presentation of current 3D modeling and rendering
    technologies and how they relate to landscape architecture. Tal talked about methods for education
    and other resources that can be used by professionals to learn these programs. PPC members are
    reviewing the technologies and applications presented and staff is exploring the possibility of discount
    pricing for members.

Deadlines and Reminders

   The 2011 midyear meeting dates have been set for May 18-21 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington,
    DC. The basic schedule has been added to the Leadership Calendar.

   Chapters are encouraged to submit their LAND Chapter Chat items (e.g. events, partnerships,
    accolades, etc) to ASLA Public Relations Manager Jim Lapides; e-mail,

   The Leadership Calendar can be accessed on the web.


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