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					                                                                                                                         Volume XI
                                                                                                                            Issue 3
                                                                                                                    September 2002

                                         Newsletter of the Portuguese Language Division of the
                                                        American Translators Association -ATA

                                                    PLD in Canada
                                  Quality Control in-Home (Literally!)
                  An interview with husband-wife team Nelson and Isabella Laterman

                                                                           PLDATA: How did you become translators and how
                                                                           long have you each been in the field?
                                                                           Latermans: Isabella had already done some
                                                                           translation work while living in Brazil, but our
                                                                           careers took off in the mid-nineties, already in
                                                                           Canada. We were mentored by Melany Laterman,
                                                                           Nelson’s sister.

                                                                           PLDATA: Do you work together or separately?
                                                                           Latermans: Together. One of us will take the lead
                                                                           on a project, the other will edit it. Then the one who
                                                                           translated will proofread the work. If the job is large,
                                                                           we’ll share and work on it together (our computers
                                                                           are linked in a net and we use Déjà Vu). We always
                                                                           check each other’s work at least twice.
PLDATA: Hello, guys. We’ve come way north for this                                                                 Continua na página 16
interview. How did two Brazilians end up in British
Columbia, Canada?
Latermans: We had been thinking about               Nesta edição:
emigrating since the early 1980s and Canada
worked very well for us. Mostly, we wanted to
                                                    Interview with Nelson and Isabella Laterman .................... 1
bring up our two children in a place with more
                                                    Editor's Note ...................................................................... 2
safety and stability. Our oldest is a teenager
                                                    Events .......................................................................... 2, 19
now, and they are all doing very well.
                                                    Administrator's Corner ....................................................... 3
Vancouver is a beautiful area and has a mild
                                                    Brasilia sedia encontro da CPLPe ........................... 4, 5, 16
climate. We actually live in Richmond, BC, with
                                                    Making the Most of the Internet ......................... 6, 7, 16, 17
a lovely historical fishing village nearby.
                                                    Canto Legal.................................................................... 8, 9
                                                    Elections 2002 in Brazil...................................................... 9
PLDATA: When and where did you two first
                                                    Dictionary Review ...................................................... 10, 11
                                                    EuroEnglish?.................................................................... 11
Latermans: We were high-school sweethearts,
                                                    Dicionário de Quandos .................................................... 12
in São Paulo, where we both grew up. We each
                                                    A Truly Global Classroom ................................................ 13
went our own way for a while and spent time
                                                    Mentoring: it may be what you need ................................ 14
abroad in different countries during our college
                                                    43rd Annual Conference in Atlanta .................................. 18
years, but reunited again later, got married and
the rest is history.
                                                                         EDITOR'S NOTE
                   Volume XI
                     Issue 3                          Dear PLD Members,
                 September, 2002

                  Administrator                       I would like to announce that as of the next issue, I will no
              Tereza d'Ávila Braga                    longer be working as co-editor of the PLData. This decision
   Phone: (972) 690-7730 Fax: (792) 690-5088
                           was hard for me to make, as I have thoroughly enjoyed
                                                      working with Tereza and all the other wonderful people who
            Assistant Administrator
                    Kátia Iole
                                                      contribute to the PLData. Luckily, Ines Bojlesen has agreed
   Phone: (954) 349-4085 Fax (954) 349-4021           to co-edit the PLData in my place. She has already done a
                       fabulous job as our new DTP person and I know that she will
                   Treasurer                          be terrific as the new co-editor. Please welcome her and give
                Ines N. Bojlesen                      her the support that she deserves! I wanted to thank
   Phone: (503) 699-0998 Fax (503) 675-8609           everyone who has sent in suggestions, articles and words of
                                                      support these past two years; hearing from our readers is
                   Secretary                          always a pleasure. Muito obrigada!
                Arlene M. Kelly
   Phone: (617) 698-3216 Fax (617) 698-1874
                          Best wishes to all,
                                                      Heather Murchison
                  Tereza Braga
                Heather Murchison

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                                                      September 2002
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PLData                                                  Page 2                                             September 2002
                                                                                              The Administrator's

                              FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR

                       On Academia, Money and Machine Translation

                                                             enormously, because it makes us question our own
                                It is September again        assumptions. Clients will always try to treat us as
                                – and what a year this       slaves; this phenomenon is not exclusive of our
                                has been!… The               industry. However, it is a sad and misleading
                                world continues to           commentary on us that advice such as the following is
                                get smaller and              still heard frequently: “I hope you love languages,
                                smaller, but now at a        because you will never make any money”.
                                much faster pace, it
                                seems to me, since           The general set-up is various speakers at each session,
                                last September.              with less than 30 minutes for each to speak. In the
                                                             common room, however – a large auditorium – there
My summer was very productive, following a winter            was a different keynote speaker every morning. My
and spring that seemed to have been difficult,               favorite was Alan K. Melby, who spoke on “Translators
businesswise, for all of us. Last month I was able to        and Technology”. Alan is an ATA director and chairs an
squeeze in the XVI World Congress of the FIT – the           ATA committee called Translation and Computers. He
International Federation of Translators. FIT is              defined the concepts of “dynamic” and “frozen”
headquartered in Montréal and has conferences                languages. Dynamic language is our rich human
every 3 years, always in a different country. This year      language, full of subtle new meaning, created for the
it was in Vancouver, Canada. The congress was much           occasion at hand. Frozen language is formalized human
smaller than our ATA annual conferences (attendance          language that has been agreed upon in advance and is
was around 350 people) and has a larger concentration        re-usable and recyclable. He gave an example with the
on academic research activities. Most of the speakers        word “key”:
work in academia and seven panelists came from               The piano has black and white KEYS (frozen
Brazil (professors and researchers) to participate in        language);
roundtables and/or present their dissertation papers         The KEY difference between Japanese and American
and exposés. It was also a good chance to meet literary      cultures is … (dynamic language).
professionals I knew by name only, such as Peter
Bush, who heads a translation center in London and           Computers, Alan said, cannot handle the difference
has translated some works of Brazilian poet, author          between dynamic and frozen language. However, they
and musician Chico Buarque.                                  help us enormously with frozen language. Machines
                                                             are not our enemies, but our colleagues. Let us use
I especially enjoyed a roundtable moderated by Chris         machines for what they do well, and not ask them to do
Durban, who chairs the Public Relations committee of         what they do poorly. Translation tools will be what
the ATA. The theme was Translator Training & The Real        calculators were in the 1950s. Nobody would think
World: Concrete Suggestions for Bridging the Gap.            today of considering calculators as a threat or a
Chris brought together five professionals from               problem, but back then, we did think that calculators
different segments of the market to discuss, among           were going to make us unlearn how to add! Machines
others, the limitations of translation schools in            will only impoverish language if we let them. The only
preparing students for the workplace; the need to            people that feel threatened by machines are those who
prepare students not just for the market, when they          do not use them and are trying to compete with people
graduate, but also for a life-long career; and the           who do.
importance of self-monitoring for our success as
translators. We concluded that more professional             I will be taking a vacation this month that I have been
development is essential to complement formal                planning for years. No notebooks in my luggage this
training. Also, we need to mentor beginners to think of      time, except for a hard-cover one, for journaling my
translation in an organized way. Practitioners can and       adventures. I will be re-visiting some ancestral lands –
should get involved in training. There is no right and
wrong in translation; only choices; and nobody better
                                                                                                    Continua na página 15
than us, practitioners, to teach students to trust their
instincts. Teaching benefits our own work
PLData                                              Page 3                                              September 2002
                         Brasília sedia encontro da CPLPe
                         dá as boas-vindas a Timor Leste
News about the IV Conference of Heads of State of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), which
took place in Brasília, Brazil, July 31st – August 1st, 2002 and welcomed East Timor into the CPLP. Excerpts of the
speech given at the occasion by the President of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio. For more information, visit

O Brasil acaba de sediar a IV                                               “Apenas dois anos nos separam do
Conferência de Chefes de Estado e                                           nosso último encontro, em Maputo, e no
de Governo da Comunidade dos Países de Língua               entanto como é diferente o mundo em que hoje
Portuguesa (CPLP), ocorrida em Brasília, de 31              vivemos. Os acontecimentos de 11 de Setembro
de julho a 1o de agosto de 2002.                            marcaram a cena internacional de forma indelével,
                                                            criando um sentimento de vulnerabilidade e
A grande novidade foi a entrada oficial de Timor            insegurança anteriormente desconhecido.
Leste na organização, alguns meses depois de se             Paradoxalmente, neste contexto difícil, as alianças e
tornar o mais novo país do mundo. Com o                     solidariedades ganharam um novo valor e a
ingresso de Timor Leste, a Comunidade dos                   cooperação entre os Estados tomou-se, mais do que
Países de Língua Portuguesa passa a ter oito                nunca, imprescindível. Num mundo em que o peso da
membros. Os outros sete são Angola, Brasil,                 globalização é cada vez maior e em que a ameaça
Cabo Verde, Guiné Bissau, Moçambique,                       terrorista se tomou numa constante, também a CPLP
Portugal e São Tomé e Príncipe.                             se viu assim revestida de uma nova dimensão, que as
                                                            suas múltiplas vertentes de cooperação potenciam.
O território de Timor foi colônia portuguesa até o
ano de 1975 e acabou conseguindo sua                        Mas também no próprio seio da grande família da
independência em 20 de maio desse ano, depois               CPLP ocorreram, desde a Cimeira de Maputo,
de dois anos e meio de uma dura transição,                  transformações de assinalável impacto. Destacaria,
administrada pela ONU. Entre 1975 e agosto de               pela sua importância, os avanços muito significativos
1999, quando os timorenses aprovaram em                     registados no Processo de Paz em Angola e sobretudo,
plebiscito a sua independência, o território foi            a independência de Timor Leste, Estado irmão que, no
controlado pela Indonésia, que invadiu e anexou             histórico dia de ontem, acolhemos na nossa
de forma unilateral a região depois da saída de             Comunidade.
                                                            Formulo aqui os mais sinceros votos de que Angola
Os membros da PLD interessados podem visitar o              enverede definitivamente pela via da Paz, do
site da CPLP, em, para aprender                progresso e da reconciliação nacional. Saúdo o
mais sobre a Conferência e ler os discursos                 Presidente José Eduardo dos Santos pelos passos
proferidos, inclusive o do Presidente do Brasil,            alcançados nos últimos meses, decisivos para o futuro
Fernando Henrique Cardoso, que assumiu na                   do país e estou seguro de que o Governo angolano, os
ocasião a presidência da CPLP. O novo                       partidos políticos e a Sociedade Civil, tudo farão para
secretário-executivo da organização é o também              que o sonho de uma Angola pacificada, democrática e
brasileiro João Augusto de Médicis, diplomata de            moderna se tome numa realidade. Com o apoio, é
carreira, que assumiu em 26 de agosto passado               certo, da ONU e da Comunidade Internacional, caberá
um mandato de dois anos. Para os nossos leitores,           sobretudo aos angolanos, nesta fase de sua história,
aqui seguem trechos do discurso do Presidente de            tomar em mãos o seu destino, permitindo a Angola
Portugal, Jorge Sampaio:                                    ocupar o lugar de destaque que lhe cabe no continente
PLData                                             Page 4                                            September 2002
                                                             observados os princípios da alternância democrática,
Acompanhámos todos com empenho e sentida                     da separação de poderes e do respeito pelas
emoção, o processo de transição que conduziu ao              instituições, num quadro de continuidade
nascimento da República Democrática de Timor                 constitucional, pedras basilares e elementos
Leste. São inúmeros e diversificados os desafios,            aglutinadores da nossa Comunidade, que gostaríamos
que nesta fase de consolidação e afirmação                   de ver universalmente respeitados.
internacional do novo Estado, se colocam aos
seus dirigentes. Estou porém seguro de que, com              Mas o nosso esforço de aperfeiçoamento da
a sabedoria, o equilíbrio e o sentido de                     democracia não poderá quedar-se pela simples
responsabilidade que têm caracterizado a sua                 realização de actos eleitorais, devendo igualmente
acção, saberão garantir o correcto enquadramento             traduzir-se num trabalho constante, que passa pela
de Timor Leste na região em que se insere e o                defesa, no dia a dia, dos direitos fundamentais dos
respeito e interesse da Comunidade Internacional             cidadãos, do Estado de Direito e do pluralismo
pelo seu país.                                               político e por um combate tenaz a todas as formas de
         Lanço aqui um vivo apelo a todos os Estados         violência, corrupção e injustiça.
     Membros da Comunidade para que se associem a
    este esforço, tão importante para os nossos irmãos       Também o Brasil deverá em breve atravessar um
  timorenses, mas também para todos nós, na medida           importante processo eleitoral, que encaramos com a
     em que, mais uma vez, da divulgação da Língua           serenidade e a confiança que nos inspiram a
                        Portuguesa no mundo se trata.        maturidade, o sentido de responsabilidade dos
                                                             brasileiros e a força sempre renovada da sua
Saúdo muito vivamente o Presidente Xanana                    democracia.
Gusmão, congratulando, na sua pessoa, o novo
Estado membro da Comunidade dos Países de                    Gostaria de deixar aqui o meu sincero preito de
Língua Portuguesa. A pertença de Timor Leste à               homenagem ao Presidente Fernando Henrique
nossa Comunidade, que é inteiramente natural,                Cardoso, grande figura política, de altas qualidades
reforçando a sua diversidade e alargando o seu               humanas e intelectuais, respeitado amigo desde os
importante leque geográfico, que passará agora a             tempos difíceis, que ao longo dos seus dois mandatos
abranger quatro continentes, constitui um factor             como Chefe do Estado tanto fez pelo seu país e pelo
de enriquecimento que muito prezamos.                        progresso e estabilidade desta região. (…)

Pensamos que a promoção e o ensino da Língua                 É indiscutível que a Comunidade goza hoje de uma
Portuguesa em Timor Leste, pela relevância de                projecção considerável na cena internacional,
que se revestem para a afirmação do novo Estado,             suscitando um interesse crescente por parte de países
deverão merecer uma atenção muito especial por               terceiros e de outras organizações internacionais (…)
parte da CPLP, constituindo já uma das principais                                                 Continua na página 16
prioridades da Cooperação Portuguesa. Lanço                          PLD - PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE
aqui um vivo apelo a todos os Estados Membros
da Comunidade para que se associem a este
                                                                    AMERICAN TRANSLATORS ASSOCIATION
esforço, tão importante para os nossos irmãos                      9TH ANNUAL SPRING MEETING - PROGRAM
timorenses, mas também para todos nós, na                                  FLORIDA, APRIL 2003
medida em que, mais uma vez, da divulgação da
Língua Portuguesa no mundo se trata.                           Mark your calendars and reserve the last week
                                                               of April for a productive and fun time in Florida
Ao longo destes últimos dois anos, Cabo Verde,                 with your PLD fellow translators and
São Tomé e Príncipe e mais recentemente                        interpreters.
Portugal, atravessaram processos eleitorais,
nalguns casos complexos, que se traduziram em                  Send your proposal or suggestion for a
alterações significativas dos espectros políticos de           conference presentation to Tereza Braga at
cada um dos países. Em todos eles, porém, foram
PLData                                              Page 5                                            September 2002
                        Making the Most of the Internet
                                     By Giovanna L. Lester
    (Adapted from a presentation given to FLATA – the Florida Chapter of the ATA - last April)
I have been working with languages since              jumble on Google® doesn’t make your task easy.
1980 and have witnessed many changes in
our business, in our careers, and in our
languages themselves. However, very few
things have had the impact the Internet has
had in our business. It changed the market,
making it broader; the expectations of our
clients, making them more demanding in
terms of time; and the prices of our services -
but that is another story.
When I started translating my tools were my
American husband, his En/Port Michaelis, an           No reason to panic. In your monolingual
AHD, a Portuguese/English MEC dictionary,             dictionary you find the scientific name of the bird.
and my knowledge of Portuguese. My clients’           Go to your faithful search engine and type it
projects were never too rushed and I had              there. You may be lucky enough to find a multi-
time to go to the library and research...             lingual glossary with the answer right off the bat.
Nowadays, time is a much more precious                Yet, you may not.
commodity and unless you are translating a
book, the library better be behind your desk
or easily accessible via computer.
Accurate Internet Data: an oxymoron?
Publishing on the Internet is easy and cheap,
but you find a lot of misinformation out there.
So, how can you be sure the data you just
collected is accurate? How can you make
sure the source is reliable? That is a big
problem, and we need to learn how to
validate the information we come across,
sometimes unexpectedly. Let's see…                    Use the new information to narrow down your
You are doing a nice, easy travel piece when          search - use Boolean or similar parameters.
all of a sudden the text mentions the "loons
love our weather this time of the year and
                                                      Select your data source carefully.
flock to our lakes and marshes in great
numbers." You don’t know what “loons”                 A Boolean search will help you narrow the results
mean. Now what? If they “flock,” you can at           and qualify them better. Before embarking on
least guess that these are birds. Ornithology         one, it is important to determine your “type of
is not your forte. How do you say "loons" in          curiosity” – that will assist you in choosing the
Portuguese? Where in the cyberworld do you            right words to use in your search. In our case,
go to get the information? A generic search           once we have identified the scientific name for
will not be of much help if you are not familiar      “loon”, we can do an advanced search.
with the subject: 69,000 hits of meaningless

PLData                                       Page 6                                          September 2002
Advanced search interfaces vary between                search engines for different purposes – you’ll
search engines. I like Google’s: it is fool-           learn a lot in his site. Once you hang a
proof. Google’s Advanced Search lets you               "Translator" shingle on your door, you've bought
indicate language, country, location of string         a lot of hot potatoes. Most clients expect you to
in text, type of final presentation (PowerPoint,       do the proofing, the editing, the accuracy
Adobe Acrobat, Excel document, etc.),                  checking... They will give you the money for
domain (.edu, .org, .net, .de, .br) and a few          keeping the headaches away. So, charge
others to choose from.                                 accordingly.

                                                       And, most importantly, take your responsibility

                                                       What are the benefits         of   belonging         to
                                                       professional groups?

                                                       Professional groups are always a good source of
                                                       assistance when we reach a road block, as well
                                                       as a good source for links, glossaries, electronic
                                                       dictionaries and information on tools of the trade.
                                                       Even if you do not actively participate in the
                                                       discussions, “listening in” on the exchanges can
                                                       be rather enlightening. And having a private
Why is it necessary to indicate Portuguese             inroad to professionals with solid background on
as the language and then “.br ” as the                 a variety of subjects in a language in your pair is
domain? If you indicate only “.br,” you might          a good stress-reduction tool. Trust me on this
get results published in Brazil, but in other          one!
languages; if you indicate only Portuguese,
you may get results in Portuguese, but                 The PLD page is a good starting point for
published in other countries - and we don’t            locating translators, interpreters and other
have time to try and qualify a translation right       language-related groups. Through the PLD page
now. Of course, if you know the name of a              you will have access to a list of colleagues whose
Brazilian Ornithological Society, that is the          brains you can pick. There are also language-
first place you should go to.                          specific translation groups, literary translators
                                                       groups and legal translators groups, as well as
Once you've found what you believe to be               various associations catering to the language
the right answer, you still have to double-            industry.
check it. That can be as easy as doing a cut
& paste: copy the search result in the query           Brazilian Portuguese translators in Miami can
window of your search engine and see what              also rely on the Centro Cultural Brazil USA of
comes back. The origin of the results you get          Florida's Nélida Piñon Library for their research.
back should clue you in as to their accuracy -         You may reach the CCBU via e-mail at
not the total number of hits. Why not the    
number of hits? Have you ever tried typing
"beleive"or "recieve" in the query window?                                                Continua na página 16
Try it. That should give you your answer.

A   visit   to   Dr.      Robert Harris’ page, is a must for those of
us who do most of our research over the
wires. He goes over techniques, rules,
PLData                                        Page 7                                          September 2002
                                              Canto Legal
                                             (The Legal Corner)
                                                by Enéas Theodoro

Nota: A finalidade desta coluna é                                       Quanto ao setor privado, em contratos de
informar e servir de mini-fórum para                                    prestação de serviço, de fato os vocábulos
debate e elucidação de termos e                                         “supervision”, “control” e suas variantes
expressões jurídicos. O autor não é                                     são mais convenientes. Além disso,
advogado, embora tenha cursado                                          voltando ao setor público, vale mencionar
Direito e trabalhado intensamente na                                    que a diligência de fiscalização tributária é
área durante uns bons vinte anos.                                       um “tax audit” nos EUA (fiscal =
Dúvidas ou sugestões?                                                   “auditor”), coisa que alguns bons                                                  tradutores desconhecem no Brasil.

                                                             Outros exemplos interessantes do mesmo dilema são
  A Psicologia e a Cognição dos Falsos Cognatos              as palavras “compromise” e “sanction” e suas
                                                             respectivas ramificações em português. Como
Muito tem-se escrito sobre falsos cognatos mas muito         sabemos, esta última pode tanto significar uma
pouco sobre a preocupação exagerada em evitá-los. É          aprovação como uma cominação (penalidade) e,
como se houvesse uma certa paranóia em cair em tais          quanto à primeira, trata-se de algo que igualmente
insidiosas armadilhas. Isso é um perigo, pois pode não       merece mais delongas. Pois senão vejamos:
apenas conduzir a outras síndromes ainda mais graves
mas, também, induzir profissionais absolutamente             Compromise – (a) “to reach a compromise” é chegar a
bem intencionados a cometerem erros exatamente pelo          um meio termo, ou transação (eis aí mais um para a
excesso de cuidados.                                         coleção dos menos versados no Direito), ou fazer
                                                             transigência, pois “to compromise” quer dizer transigir
Chega de psicologia; vamos à cognição. Não existe            ou transacionar nesta acepção; pode parecer
“bala de prata” para isso, mas quanto mais profundos         linguagem hermética para quem não conhece a
forem os conhecimentos do idioma alvo, mais patente          disciplina jurídica com alguma profundidade, mas faz
será a distinção entre o verdadeiro e o falso cognato.       parte da linguagem cotidiana na advocacia; (b) noutra
Seguem alguns exemplos.                                      conotação, “the project was compromised by a
                                                             shortage of funds” (como versão de “o projeto ficou
Nenhuma ilustração do tema, na área jurídica, me             comprometido dada a escassez de recursos”) e
parece mais ululante do que o caso do termo                  expressões quetais já fizeram muita gente erguer a
“oversight”. Como em outros tantos casos, este               sobrancelha, criticando o não uso do verbo “to
vocábulo tem mais de uma acepção: (a) descuido,              jeopardize” (“the project was jeopardized...”). Mais
inadvertência, omissão, e (b) supervisão ou                  uma vez, o maior conhecimento da língua deixa
fiscalização. Já fui, mais de uma vez, admoestado por        evidentes as menores sutilezas semânticas... (c) Em
colegas e até por acadêmicos nas áreas de tradução e         português, claro, é preciso ter cuidado com
interpretação pelo uso do termo na segunda acepção.          “compromisso”, “comprometimento” e os seus
A polêmica merece maior detalhamento:                        respectivos falsos cognatos.

Oversight – No setor público, nos EUA, é lugar               Tudo isso para dizer que a tradução na área jurídica
comum o emprego das expressões “oversight                    requer alguma assessoria psicoterápica? Muito embora
committee” (no Legislativo) e “oversight agency” (no         o nosso trabalho seja de deixar qualquer um maluco,
Executivo) no sentido de comissão fiscalizadora e            não vamos chegar a tanto... É só tomar cuidado com o
órgão fiscalizador. Então, por que não utilizar por          emprego do termo certo na hora certa, diferenciando
vezes o mesmo termo ao verter para o inglês alguns           entre os devidos cognatos, que qualquer episódio
nomes de órgãos públicos brasileiros, usando                 esquizóide, com um lado do cérebro dizendo “falso” e
“oversee” como o verbo correspondente?                       o outro “correto”, será facilmente evitado.

PLData                                              Page 8                                           September 2002
Aliás, o trabalho da tradução na área do Direito, mais
do que em qualquer outra, se assemelha muito mais –
                                                                       Elections 2002 in Brazil
fazendo uma analogia profissional – à ocupação do
alfaiate do que à do psicólogo. Qualquer tentativa de                    On October 6th, Brazilians will be electing
concluir uma obra sem levar em conta o sujeito                   their next President, replacing the two-term
específico corre o risco de conter imperfeições, ou              administration of Fernando Henrique Cardoso,
seja, a tradução tem de ser “sob medida” mesmo, caso             which lasted 8 years. It is a significant election
a caso.                                                          day because Brazilians will actually be voting for
                                                                 18,151 candidates running for 1,600 offices in the
Assim, ecleticamente, seguimos nós, tradutores(as),              executive and legislative branches, according to
batalhando nas muitas áreas do vasto conhecimento                Agência Brasil (
humano, com a expectativa corrente do mercado
sendo que não podemos jamais cometer erros. Na                           In this year’s elections, a total of 114
verdade, quando a gente comete algum (ahem, mui                  million Brazilians are eligible to vote. There will
raramente..., não é mesmo?), deve bastar um bom                  be 406,000 electronic voting machines.
papo com colegas em algum “work-chopp” para                      According to Nelson Jobim, the chief justice of
afastar qualquer risco de distúrbios bipolares, ou               the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the Brazilian
maníaco-depressivos, whether or not derived from the             electronic voting system was evaluated by the
horns of a (schizoid-translation) dilema...                      University of Campinas (Unicamp) and found to
                                                                 be “robust, secure and trustworthy”, (from “The
Legal Musings                                                    Four-Year Itch”, Brazzil Aug 2002).

A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.                 The only race where the number of
(Samuel Goldwyn)                                                 candidates has actually fallen is for president. In
                                                                 1998 Brazil had twelve candidates; this time,
Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass            there are only half of that – six. Polls on
and the little ones get caught. (Honoré de Balzac)               September 1st show front-runner Luiz Inácio
                                                                 “Lula” da Silva, on his fourth attempt for the
It was so cold one day last February that I saw a                presidency, still ahead of the pack. José Serra,
lawyer with his hands in his own pockets. (Robert                Ciro Gomes and Anthony Garotinho follow. For
Peterson)                                                        updated election news, our readers can visit
It ain’t no sin if you crack a few laws now and then,
just as long as you don’t break any. (Mae West)                         For “8 years of Fernando Henrique
                                                                 Cardoso” and several other articles of interest
                                                                 about the elections and the Brazilian economy,
                                                                 we suggest BRAZZIL.COM.

                                                                 With the elections coming up, pundits and
                                                                 comedians are having a ball, as usual. For
                                                                 laughs, we suggest the column called “Hilário
            New York University Programs                         Eleitoral”, a pun with “Horário Eleitoral” (free
              A Truly Global Classroom                           TV spots granted by the government to
                  by Milena Savova
                                                                 candidates for public office in Brazil), in
              A professional certificate                         “Monkey News”, WWW.RANTAC.COM.BR
         in English-to-Portuguese translation
                     on site at NYU.                             -- Thanks to T. Barile for indication of “Hilário
                Starting January 2003                            Eleitoral” – T. Braga
          a Master of Science in Translation
                 will be offered online,
                 including Portuguese

                   Read on page 13

PLData                                                  Page 9                                          September 2002
                                        DICTIONARY                  REVIEW
                                      (both Portuguese-English only)
                                         Author: Danilo Nogueira
                           Publisher: SBS – Special Book Services, São Paulo
                                             Publication: 2000
Reviewed by: Marian S. Greenfield
Reprinted with permission from The ATA Chronicle, August 2002

These two dictionaries are identical in format and type of         treasury bonds.; and 2) Pagamos um bônus pela
content. There is some, but not excessive, overlap between         produção. = We paid a production bonus. Another
them. Each offers 60-odd pages of hard to find jewels.             example is the difference between “liberar” as
Lookup is convenient, with many compound terms listed              “release” and “pay”. Nogueira gives: 1) Ele foi
under a given headword. Given their size, neither dictionary       liberado de seu compromisso. = He was released
stands alone as a primary source for legal or financial            from his commitment.; and 2) As ações somente
translation, but they are certainly a good place to start a        foram liberadas em 31 de dezembro. = Shares were
terminological search. They are worth much, much more              only paid on December 31. (…)
than their price of approximately $10, and are a tremendous
addtion to the scant Portuguese-English resources available        Nogueira gives an excellent explanation of how to
in this country. You should be able to purchase these books        translate “quota” (meaning “share”) and how it
directly from the publisher (, through              differs from “ação” in Portuguese, but not in
Brazilian Translated (, or             English. Nogueira also gives the expansion and
through Nogueira (                     translation for the acronyms used by several Brazilian
                                                                   market-related associations that I was not able to find
My library of Portuguese-English financial and legal               elsewhere. In addition, he gives “ITR,” “Quarterly
resources is not extensive. I doubt anyone’s is, because           Report” (informações trimestrais), which I found
there simply isn’t much out there. I generally rely on my          nowhere else.
Spanish-English resources, Noronha’s legal dictionary,
Michaelis’ business dictionary, and, more than anything            Generally speaking, I agree with Nogueira’s choices
else, the Internet. (When I find financial terminology             of translation, although I have some reservations
translated into English on the Internet, it is often in an         about a few. Acknowledging in a lengthy note the
article written by Nogueira.)                                      difficulty of translating “ativo permanente” and
                                                                   explaining what it includes, Nogueira gives
Each dictionary includes several abbreviations and                 “permanent assets.” I would not use that translation,
acronyms. They also contain extremely useful explanations          but he gives enough information to arrive at the
of many terms. Since these dictionaries are aimed at into-         translation “assets subject to indexation,” and, if
English translators, I would have preferred these                  necessary, to footnote the term and explain that it
explanations to appear in English, but they are invaluable         includes long-term investments (which Nogueira calls
nonetheless. Grammatical information is provided for each           “permanent investments”), property, plant and
headword. Few synonyms and no appendices, tables, or               equipment, and deferred charges.
illustrations are provided. I did not find much in the way of
filler or errata in either dictionary. Both dictionaries include   For “livro de registro de ações nominativas,”
primarily U. S. usage, and occasionally include a well-            Nogueira gives “nominative shares register; stock
marked alternative for the United Kingdom. There are               transfer register; stock transfer ledger.” My clients
helpful notes on the differences between Brazilian and U.S.        have always accepted “stock ledger,” and, rather than
laws and practices. (…)                                            “nominative,” I would prefer “registered.” (Noronha
                                                                   translates “livro de registro de ações” as “share
There are helpful examples of usage, for instance,                 recorder; share registration book.”)
distinguishing between two occurrences of “bonus”: 1) A
empresa comprou bônus do tesouro. = The company bought
PLData                                                Page 10                                             September 2002
The note under “interesse,” “interest; equity; stake,” is                          EuroEnglish?
excellent and something I’ve had to explain countless times
to students and colleagues. “Interest é                          Has anyone seen this circulating in cyberspace? I
                                                                 received it from my 13-year old Brazilian-American
o termo genérico. Equity é uma participação societária.          niece who lives in Lincoln, NE. She and I tried our best
Stake inclui qualquer tipo de interesse, inclusive, por          to trace it, but not a single friend or acquaintance in the
exemplo, o interesse que os fornecedores têm no sucesso de       long list of “forwarding agents” could help much.
uma empresa.”                                                    Albeit devoid of a source, I decided to reproduce it
                                                                 anyway because we can always use a laugh. If any of
                                                                 our readers knows the source, please tell us – Tereza
The translations for the many entries under “ação”,              Braga
including “ação caída em comisso” (forfeited share); “ação
cheia” (cum dividend share); “ação de primeira linha”            The European Commission has just announced an
(blue chip share); and “ação divisível” (fractional share) are   agreement that English will be the official language
all excellent and not generally found elsewhere.                 of the EU, rather than German (the other possibility).
                                                                 As part of the negotiations, Her Majesty's
One particularly elegant entry that I think you would be         Government conceded that English spelling had some
hard-pressed to find elsewhere is “corrigir”, translated as      room for improvement, and has accepted a 5-year
“apply indexation; restate for inflation,” along with an         phase-in of new rules which would apply to the
explanation of what it means and a warning not to translate      language and reclassify it as EuroEnglish. Thus, the
it as “correct”. This is absolutely on the money. I did not      agreed upon plan is as follows:
find this term elsewhere.
                                                                 In year 1, the soft 'c' would be replaced by 's'.
Another real-life usage translation given by Nogueira is         Sertainly, this will make the sivil servants jump with
“government agency” for “órgão público,” while Noronha           joy. The hard 'c' will be replaced by 'k'. This should
gives “public agency; public officer.” At least here in the      klear up konfusion and keyboards kan now have one
U.S., “government agency” is the way to go.                      less letter.
Nogueira is again spot-on with his translation of “sócio         There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the
oculto” (not found elsewhere) as “dormant partner; silent        sekond year, when the troublesome 'ph' is replaced by
partner.”                                                        'f'. This will reduse 'fotograf' by 20%.
In summary, I highly recommend these two little and              In the 3rd year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling
unbelievably inexpensive dictionaries. I am looking forward      kan be expekted to reach t! he stage where more
to the next in the series. And when Nogueira decides the         komplikated changes are possible. Governments will
series is complete, I really hope his publisher will issue a     enkourage the removal of double letters, which have
compilation so we can have all these little books in one big     always ben a deterent to akurate speling. Also, al wil
volume.                                                          agre that the horible mes of the silent 'e's in the
                                                                 language is disgrasful and they should eliminat them.
Marian Greenfield is the owner of msgreenfield                   By year 4, peopl wil be reseptiv to lingwistik
Translations. Formerly the manager of translation services       korektions such as replasing 'th' with 'z' and 'w' with
at JP Morgan, she translated in New York’s Financial             'v' (saving mor keyboard spas).
District for 20 years. She is now a full-time translation
industry consultant and freelancer, translating financial        During ze fifz year, ze unesesary 'o' kan be dropd
documents from Spanish, Portuguese, and French into              from vords kontaining 'ou' and similar changes vud of
English. She is also an adjunct associate professor of           kors be aplid to ozer kombinations of leters.
translation at New York University. Active at the national
and local levels, she is a member of the ATA Board of            After zis fifz year, ve vil hav a reli sensibil riten styl.
Directors, and has served on or chaired the following ATA        Zer vil be no mor trubls or difikultis and evrivun vil
committees: Chapters, Membership Rights and Benefits,            find it ezi to understand ech ozer....
and (currently), Professional Development. Contact:                        ZE DREM VIL FINALI KUM TRU!!! VE VIL AL
                                                                 SPIK LIK GERMANS

PLData                                               Page 11                                                September 2002
                                 Dicionário de Quandos
                                      (The ‘When’ Dictionary)
This was found in the Trad-Port email list,
contributed by Claudia Chaves. “To keep ill-              “NO MÁXIMO” - Essa é fácil: quer dizer "no
informed foreigners from bothering us Brazilians          mínimo". Exemplo:"Entrego em meia hora, no
saying that we promise a lot but deliver very little”,    máximo". Significa que a única certeza é de que
the intro says, “a new Brazilian ‘When’ Dicionary         a coisa não será entregue antes de meia hora.
is being assembled and will be released soon (to
understand ‘soon’, see “LOGO” below).” The                “PODE DEIXAR” - Traduz-se como "nunca".
following are excerpts from the new dictionary.
                                                          “POR VOLTA” - Similar a "no máximo". É uma
Para evitar que estrangeiros desinformados fiquem         medida de tempo dilatada, em que o limite
pegando injustamente no nosso pé coletivo porque          inferior é claro, mas o superior é totalmente
prometemos e não cumprimos, está sendo compilado          indefinido. "Por volta das 5 horas" quer dizer "a
o Dicionário Brasileiro de Quandos, com lançamento        partir das 5 horas".
previsto para breve (para entender ‘breve’, vide
"LOGO", abaixo). Dele foram extraídos os trechos a        “SEM FALTA” - É uma expressão que só se usa
seguir:                                                   depois do terceiro atraso. Depois do primeiro,
                                                          deve-se dizer: "Fique tranqüilo, que amanhã eu
                                   “Já-já", "Um minutinho", "Veja bem", "Mês
                                                     que vem". Ledo engano.
                                  O Dicionário Brasileiro de Quandos explica.

“DEPENDE…” - Envolve a conjunção de várias                entrego". Depois do segundo: "Relaxa, amanhã
incógnitas, todas desfavoráveis. Em situações             estará em sua mesa". Só aí é que vem o
anormais, pode até significar "sim", embora até hoje      "Amanhã, sem falta."
tal fenômeno só tenha sido registrado em testes
teóricos de laboratório. O mais comum é que               “UM MINUTINHO” - É um período de tempo
signifique diversos pretextos para dizer "não".           incerto e não sabido, que nada tem a ver com o
                                                          intervalo de 60 segundos conhecido como
“JÁ-JÁ…” - Aos incautos, pode dar a impressão de          "minuto". Raramente dura menos que cinco
ser duas vezes mais rápido que "já". Ledo engano. É       minutos.
muito mais lento. "Faço já" significa "Passou a ser
minha primeira prioridade", enquanto que o "Faço já-      “VEJA BEM” - É o day after do "depende".
já" quer dizer apenas "Assim que eu terminar de ler       Significa "Viu como pressionar não adianta?" É
meu jornal, prometo que vou pensar a respeito".           utilizado da seguinte maneira: "Mas você não
                                                          prometeu os cálculos para hoje?" Resposta:
“LOGO” - "Logo" é bem mais tempo que "dentro em           "Veja bem..."
breve" e muito mais que "daqui a pouco". É tão
indeterminado que pode significar séculos: "Logo          “Xiiii....” - Se dito casualmente, acompanhado de
chegaremos a outras galáxias". É preciso também           um olhar voltado para o alto, logo após frases
tomar cuidado com a frase "Mas logo eu?", que quer        como "Não vou mais tolerar atrasos!" exprime
dizer "Tô fora".                                          dó e piedade por tamanha ignorância sobre a
                                                          nossa cultura.
“MÊS QUE VEM” - Parece coisa de curso primário,
mas ainda tem estrangeiro que não entendeu.               “ZÁS-TRÁS” - Expressão em moda até os anos
Existem só três tipos de meses: aquele em que             50. Significava "ligeireza no cumprimento de
estamos agora, os que já passaram e os que ainda          uma tarefa, com total eficiência e sem nenhuma
estão por vir. Portanto, todo mês, do próximo até o fim   desculpa". Por isso mesmo, caiu em desuso e
do mundo (que, aliás não anda muito longe), pode ser      foi abolida do dicionário.
um "mês que vem".
PLData                                         Page 12                                        September 2002
                                  New York University Programs
                                 A Truly Global Classroom
                                              by Milena Savova

         A few years ago, the Center for Foreign            The focus of this program is legal and financial
Languages and Translation at New York University            translation. The curriculum includes required and
joined the effort to train highly qualified Portuguese      elective courses in three groups: language
translators. We started by offering a professional          theory, subject-matter background, and practical
certificate in English-to-Portuguese translation on site    translation courses. Students need 42 credits for
at NYU. In the process, we discovered that we could         the Master’s degree and 21 for the Certificate.
open the doors widely to prospective students and           The Master’s program will conclude with a six-
faculty by offering it online. Thus, since last year the    week term in New York City where students will
program has been offered only online. We are proud          take a capstone seminar and develop a thesis (a
of our international faculty comprised of respected         translation project), which will be defended in
members of the translation community: Edna Ditaranto        person before a committee. The Certificate does
of the U.S., Regina Alfarano and Patricia Mello of          not require a thesis or stay in New York. The
Brazil, and Clarissa Surek-Clark, who will be teaching      programs can be pursued on a full-time or part-
from South Africa. Our students also comprise an            time basis.
international body: they are from all over the U.S.,
Brazil, Kenya and Angola.                                           My staff and I are truly excited about all
                                                            new developments in our programs and are
        There is anxiety among students and faculty         working hard to make this a worthwhile and
before their first class. They are entering a new type of   rewarding experience for all involved. There are
environment and a new learning and teaching mode,           several ways in which you can obtain more
and they don’t know whether they will succeed. One of       information about these programs. On our
the roles of our office and the Office of Information       website at; at
Technologies at the School of Continuing and      , you can view a demo
Professional Studies is to render support to this whole     of the software we use; at (212) 998-7200, you
community. We are always there for students and             can talk to a human being about the Master’s
faculty, be it online or on the phone. As everyone          and the Graduate Certificate; and at (212) 998-
discovers after the first semester, it is a different       7028, you can talk to Guylaine Laperrière, our
experience from that in an onsite class, but the results    translation coordinator, about the non-degree
are the same. It also offers a great opportunity for        professional certificate.
international networking.
                                                                  I look forward to meeting you at the
        In order to complete the certificate, the student   upcoming ATA Conference.
has to pass an admissions exam, take the mandatory
prerequisite course in Introduction to Translation          Milena Savova
Studies, and then take four core courses and one            Director
elective or another core course. The core areas are         Center for Foreign Languages and Translation
legal, commercial, medical and technical translation.       New York University-School of Continuing and
                                                            Professional Studies
The electives vary and can include literary translation
and translating the news.

         In January 2003 we are launching a Master of
Science in Translation online. The target language is
English, and there are up to ten source languages,
including Portuguese. Applicants to this program must
have two source languages. Those who have only
one, or whose C language is not strong enough yet,
can apply to a Graduate Certificate in Translation and
later, after they pass the examination in their C
language, they can transfer into the Master’s program.
PLData                                           Page 13                                         September 2002
                  Mentoring: it may be exactly what you need
                     (in the giving or the receiving end)

The upcoming 43rd ATA conference in Atlanta will              most importantly, people who helped me
wrap up a unique pilot program that has been running          navigate the waters of the marketplace,
for a full year with increasing success. This program         associations, agencies and end-users. All this
aims at giving the right kind of structure to something       apart from the enrichment in my personal life,
that almost everyone agrees is extremely useful and           too, with the friendships I have forged.
rewarding in our profession, but has happened so far
only at the informal level. A model was devised and           Many of us have accumulated quite a few years
and now both “mentors” and “mentees” are starting to          in the business by now. Suddenly, we seem to
get their formal training. Check your preliminary             be getting an increasing number of inquiries from
program for details – you may want to arrive early in         beginners. It is our chance to realize that we
Atlanta to catch two pre-conference seminars on               have passed on to the other side. And it is not
Wednesday:                                                    just the opportunity to be generous and give
                                                              back. We feel especially good when we realize
           I will never forget my first mentors and I keep    that the rewards are much bigger than we
         in close contact with my current ones – people       thought. For example, in the last two
             I have admired and respected from the first      conferences I attended I heard stories from very
          time I heard them speak or saw them at work.        busy and successful translators/company
                                                              owners – one from Denver and one from London
                                                              – who ended up getting lucrative jobs/contracts
“Strategies for Getting the Mentoring You Need: Skill-
                                                              as a result of their relationship with their
Building Workshop for New Mentees” (morning)
                                                              mentees. This is because many beginners are
“Mentoring That Makes a Difference: Skill-Building
                                                              employed with organizations that need world-
Workshop for New Mentors” (afternoon)
                                                              class translation providers. I could not make it to
                                                              the seminar “The Business of Translating” in
For those arriving later, there are two additional
                                                              Boston this month, but I am sure it was also an
sessions, as follows. I especially recommend the
                                                              important topic there.
Saturday session, in which all pilot program
participants will evaluate their experience and share it
                                                              I am personally looking forward to learning more
with anyone else interested:
                                                              about, and joining, the program. For more
                                                              information on the definition of modern
“How to Put the ATA Mentoring Program to Work in
                                                              mentoring, see “Modern Mentoring: What It Is
Your Division or Chapter” (Friday)
                                                              and How to Do It”, by Linda Phillips-Jones
“The ATA Mentoring Program: How Are We Doing?”
                                                              (Chronicle, August 2001). Here’s an excerpt:
                                                              “Organizations, companies, and associations
                                                              (like the ATA) who offer mentoring programs
The speaker for all of these sessions will be Courtney
                                                              increase their recruiting edge and build loyalty
Searls-Ridge, a familiar face to many of us due to her
                                                              and productivity”.
position as ATA Secretary. Courtney has been at the
forefront of this effort, as head of the ATA Mentoring
                                                              -- Tereza Braga
Program Task Force. She has been all over the
country, it seems, during the past few months,
speaking and promoting the program.

I will never forget my first mentors and I keep in close
contact with my current ones – people I have admired
and respected from the first time I heard them speak
or saw them at work. These people helped me to
realize that yes, I could not only make a living but
excel doing something I had always loved to do. And,
PLData                                              Page 14                                        September 2002
Continuação da capa                                                Latermans: Let’s see – since 1996, we think. It has
                                                                   always been great for us. We make a big effort to
Quality Control in Home                                            attend the annual conference every year – at least one
                                                                   of us. We hope to make it to the spring meeting, too –
each other’s work at least twice.                                  maybe next year. From Vancouver, everything is a
                                                                   little too far… But we keep in touch. Melany
PLDATA: What advantages do you feel there are to                   suggested that Nelson take charge as webmaster for
working together?                                                  the PLD and Tereza liked it, so it has been a good
Latermans: We may work together, but we work in                    collaboration.
separate rooms. We complement each other’s abilities as
translators – and the biggest advantage is quality control.        PLDATA: How do keep in touch with Brazil and the
PLDATA: What language pairs and areas do you specialize            vernacular?
in?                                                                Latermans: Nelson goes to Brazil every year. This
Latermans: Portuguese and English, from and into.                  year he just came back, and our son went with him.
Technology, software, heavy machinery and equipment                Great adventures and great immersions – both in
(Nelson). Health sciences, medical equipment and software          Portuguese and in the actual ocean, with scuba diving
(Isabella); International agencies, federal government,            in Fernando de Noronha! We also go as a family,
marketing and business in general (both).                          from time to time. As far as the language, high speed
                                                                   internet is demolishing all excuses we might have had
PLDATA: What is the biggest challenge that you each face           for not finding time to do enough reading in
working as translators?                                            Portuguese. And of course there is always the
Latermans: Venturing into new grounds and keeping up               proverbial Brazilian community everywhere, and
with the latest technologies – but it’s also the biggest thrill!   Vancouver is no exception.

PLDATA: What is your favorite translation resource?                PLDATA: Thank you, Neco and Isabella and happy
Latermans: Google and our DV terminology database.                 translations.

PLDATA: Do you use any translation memory tools? If so,            Continuação da página 3
which ones?                                                        From the Administrator
Latermans: Déjà Vu and Trados. We prefer DV by a long
shot.                                                              ancestral because my Brazilianess is 50% Portuguese
                                                                   and at least 10% French. Not that I will disconnect
PLDATA: What is the most important thing that we can do            from translation – an endeavor not only impossible
to help each other as translators, in your opinion?                but also undesirable, anyway. Visits are already
Latermans: Participating in ATA and attending                      scheduled with colleagues and mentors both in the
conferences. Great way to meet your fellow translators.            Iberic Peninsula and in France, and I will also raid all
                                                                   the bookstores I find open after the museums close.
PLDATA: Is there an equivalent to ATA in Canada? Is it
very helpful to you guys?                                          After that, we will be counting down for our ATA
Latermans: Among others, there is STIBC (Society of                annual conference in Atlanta, coming up in
Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia) and the          November. We are providing a list of sessions of
CTIC (Canadian Translators and Interpreters Council), the          interest to our members in the PLData. Join us for our
umbrella organization for provincial associations. ATA,            own PLD meeting, scheduled for Thursday at 1:45
however, has proven to be the most helpful and useful to us.       p.m. We also have a PLD dinner planned for that
                                                                   same evening. Check the PLData for R.S.V.P. and
PLDATA: Who do you look to for inspiration (who are                join us!
your heroes, your mentors etc.)?
Latermans: Our biggest mentor is Melany Laterman, a                Tereza d’Avila Braga
thoroughly conscientious and highly capable professional –         PLD Administrator
and Nelson’s lovely sister ☺.

PLDATA: How long have you been involved with the ATA
and/or the PLD and what has changed since you first
became involved?
PLData                                                 Page 15                                              September 2002
Continuação da página 5                                   Continuação da página 7
Brasília sedia encontro da CPLPe                          Making the most of the Internet

(…) Penso poder afirmar, com realismo e                   Increase your productivity with a few free tools
imparcialidade, que, no geral, o desempenho da CPLP,
ao longo destes últimos seis anos, tem sido positivo. A   Why use online storage services? I don’t know about you,
Comunidade tem vindo progressivamente a afirmar-se        but it has become increasingly difficult to visualize all my
nas suas múltiplas valências, prosseguindo com            bookmarks in my Favorites list. Plus, when I am helping a
dinamismo os propósitos que estão na base da sua          client in his/her office and I need to research data, I prefer
fundação e correspondendo, razoavelmente, às              to look professional and have all my information at hand.
expectativas que nela depositamos.                        I've had to work with clients during family vacations.
                                                          Besides being far from my base, I had to rely on my
Concentremo-nos pois em fortalecer as suas áreas de       husband's laptop. I needed access to my files, but did not
maior debilidade. Não caiamos sobretudo no                want to take up his memory; I also needed access to my
facilitismo e no auto-elogio. Procuremos pautar a         bookmarks to expedite research.
nossa actuação por critérios de rigor e
responsabilidade. E emprestemos, por fim, uma             There are many storage services available on the web. Most
visibilidade e uma eficiência acrescidas aos nossos       of them are premium services, but the links I’ve made
projectos e realizações.                                  accessible are for free services. Do your own search. Use
                                                          your favorite search engine, type in "free online file storage
Os avanços que se vão regularmente registando, nos        services" and see what you get – replace ‘bookmark’ for
mais diversos domínios, encorajam-nos a prosseguir        ‘file’, if that is what you want.
nesta via. Destaco, muito particularmente, o
significado da assinatura, no decurso deste nosso         An added advantage for using online storage systems is file
encontro, de cinco Acordos no domínio da Circulação       sharing with customers. I've been let down by my e-mail
de Pessoas no Espaço CPLP, os quais garantirão um         service during a buyout process, but I didn’t want my
considerável acréscimo de mobilidade aos cidadãos da      clients to be affected by that. My solution: I placed my files
Comunidade.                                               on my online storage facility, gave them temporary
                                                          passwords and they saw me as even more professional than
Quero ainda aqui deixar uma palavra de apreço pela        before. How about working with clients or colleagues who
projecção e pelos resultados alcançados pelo 1º Fórum     use AOL? AOL limits the amount and type of data
Empresarial da CPLP, importante iniciativa                exchanged via e-mail. Or when the cost of telephone service
recentemente lançada em Lisboa, que veio abrir novas      (or internet connection) in the country your partner or client
perspectivas no domínio da cooperação econômica e         is located is prohibitive? When sharing a project, those can
empresarial entre os Estados membros da                   be deadly circumstances.
                                                          Free internet fax services can also be a blessing. You send
Congratulamo-nos com o anúncio ali tornado público        and receive faxes as e-mails through you computer without
da próxima criação de um Conselho Empresarial e           worrying about hotel surcharges, finding a fax after hours,
encorajamos vivamente o prosseguimento e a                or inconveniencing anyone. During a recent vacation in
diversificação de contactos entre os empresários da       Brazil I rented an apartment without fax equipment and I
CPLP.                                                     did not want to leave behind international telephone charges
                                                          either. But they had a telephone line and I had my trusty
(…)                                                       Internet fax service. I connected to the Internet through a
Ao Presidente Femando Henrique Cardoso, nosso             free one-month trial promotional campaign from a local
anfitrião, formulo os mais sinceros votos de sucesso      ISP.
para a Presidência Brasileira da CPLP. Trata-se sem
dúvida de um desafio estimulante e enriquecedor, ao       Free marketing
qual, estou certo, os nossos irmãos brasileiros saberão   Free translation directories are good marketing tools. They
responder com o brio e a determinação que lhe são         help you with exposure, posting your résumé for free – and
conhecidos.”                                              you can use the associated URL in business cards or your
T. Braga – Fontes: , jornal e    professional e-mail signature.
jornal The Brasilians                                     Good hunting!

PLData                                             Page 16                                              September 2002
                                            Giovanna Lester - LINKS
Professional Associations and online groups:                Professor Robert Harris's take on Research Source Evaluation
          Trad-prt –
prt/ and http//
          Litterati – and                Summary of The CARS Checklist for Research Source
http//                                      Evaluation
          Lantra – The oldest –             (CARS = Credibility + Accuracy + Reasonableness + Support)
Glossary Lists:
         Gloss Post –                                       Credibility           Trustworthy source, author’s credentials, evidence of quality
         Logos –                               control, known or respected authority, organizational support.
         References in Terminology –                        Goal: an authoritative source, a source that supplies some good        evidence that allows you to trust it.
Translators Directories:                                    Up-to-date, factual, detailed, exact, comprehensive, audience and
        Aquarius –                         purpose reflect intentions of completeness and accuracy. Goal: a
        Proz –                                 source that is correct today (not yesterday), a source that gives the
        Infomarex –                        whole truth.
        Translators Consortium –                            Reasonableness                       Fair, balanced, objective, reasoned, no conflict of interest, absence
                                                            of fallacies or slanted tone. Goal: a source that engages the subject
Search Engines:                                             thoughtfully and reasonably, concerned with the truth.
        See Professor Harris's comprehensive listing        Support
        ( ).           Listed sources, contact information, available corroboration,
                                                            claims supported, documentation supplied. Goal: a source that
Free services:                                              provides convincing evidence for the claims made, a source you
                                                            can triangulate (find at least two other sources that support it).
- Search Services:
         anagers.html               Giovana Lester is the current President of the Florida                                      Chapter of ATA. She is a Brazilian who was born in Rio but
                                                            calls Salvador (Bahia) home; in the U.S., her home is
Bookmarks management:                                       Miami. Her career has included teaching both English and
                                                            Portuguese, translating from and into both languages,
                                                            interpreting, project managing and team leader activities.
File Storage:                                               E-address: – briefcase                          “The Internet as a barrier-breaker fascinates me. It brings
                                                            down geographical, social, ideological and knowledge
                                                            barriers, and even language barriers (to an extent) through
E-mail :                                                    automated translation tools. It has also greatly increased
                                     my knowledge base and my performance as a language

PLData                                                 Page 17                                                  September 2002
Here is the line-up of sessions of special interest to PLD members:

A. General Interest:                                         C. General Interest Sessions:

1) Our Portuguese Language Division annual meeting           1) Understanding Argentina: What Led the Third Largest
is scheduled for Thursday at                                 Economy in Latin America to Default?
1:45 p.m. Come network and make new friends. We’ll           Alexandra Russell-Bitting – Washington, DC
discuss plans for our
Spring Meeting 2003 in Florida.                              2) Boot Camp Selling! How to Sell
                                                             Translation/Localization Services Without Spending
2) Are you a first-timer? We all remember our first          Millions of Dollars
ATA conference – it’s easy to feel disoriented!              Renato Beninatto -- Common Sense Advisory and Michael
For the first time, ATA will offer an orientation            R. Cárdenas -- Multilingual Translations, San Diego, CA
Orientation Session for First-Time Conference                3) The Business Side of Translation and Language Services
Attendees – Thursday at 11:15 a.m.                           Joseph C. Nunes -- Cybertec USA, Inc.

3) Interested in getting a mentor or being a mentor?         4) Literary Translation: Getting it Published – A Nuts and
See “Mentoring” in this issue of the PLData.                 Bolts Approach
                                                             Clifford E. Landers and Alexis Levitin

B. Portuguese-specific sessions:                             5) Math, Statistics, and Similar Birds for Translators and
                                                             Interpreters Who Hate Them
1) On Deadly Ground: Translating a Harrowing                 Paulo Roberto Lopes – Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
Modern Narrative (Baía dos Tigres, by Pedro R.
Mendes)                                                      6) Translating Technical Manuals – Part II
Clifford E. Landers                                          João Roque Dias – Lisbon, Portugal

5) Translating Brazil’s Arts and Parks                       7) Computer Science for Internauts: How E-Mail and Other
Regina Alfarano                                              Internet Services Actually Work
                                                             Naomi James Sutcliffe de Moraes – Just Right
6) The Syntax of Brazilian Landscaping                       Communications – South Weymouth, Massachusetts
Catarina Feldmann
                                                             8) On Dealing with Translation and Languages in Contact
7) No Longer Camões’ Portuguese: Syntactic, Lexcial,         Clarissa Surek-Clark – Philadelphia, PA
Grammatical and Stylistic Traps to Trip Up the
Intrepid Translator of Brazilian, European and African       9) Gods, Kings, Priests, Writing, Encryption, Code
Portuguese                                                   Breaking, Decipherment and Translation
Naomi James Sutcliffe de Moraes                              John Rock – Hollywood, SC

8) Portuguese Metamorphosis: The Shak-Ess-Pey-
Are-Eih Effect
Arlene M. Kelly

9) Editing in the (Post) Globalized World: Many
Questions… Are There Answers?
Regina Alfarano – São Paulo, Brazil

PLData                                                 Page 18                                            September 2002
Continuação da página 2 -   EVENTS                             16th, Portsmouth, England. The University of Plymouth
                                                               School of Languages and Area Studies presents “Quality
October 2002                                                   Issues in Translation”. For more information see
24th-27th, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. American    
Literary Translators Association (ALTA) 2001 Annual
Conference will be hosted by: John Balaban, North              December 2002
Carolina State University. Visit                               4th-6th, Berlin, Germany. 4th International Conference on for more         Languages and the Media. For more information, visit

29th-31st, Barcelona, Spain. Fifth International               18th-21st, Mumbai, India. International Conference on
Congress on Translation: Interculturality and                  Natural Language Processing. Please visit the following
Translation: Less Translated Languages. Visit                  for more information: for more information or e-
mail Abstracts accepted
until April 30th, 2001.                                        January 2003
                                                               2nd-5th, Atlanta, GA, USA. Linguistic Society of America,
October 31-November 3, 2001, Regal Biltmore Hotel,             77th Annual Meeting Hilton Atlanta and Towers Hotel.
Los Angeles, California, USA. 42nd Annual                      Please visit the following for more information:
Conference of the American Translators Association . 
Information: fax ATA at +1(703) 683-6122 or via email
to                                      March 2003
                                                               22nd -25th, Arlington, VA, USA. American Association for
November 2002                                                  Applied Linguistics presents "The Diversity of Applied
4th-7th, Heidelberg, Germany. LISA Forum Europe.               Linguistics". Please visit the following site for more
Standards in Localization and Translation. Multilingual        information:
Content Authoring, Workflow Management, Web-
services and your Company’s ROI. Visit the following           May 2003
for more information:                                          Toronto, Canada. CALL FOR PAPERS. Canadian                        Association for Translation Studies. Conference:
6th-9th, Atlanta, GA, USA. ATA 43rd Annual                     Translation and (Im)migration. May 2002 - Universities of
Conference, Hyatt Regency. Please visit the ATA site           Toronto and Ryerson. Contact Anne Malena, University of
for more information -                                         Alberta at; Marco Fiola, Université                               du Québec à Hull at; Denise Merkle,
                                                               Université de Moncton, at; or
11th-14th, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. VI         Jane Koustas, Brock University at
Congresso Internacional, Transculturalismos:          for more information.
Brasil/Canadá. Visit for
more information.
                                            Portuguese Division Dinner -
                                       Friday, November 8, 2002, at 7:00 pm

   Name __________________________________________________________________________________
   # of persons attending _____________________________________________________________________
   Address ________________________________________________________________________________
   City, State, ZIP ___________________________________________________________________________
   email ___________________________________________________________________________________

            Choice of entrées
   Plum pork or                                  Cost of dinner: $24 per person. Beverages not included
   Shrimp Louisianne or
   Prosciutto Chicken

 Please make your check payable to Ines Bojlesen, and mail it with this form to
 497 Livingood Lane Lake Oswego, OR 97034
 Phone (503) 699-0998 Fax (503) 675-8609               Questions? Email:
PLData                                               Page 19                                               September 2002
American Translators Association
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, VA 22314


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