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					                             The Road to Revolution

Your Assignment: You will use historical imagination and research to write a book for
children. Your book will tell the story of the Road to the American Revolution.

Deadline: Tuesday Sep. 29


 Your book must have a cover with a title, picture and author’s name.

 Your book must have the following twelve pages

Setting the tone: The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening
Who were the Loyalist and the Patriots?
The Sugar and Stamp Acts
The Sons of Liberty
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Tea Party
The Intolerable Acts
Fighting at Lexington and Concord
The Second Continental Congress
Declaring Independence
Life during the Revolution
The British Surrender/ The Treaty of Paris

Each page must have a colored picture with a minimum of two or three sentences
describing the situation.

You will be paid in the form of a grade see rubric on the back to see how you will be
                D                   C                 B                  A
Cover           Author with no      Title and author  Illustration not   Illustration in
5 points        title or            with no           in color with      color with Title
                information         illustration      title and author   and Author
Content         A few pages         Some pages        Most pages         All 10 pages
                have accurate       have accurate     have accurate      have two to
                information and     information and   information but    three sentences
15 points       the significance    the significance  some are not       of accurate
                of a few events     of some events    accurate, or the   info. and
                are explained       are explained     significance of    explain the
                                                      the event is not   significance of
                                                      explained          each event
Illustrations   Pages have          Some pages        Most pages         Each page has
                inappropriate       have              have an            appropriate
15 points       illustrations or    appropriate       appropriate        illustrations and
                little effort was   illustrations and illustration and   a large amount
                shown in            some effort is    a good amount      of effort is
                illustrations       shown             of effort is       displayed.

Creativity      Book shows          Book shows         Book shows a      Book shows
                little to no        some creativity    good amount of    large amounts
10 points       creativity                             creativity        of creativity

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