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									We’re Connected!

     With Prudential Network Realty
     you are in business for yourself
           but not by yourself!
     We’re Connected!

              My Mission Statement
It is my mission to provide all members of the
       Mandarin / St. Johns Team with the
  appropriate support, guidance, training and
  education needed to excel in a career as a
    Real Estate Professional. Along with this
  dedication to agent success, I will provide a
   safe, organized and structured setting that
  will optimize the ability of our office to reach
the high standards and guiding principles that
     are associated with Prudential Network
  Realty. With a clear vision of our goals and
    expectations, I will also be committed to               Andy Fletcher
attracting high quality agents to join us on our          Broker / Manager
    quest to be a leader in our company and            Mandarin / St. Johns Office
                   market area.                      Certified Agent Trainer & Coach
The Strength of the Rock!

  98% Name recognition
Our Market Share is Global
 Broker Referral Network
 International Advertizing
   Your Learn Center and Career Development Resource
International Syndication of Listings and Optimization Tools
Global Positioning for Optimizing your Listings on Internet!
           Our Internet presence is unmatched!
  Automated online reports and e mail notifications that will
  help differentiate you from other agents and allow you to
communicate with your customers as often as you would like.
Locally Owned and Operated
         Since 1988

 Offices located throughout
      Northeast Florida

Premier Relocation Company
    In Northeast Florida

The local leader in technology
   and internet exposure
    We’re Connected!

  With Prudential Network
Realty you have 7 Offices you
        can call home!
 Each Broker / Manager is
eager to assist you with any
We’re Connected!
  Your Own                                                   Non Competing
Optimized Web                                                    Broker
                                                               Click to Talk
                                                              Buyers Tours
 Virtual Photo
     Tours                                                       Social
Instant Flyers
                                                               Training and
 Online Seller                                                  Education
                                                                For Only
Management                                                   $65 / month!

 Give your career the Agent Excelerator Advantage!
We have the technology and support that will make you more efficient and save
                    you a significant amount of money.
Client Management
    Made Easy!

Optimize yourself and your listings with your own complete Web Site.
PNR Virtual Tour
Your Listings will have its own Virtual Tour and Web Site.
Buyer's Tour
Great marketing tool to send agents, buyers and win listings.
Your brand and listings will be optimized with Enhanced
Gibraltar Mortgage and Title Services
are two keys players in your success.
   We’re Connected!

It’s time for you to Get Connected with:

       The Power of the Rock,
         Agent Excelerator,
     A Dedicated Support Team,
   Excelerator 90 Commission Plan

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