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					Chabot College                                                                                  Fall 2004

                                      Course Outline for Nursing 74
                                       THE NURSING CARE PLAN

Catalog Description:

        Nursing 74 - The Nursing Care Plan                                                          1 unit

        Introduction to the components of the nursing process: assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning,
        implementation, and evaluation with clinical applications of Roy’s adaptation framework for
        nursing as modified by Chabot College nursing facility. Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in
        nursing program. 2 hours, 9 weeks.
        [Typical contact hours: 18]

Prerequisite Skills:


Expected Outcomes for Students:

        Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:

        1.       correctly articulate the values and purposes of the nursing process;
        2.       correctly articulate the values and purposes for a conceptual framework in a nursing
        3.       describe techniques for identifying and writing care plan components – nursing diagnosis,
                 goals, nursing orders, and evaluation;
        4.       write a diagnostic statement, outcome criteria and nursing orders for a selected client;
        5.       describe the key concepts of the theoretical framework selected by Chabot College
                 Nursing Program as the basis for nursing process;
        6.       identify behaviors and responses according to physiological mode, role function mode,
                 self-concept mode, and interdependence mode;
        7.       list at least two concepts related to Evidence Based Nursing.

Course Content:

        1.       Values and purposes of the nursing process
        2.       Introduction to the nursing process
        3.       Relationship of nursing process to the nursing care plan
        4.       Values and purposes of a conceptual framework in a nursing curriculum
        5.       Introduction to adaptation of Roy’s framework for nursing:
                 a.       physiological mode
                 b.       self-concept mode
                 c.       role performance mode
                 d.       interdependence mode
        6.       Clinical application/care planning, documentation
        7.       Clinical application of adaptation of Roy’s framework for nursing

Methods of Presentation:

        1.       Lecture/discussion
        2.       Audio-visual aids
Chabot College
Course Outline for Nursing 74, page 2
Fall 2004

Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:

         1.       Typical Assignments
                  a.      Critical thinking exercises (in-class)
                  b.      Development of a nursing care plan (assessment and influencing stimuli) using
                          the modified Roy adaptation model

         2.       Methods of Evaluating Students
                  a.     Case study assignments (take home)
                  b.     Written tests
                  c.     Nursing care plan
                  d.     Written final exam

Textbook(s) (typical):
   Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: A Guide to Planning Care, Ackley and Ladwig, Mosby, 6 ed., 2003.
   The Nursing Process in Nursing Care: A Guide Book for Written Assignments, Chabot College
   Nursing Program, 7 ed., 2001.
   Fundamentals of Nursing, Potter and Perry, Mosby. 6 ed., 2003.

Special Student Materials:


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