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									An eye infection is usually a condition caused by bacteria or a virus.
While there are many different types of eye infections with different
causes and treatments, the most common is bacterial conjunctivitis. More
serious eye infections can penetrate the deeper, interior portions of the
eye to create sight-threatening conditions such as endophthalmitis. With
post-septal cellulitis, infection found in and around the soft tissue of
the eyelids represents an emergency because the condition can spread if
left untreated.      Eye infections can affect one or both eyes, and they
may occur at any age, though they are most common in children and young
adults. Some eye infections are highly contagious, and you must take care
not to infect other people, or even your other eye, if only one eye is
infected. In some cases, allergies or irritation can cause symptoms
similar to an eye infection. Additionally, eye allergies and eye
irritation and can make it easier for you to get an eye infection.

  Symptoms of an Eye Infection are chronic red eyes, persistent Itching,
flaking of the eye lids, discomfort of the eyes, blurred vision, watery
eyes, eye discharge, eye pain, swollen eyelids and many other symptoms as
well       How to Avoid Eye Infections      1) Wash your hands before and
after touching your eyes or face and before and after using medicine in
your eyes.       2) Do not share contact lens equipment, containers, or
solutions       3) Do not share eye medicine.      4) Do not share towels,
linens, pillows, or handkerchiefs. Use clean linens, towels, and
washcloths daily.       5) Wear safety glasses when working with
chemicals.       6) Avoid exposing your eyes to contaminated water.
7) Do not wear contact lenses until the infection is cured. Thoroughly
clean your contacts before wearing them again and replace your contact
lens case.       Eye infection may affect any of us any time. For the
treatment of eye infections there are various medicines in forms of
tablets and solutions. Vigamox is one of the medicine approved by Food
and Drug Administration for the treatment of bacterial eye infections.
Vigamox is the main ingredient of Vigamox medicine. Vigamox is a
prescription medicine. Vigamox is used for the treatment of bacterial eye
infection and to treat the condition of the eyes called conjunctivitis.
It treats the infections caused by susceptible organisms. It suppresses
protein synthesis causing bacterial cell death. Vigamox is available as
ophthalmic solution.       Precaution before taking Vigamox medicine
1) People allergic to Vigamox medicine or to its ingredients should not
use this medicine.       2) People on Vigamox medication being treated for
bacterial conjunctivitis should not wear contact lenses.       3) Vigamox
cannot treat fungal infections. It is used to treat only bacterial
infections.       4) The dropper of the bottle should not be touched to
avoid contamination.       5) People using this drug should avoid the use
of dangerous machinery and other hazardous activities.       6) Pregnant
and breastfeeding mother should not use this medicine without consulting
doctors or health care professional as use of this medicine by pregnant
and breastfeeding mother may ham the health of unborn baby or nursed
child.       Before taking Vigamox medication you should inform your
doctor or health acre professional if you are taking any prescription,
non prescription and herbal medicine. As it is a prescription medicine so
it should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Do not increase or
decrease the dose of the medicine on your own. The hands should be
properly washed before using the medicine. The head should be tilted a
little. The required amount of medicine should be squeezed out into the
affected eye without touching the dropper of the bottle to avoid
contamination. Keep all medicines away from the reach of the children and
pet.      Visit TruMedCanada.com which is a Canadian Online Pharmacy to
buy Vigamox and also know about the uses of Mirena IUD

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