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									                                                   1 - 3 - 6
                                           For Newborn Hearing
                                            Screening by one month
Why is it important to confirm               of age.
     hearing loss early?
                                            Diagnosis by three
For every 1,000 births, two to three
infants will have some degree of             months of age.
permanent hearing loss. Until recently,
those infants were not diagnosed until      Amplification selection             North Carolina
two to three years of age and usually in
                                             and early intervention
response to the concerns of a parent                                            Newborn Hearing
when the child did not develop speech        by six months of age.
and language. Even though a baby's                                              Screening Program
first words are not spoken until he/she
is 10-15 months old, the foundation of     Newborn Hearing Screening Program
speech and language begins at birth              Division of Public Health      Baby's Name:___________________
when a baby hears sounds and speech             1928 Mail Service Center
patterns.                                        Raleigh, NC 27699-1928         Date of Birth: __________________
                                                  Phone: 919-707-5631 or
Studies have shown that early                        1-866-431-7434             Results of Hearing Screening;
identification, fitting of amplification            Fax: 919-870-4881
and enrollment in early intervention       Email:    Your Baby Did Not Pass
programs before six months of age can       Web:       Follow-up Appointment:
be extremely important. The sooner a
hearing problem is found, the sooner
your baby can get the help he/she
needs to develop normal speech and
language skills.
  INITIAL SCREEN                                                             RESCREEN
What if my baby does not pass                What if my baby doesn't pass                             Next Steps
 the initial hearing screening?                    the rescreening?
                                                                                         If your child did not pass the
There can be a number of reasons that                                                    rescreen, an appointment for a
                                            A baby who doesn't pass the
your baby might not pass the first                                                       complete diagnostic audiological
                                            rescreening in both ears should be
hearing screening---ear infections,                                                      evaluation is indicated. The person
                                            referred to an audiologist who can do
fluid in the ear, a crying or active baby                                                doing the rescreen can help you set up
                                            an in-depth test to determine if a
that prevents the test from being                                                        that appointment. You have several
                                            hearing loss is present. Some babies
completed accurately, or the presence                                                    options, depending on the resources in
                                            will show that they have normal hearing
of hearing loss. If your baby does not                                                   your area--private audiologist, Ear,
                                            on this diagnostic test. If a hearing
pass, it means that your baby should                                                     Nose and Throat specialist, or the
                                            loss is present, the test can usually tell
have a rescreen within a month. Many                                                     regional Developmental Evaluation
                                            what type and how much hearing loss
babies will be found to have normal                                                      Center. Sometimes insurance
                                            there is. Again, for those few babies
hearing on a second screening.                                                           companies, especially HMO's, require
                                            who do have a problem, this early
                                            identification can be extremely              that such a referral be made by the
             Next Steps                     helpful. The earlier a hearing problem       child's primary care physician.
                                            is found, the better we can help the
If your child did not pass the initial                                                   A copy of the results of the rescreen
                                            baby develop the speech, language,
hearing screen, an appointment for a                                                     will be sent to the child's primary care
                                            cognitive and social skills that they
rescreen is the next step and the                                                        provider and to the Division of Public
person completing the first screen will                                                  Health Child Health Audiology
help you set a follow-up appointment.                                                    Consultant for the baby's county of
If an appointment for a rescreen was                                                     residence.
not set before you left the initial
screening or you need assistance in                                                      If an appointment for a rescreen was
rescheduling an appointment, please                                                      not set before you left the initial
call 1-866-431-7434.                                                                     screening or you need assistance in
                                                                                         rescheduling an appointment, please
                                                                                         call 1-866-431-7434.

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