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                                        General Service Administration

      REPORTING REQUIREMENTS ........................................................................................ 2

      SIN ..................................................................................................................................... 3

      2.2 SIN 899-2: ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE SERVICES ....................................... 4
      2.3 SIN 899-8: REMEDIATION SERVICES....................................................................... 5

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                        General Services Administration
                         Contract No. GS-10F-0106P


Energy & Environmental Solutions, Inc. (EES) was incorporated in 1996, and has
staff with significant knowledge and experience to perform the environmental
services provided under this Contract. EES has completed hundreds of projects
for the DoD, DOE, industry, and other government clients and has a good
understanding of federal, state, and local regulations. Our reputation centers on
our responsiveness and the quality of work completed for our clients. We are
also recognized for our written and oral communication skills.
EES also has extensive experience in developing regulatory reviewed
documents for environmental projects completed at various DoD sites under
CERCLA, RCRA, and UST guidelines. Our staff has extensive experience and
knowledge from work performed under DoD remedial action contracts (RAC) for
the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) at CERCLA, non-NPL,
RCRA, and UST sites.
A partial list of projects completed by EES s staff, illustrating the diversity of our
knowledge and experience, is summarized below:

         Dozens of site assessments and investigations; remedial designs;
       removal actions
          Environmental impact statements
          Human health and ecological risk assessments
          Regulatory support negotiated with regulators, local municipality,
       developers, and legal counsel
          Development of feasibility studies (FS), engineering evaluations/cost
       analysis (EE/CA), action memorandums (AM), and record of decision
           Remediated and closed 50 former UST sites at Navy and Marine
       installations, which required working with regulators from the county and
       regional water boards
           Developed risk-based soil and groundwater remediation goals for a
       former UST site contaminated with fuel hydrocarbons and MTBE
             Provided risk assessment training (40 hours) to state UST
EES continually monitors changes to environmental law, policy, guidance, and
regulations to ensure the most current knowledge can be provided to our clients.

The following narrative provides detailed discussions of specific services
proposed under each SIN:

2.1   SIN 899-1: Environmental Planning Services and
Environmental Assessments and Impact Statements
The EES Team is experienced in conducting the environmental investigations
necessary for meeting National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) or other
regulatory requirements. EES has served as team leader in coordinating multi-
disciplinary resource efforts and in addressing our specific areas of expertise. We
have considerable expertise in conducting Environmental Baseline Studies
(EBS), assessing impacts, and developing Monitoring Programs for a variety of
clients, for example:

         Prepare Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact
      Statements (EIS)
         Prepare Human Health Risk Assessments (HHRA) and Ecological
      Risk Assessments
         Risk Based Corrective Actions (RBCA)
         Voluntary Action Program Assessments
         Conduct Site Investigations and Site Characterizations
         Develop Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP).
Environmental Baseline Surveys
EES has successfully completed Environmental Baseline Surveys, Phase I and II
Assessments, Site Investigations (SI), Preliminary Assessments (PA), and similar
activities for both commercial and Federal clients. Work was completed in
accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard D-
6008, Standard for Conducting Environmental Baseline Surveys; ASTM Standard
E-1527, Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I
Environmental Site Assessment Process; ASTM Standard E-1528, Standard
Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Transaction Screen Process;
Resolution Trust Corporation Environmental Guidelines and Procedures Manual;
and Environmental Surveys for Real Estate Transactions.
Natural, Cultural, and Historical Resource Studies
EES personnel specialize in the research, design, and coordination of solutions
to natural resource management use and in the development of Historical
Preservation Plans and Historical Land Use Profiles. EES personnel have
successfully completed:

            Phase I, II, and III Surveys
          Historical Land Use Profiles
          Technical Reports on Analysis
          Historical Resource Surveys.

2.2    SIN 899-2: Environmental Compliance Services
EES offers full-service compliance services, including demonstrated experience and
expertise in the following disciplines:

            Environmental Audits (Phase I and II)
           Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure Reports, Site Assessments (SA),
       Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) and Risk Assessments (RA)
            Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3s)
            Spill Prevention Controls and Countermeasures Plans (SPCCs)
            Air Permits, Water Permits (PTIs, FESOPS, PTOs)
            Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plans (RMP)
       and Training
            Hazardous Waste Permits; RCRA/Other Closures.

EES has actively assisted dozens of Federal, State and private organizations in
achieving compliance with environmental laws and regulations. We service many
organizations full compliance needs, as they are needed. In some cases this
might include completion of an air PTI, then an SPCC and then support for
addressing findings from a regulatory audit. We also provide training for your
internal staff and perform annual audits in all areas of compliance. EES has also
performed technical activities and analyses to assess evaluation results, manage
local programs, correct deficiencies, and conduct internal and external
In addition to ECAs, EES has performed technical activities to manage local
programs through the preparation of Corrective Action Management Plans
(CAMP), which summarize the investigative status of Hazardous, Toxic, and
Radioactive Waste (HTRW) sites and establish priorities reflected in
programmatic schedule and costs.
EES personnel are recognized leaders in providing Regulatory and Air
Management Services that meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Our Air
Quality Engineers and Scientists use their knowledge and understanding of the
regulatory climate, multiple engineering and scientific disciplines, and current
development in control technologies to help assess and solve the environmental
problems of our Government and industry clients.
The following are Air Quality Services routinely provided to our clients by the
EES Team:

      Environmental Compliance              EAs/EISs
      Audits                                 Continuous Emissions Monitoring
      Air Quality/Meteorological           (CEM) Certification
      Monitoring                      PTI/PTO/FESOP/TITLE V
    Training Seminars Air Toxic      Permitting
   Analysis/Risk Assessment Indoor    Regulatory Applicability Reviews
   Air Quality (IAQ)
                                      Compliance/Performance
    Control Equipment                Emission Testing Odor Assessments
   Cost/Benefit Evaluation Analysis
                                      Emission Inventories
    Control Equipment Feasibility
   Assessment                         Emergency/Accidental Release
                                      SARA TITLE III Submittals.

EES has specially trained teams of compliance experts in conducting compliance
audits for clients. The staff members have provided litigation support and expert
testimony on a wide variety of issues ranging from complaints to the technical
and economic feasibility of emission controls and the health effects associated
with air toxic emissions.

2.3     SIN 899-8: Remediation Services
EES offers a full complement of remedial environmental services ranging from
the evaluation and cleanup of petroleum contaminated sites to those with EPA
hazardous wastes or DoD ordinance-related wastes.
Assessments / Investigations
Examples of the types of assessment/investigations completed by EES include:

            Site Assessments; Site Characterization; Site Remediation; RCRA
        Facility Assessment
          Remedial Action Plans, Remedial designs; CERCLA Removal Actions;
        and Risk Assessments
            Design, install, and operation of remediation systems including
        bioventing, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, natural attenuation, pump
        and treat and soil excavations
           Soil and groundwater sampling; installation of groundwater monitoring
         Long term monitoring/long term operation (LTM/LTO) or remediation
         Remediation of lead-contaminated soil berms at small-arms ranges
           Design, setup, and operation of facilities equipment used for
      processing and demilitarizing inert practice munitions from small arms,
      test, and training ranges
         Provide support in developing marketing plans and marketing
      demilitarized practice ordnance and munitions
        Provide support in removal of inert ordnance and munitions from small
      arms ranges, test ranges, and training ranges.
Provide support in removal of inert ordnance & munitions from small arms
ranges, test ranges, and training ranges.
EES has completed dozens of solid and hazardous waste investigations/
plans/studies/analyses for public clients. In addition, EES has conducted similar
activities where CERCLA, SARA, and UST regulations and applicable state and
local regulations were involved for both Federal and industrial clients. These
projects included the preparation of studies, plans, and miscellaneous reports
addressing environmental engineering issues. Representative types of
investigations include:

         Environmental Assessments, Inspections, and Investigations
         Air Emissions Permitting and Management
         Feasibility Studies/Corrective Measures Studies
         Waste Investigations, Studies, Removal Actions
         Environmental Compliance Support
         Remedial Action/Corrective Measures Implementation
         Underground Storage Tank Remediation
         Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal
         Biological, Ecological, Toxicological, Archaeological, and Related
      Studies for Project Planning
         Pollution Prevention
         Environmental Preliminary Assessments
         Remedial Investigations/RCRA Facility Investigations
         Engineering Evaluations/Cost Analysis
         Public Health Evaluations/Risk Assessments.
Remedial Action
EES has exceptional and diverse expertise managing Hazardous Materials and
Hazardous Wastes, Investigating Hazardous Waste Sites, and performing
Remedial Actions.
EES has been instrumental in developing Remedial Alternatives, RDs and Site
closures for many Hazardous Waste Sites. Personnel at the firm are integrally
familiar with conventional and innovative Remedial Technologies, as well as the
procedures used to evaluate and select remedial options. EES personnel are
familiar with and have performed Remedial Actions using various treatment
technologies including Thermal, Biological, Chemical, and Physical processes
and other various Treatment Trains.
EES has performed numerous projects throughout the country where traditional
and innovative methods were employed for on-site control and containment of
the source of contamination at the HTRW sites and to remediate the conditions
and restrict migration of containments off-site. The following remedial actions
represent some of the on-site methods employed by EES for source control and

      Sludge Stabilization                    UST Closure in place
      Vapor Extraction and Treatment          Institutional Controls
      Passive Gas Vents                        Groundwater Remediation
                                               through Pump/Treat/Re-Injection
      Leachate Collection and On-Site
                                               Containment Wall and Recovery
      Impermeable Cap Installation
      Solids Separation, Coagulation/
                                                Groundwater and Product
     Flocculation, and Powdered
                                               Interceptor Trench Systems
     Activated Carbon Additions
                                               Surface Runoff Control,
      Bioremediation
                                               Collection, and Treatment.
      Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorption
                                               Skimming Systems for Product
      Bentonite/Soil Slurry Wall              Recovery
                                                Air Stripping and Activated
                                               carbon Groundwater Treatment

One of the more innovative methods for on-site source control and remediation
has included In-Situ Catalyzed Peroxide Oxidation.
Removal Action
EES will coordinate removal actions for contaminated soils and groundwater at
sites including, but not limited to, on-site/off-site treatment, transportation, and
disposal of Hazardous Waste.
Long-Term Monitoring
EES has extensive experience in performing LTM activities at sites where
remedial actions have been taken and the effectiveness of these actions is
monitored on a specified basis. While EES has extensive experience in LTM
activities, through the application of our process engineering expertise, we have
been successful in reducing LTO and moving sites to closure.
Long-Term Operation under CERCLA, RCRA and other Regulations
EES personnel have been involved in both Short-Term and Long-Term Operation
& Maintenance of project facilities dedicated to remediation activities on sites for
many years. This involvement has covered the entire spectrum of site
remediation from initial SIs to actual O&M of Recovery and Treatment Systems.
In addition, the EES Team has performed modeling tasks to delineate the extent
of contamination and placement of the Recovery and Treatment system.
Demolition and Debris Removal
EES has extensive expertise and past experience in the demolition of
contaminated facilities, Underground Storage Tanks, and process facilities
involving petroleum, lead-based paint, PCB's, Mercury, and explosives. EES has
coordinated/performed emergency demolition and removal actions of asbestos
contaminated equipment, obtained emergency waivers, surveyed, removed, and
demolished many facilities. EES staff have constructed site facilities, which
required       later    demolition      and      debris     removal      wash
down/stockpile/decontamination pads, covered shelters, security fencing,
equipment staging and maintenance areas, drum storage areas, storage tank
containment cells, drying beds, and a broad spectrum of fuel recovery and
disposal systems.

3.0   Pricing 2004 EES Labor Rates
Direct Labor Rates Fully Loaded Firm Fixed Price (SIN 899-1, 899-2 and 899-8).

         BASE PERIOD                                     Year 2004
         Labor Category                                  Hourly Rates
         Senior Project Engineer/Manager/Principal           $225.00
         Senior Project Engineer/Scientist                   $135.00
         Certified Industrial Hygienist                      $103.50
         Project Manager                                     $ 90.00
         Quality Control Coordinator                         $ 81.00
         Contract Manager                                    $ 81.00
         Engineer/Scientist/Hydro-geologist                  $ 76.50
         Geologist                                           $ 63.00
         Chemist                                             $ 63.00
Technician                             $ 58.50
Graphics/Draftsman                     $ 54.00
Editor                                 $ 40.50
Secretarial/Administrative Assistant   $ 36.00

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