Motifs in Macbeth: Analysis and Multimedia Presentation by bQ1Bs1q


									Motifs in Macbeth: Analysis and Multimedia Presentation
      You will trace the development of a motif through the play and analyze how it helps to develop
      character, theme and mood in the play. You will then create a multi-media presentation using
      PowerPoint and present your analysis to the class.

    supernatural elements                                 blood (including hand-washing)
    clothing                                              sight and blindness
    animal (especially birds)                             disease
    darkness                                              manliness/ gender roles
    sleep                                                 parenthood

   1. Work in groups of 3 to 4 students
   2. Use online concordance to find quotes relevant to your assigned motif
   3. Analyze the role your motif plays in each of the following areas.
          a. Mood / atmosphere
          b. Character- Focus should be primarily on Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
          c. Theme- you must identify at least one specific theme
   4. Create a PowerPoint presentation which incorporates the following elements
          a. Analysis summary: 1-2 slides which summarizes your analysis and the importance of
              your motif in terms of the development of mood, character, and theme.
          b. Supporting quotes: a minimum of 5 slides which give a supporting quote from the play
              and a more in depth analysis of its importance. You must include Act scene and line
          c. Hyperlinks: You must include hyperlinks connecting specific parts of your summary to
              relevant support slides.
          d. Audio and visual enhancements: every slide should include an audio and/or visual
              element(s) that compliments and enhances the print content of the slide. Consider using
              pictures, recorded voice, dramatic readings, music, sound effects, and video clips.
   5. Present your multimedia presentation to the class. All group members must participate
      meaningfully in the presentation. The presentation should be rehearsed and smoothly delivered
      in such a way as to engage and inform the audience.

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