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Merton’s Service for
Children with Hearing
Merton Service for Children with Hearing Impairment


     Children and young people with hearing impairment on the Merton
     database, some of whom may be identified in the first year of birth as a
     result of newborn hearing screening, will have varying degrees of
     hearing loss and some have additional educational needs.
     In order that they may remain at home within their local community,
     these children and young people will attend a variety of educational
     placements including local pre-school groups, nurseries, schools and
     local special schools. Occasionally they will attend out of borough
     specialist schools. Children are also visited in the home.
     All of these children have the right to appropriate audiological
     management by a qualified teacher of hearing impaired children who
     has knowledge skills and understanding of Audiology and who works
     as part of a multi agency team with health personnel and Audiology

Aims of the policy
      To ensure that children and young people in Merton have access to
     qualified teachers of hearing impaired children who will carry out
     appropriate Audio logical procedures, thus allowing access to the
     curriculum and the essential early development of communication

      To empower children, families and other professionals working with
     the child to understand and manage the impact of hearing impairment
     on the child's development.

      To ensure children and hearing impaired young people have access
     to and use fully functioning Audiological equipment suitable to their
Content and procedure
    To achieve the above, teachers of children with hearing impairment will
    work in a variety of ways to make best use of equipment and resources
    provided by the London Borough of Merton. They will carry out
    assessments and checking routines on equipment used by individuals,
    discuss and train parents and educational personnel and communicate
    and write reports to health personnel. Teachers of children with hearing
    impairment in Merton have a range of protocols and procedures. They

     Interpretation and explanation of audiometric data and results to
    educational personnel, parents and children.

     Regular subjective checking of amplification systems and
    knowledge of suitable equipment for particular children.

     Regular use of test box for checking the electro-acoustic
    characteristics of hearing instruments and balancing systems,
    interpreting and acting on findings.

     Management of hearing instruments and related equipment and
    encouraging child and family independence.

     Evaluation of amplification systems and functional use of hearing
    resources including speech discrimination and use of sound level

       Observation of responses to sounds including environmental.

     Gaining information from behavioral and objective hearing
    assessment depending on the developmental age of the child.

     Arrangement of the fitting of FM systems and environmental aids
    using the Merton guidelines on candidacy and maintenance.

       Evaluation of the child's acoustic environment.

     Liaison with and collaboration with the visiting technical support

     Keeping a supply of spare consumable items e.g. audio shoes,
    audio input leads.

       Keeping up to date with developments in Audiology.

     Sharing of information with other professionals and parents in order
    that multi agency work is effective and informed.
Training opportunities
      Teachers of children with hearing impairment attend local In-service
      Training (INSET) identified in individual Continuous Professional
      Development (CPD) forms. Attendance at training offered through
      Department for (Children Schools and Families) CFS, national
      initiatives, professional associations and Audiological manufacturers is

This policy contributes to the council's implementation of the
following legal and/or strategic frameworks:

- Merton's Children and Young People Plan -
- Every Child Matters: Change for children (2004)
- Children Act 2004.
- Merton's Corporate Equalities Scheme 2006-9.
- Aiming High for Disabled Children: Better support for families (2007)
- Disability Discrimination Act 1995 as amended in 2005, Disability Equality
Duty (2005)
- Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
- SEN Code of Practice 2001

Based on Quality Standards for the use of FM Systems NDCS 2008
Liz de Freitas Manager Sensory Team
Kaye Beeson Manager SEN and Inclusion Service

July 2009

To be reviewed 2012

For additional information or if you would like this document made
available in another language please contact Liz de Freitas 0208 545

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