Instructional Supervision Checklist

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					                           Jones County School District
                        Instructional Supervision Checklist
                Teacher                                                           Date
                Subject                                                           Grade
         Time of Observation                                       Drop in       Formal 
                Objectives Evident                                        Lesson Plans Reviewed

Dominant Teacher Activity:
Class Discussion                       Working w/ Individual(s)                   Leading in Group Center(s)
Question/Answer Session                Reading to Students                        Sitting at Desk
Demonstrating/Modeling                 Use of Manipulatives                       Positive Reinforcement
Administering Test                     Use of Audiovisual Equipment               Lecture
Whole Group Instruction                Proximity Utilized

Primary Student Activity:
Question/Answer Session                Reading (Silently/Orally)                  Taking Test
Taking Notes                           Individual Seat Work                       Technology in Use
Class Discussion                       Group Work                                 Instructional Games
Board Work                             Task-Oriented

High Quality Classroom Instruction and Management
   Yes     No   Does the room arrangement support effective instruction?
   Yes     No   Is the classroom climate built upon mutual respect?
   Yes     No   Does the teacher have clear procedural routines posted?
   Yes     No   Are the students on task and engaged?
   Yes     No   Are clear expectations and learning goals established and visible in the classroom?
   Yes     No   Is it evident that the various DOK levels and Bloom’s Taxonomy are being utilized?
   Yes     No   Is instructional time maximized for student success?
   Yes     No   Does the teacher use a variety of teaching strategies to individualize instruction based on students’ needs
                and tier placement?
   Yes     No   Is the teacher implementing scientifically-based research strategies?
   Yes     No   Is differentiated instruction evident?
   Yes     No   Are assessments varied and appropriate with meaningful feedback?
   Yes     No   Is classroom teaching reflective of curriculum map?

Cognitive Level:
 Knowledge  Comprehension              Application  Analysis           Synthesis      Evaluation

Depth of Knowledge Level:
 DOK 1        DOK 2            DOK 3           DOK 4


Teacher’s Signature                                                               Date

Principal’s Signature                                                             Date
                          (Three-Minute Walk Through and Tier I Documentation Form – 9/08)

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