CENTRE, ABUJA


The centre is a non-formal educational experience in self discovery and
actualization, which focuses on short but intensive training for
responsible leadership and good citizenship. It also combines adventure
with social services and community development with the motto: “Build
the man, Build the Community”

The various activities undertaken       on each course are deliberately but
carefully planned to achieve the following:-
  a. To provide training that will expose an individual in his environment
         so that he could become aware of his capacity and be stretched
         beyond what he feels to be his limit.
  b. To develop in the individual desirable values of self discipline, self
         reliance and self service.
  c. To develop a sense of national consciousness, patriotism and
         promote international understanding and peace.

Among other services provided, the Centre takes responsibility for the
review of operational activities of the National Youth Service Corps
  i.        It serves as co-ordinating partner for the development, planning,
            policy formation and implementation of the NYSC programmes.
  ii.       The Centre also handles all relevant matters as may be directed
            to it or emanating from the supervising ministry or office of the
            Head of Civil Service of the Federation.
  iii.      The Centre formulates policies and coordinates the activities
            and programmes of Man O’ War Clubs and Associations both in
            community and Higher Institutions level and also creates
         opportunities   for Nigerian Youths       to acquire     applicable
         vocational and entrepreneurial skills.

The essence of the Charter is to provide necessary information on the
services provided by the Centre and to ensure that participants and
sponsors of our courses        derive maximum satisfaction        from their
dealings with our training programme. The Charter also provides
information on ways for redress mechanism if customers, participants
and sponsors are dissatisfied with our services.

                              OUR MISSION
    To create a conducive environment within the corporate nation and
      in the individual course participants, also an atmosphere that will
      enhance the development of positive values, courage, trust and
      integrity which are the qualities of acceptable leadership practice.
    To provide training for the development of citizenship and
      leadership for public benefit.
    To enhance and expand individual awareness.
    To inculcate in the individual qualities of self discipline, self
      reliance and selfless service.
    Develop National consciousness and International understanding.
    Seeking to engineer a general reorientation of values.

                                 OUR VISION
Our vision is to be world class provider of quality training that will
empower Nigerians for good citizenship and responsible leadership.

                             OUR CUSTOMERS
Based on our mandate, our customers include:
         - The Nigerian Army
         - The Nigerian Navy
        - The Nigerian Air Force
        - The Nigerian Police
        - The Nigerian Prison Service
        - The Nigeria Fire Brigade
        - The Nigeria Port Authority
        - All Colleges of Education
        - Selected Secondary Schools
        - Voluntary organizations
        - All categories of youth
        - General public.

                   STRUCTURE OF THE CENTRE

The Centre has eight Units, four Departments and five Sections.
The Units are:
        - Mountain school
           Shere Hills, Jos
           Plateau State
        - Sea School
           Apapa, Lagos.

        - Women Unit
           Apapa, Lagos
        - Forest School
           Port Harcourt
        - Desert School
           Fika, Yobe State

        - Rockland School
           Kotokorshi, Zamfara State
        - Hilltop School
           Awgu Enugu state

        - Mobile Unit
           Headquarters office

The Departments are:-
        - Personnel Management
        - Finance and Supplies
        - Training and Operations
        - Planning , Research and Statistics
The Sections are:-
        - Special Duties
        - Audit
        - Budget
        - Pension
        - Final Accounts

a. Our training programme exposes our participants to sound planning,
   good organizational and effective time management. It also inculcate
   in an individual self discipline and character building which is
   essential to the survival of any nation.
b. To prepare youths population for transition into adulthood through
   exposition to challenges and to develop the necessary courage.
c. To prepare in the participants the ability to endure, strive, and never
   yield in all life endeavours and to work as a team and achieve results
   through team work, cooperation and exercise of self discipline.
d. The Centre’s technical programmes includes emergency drills, hand
   craft, life saving, fire fighting drills, first Aid, Tie and Dye, Compass
   and Map work, orienteering       exercise, group dynamics, lectures,
   initiative and   observations test, community development project,
   symposia, assault course, Parashoot, Rock climbing and absailing,
   swimming, Solo survival, Water Polo, Kayaking and games.
e. Annual National training      for Man O’ War clubs and Association.
   About 150 participants attended the training in year 2005.
f. Facilitating interaction among youth organizations and religious
g. Co-ordinating NYSC orientation programmes across the Country.
h. Handling of all relevant matters referred to it from its parent Ministry
   or office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.
i. The Centre’s training through its exchange programmes also
   promotes international understanding.

                    OUR PERFORMANCE STANDARD
The Centre has and will always carry out the above stated tasks
effectively and diligently with utmost dispatch, transparency, integrity,
justice, equity, and honesty, subject to availability and timely release of
required resources from the Management.

We expect the following from our customers/sponsors
1. Total cooperation from all our sponsors and participants in the pursuit
   of our functions, effective service delivery.
2. The sponsors and participants are to provide us with information and
   to facilitate the functions of the Centre.
3. Full disclosure of the activities of Man O’ War Clubs and Associations
   funded programmes and projects; as well as the reports of their
   activities which must be submitted every quarterly.
4. General feedback on our performance from our customers, sponsors
   and participants.
 1. Report all grievances either by writing, telephone, E-mail, or
    personally to the appropriate authority. (E-mail:
 2. Address a petition or complaint to the Director General on such
 3. Provide all necessary information that the Centre may require to
    facilitate timely processing of requests/complaints.
 4. The authority will set up a committee that will look into the
    grievances where they affect members of staff and the public.

                       Plot 150, occe-Agbe Close,
                        P.m.b 345, Garki II Abuja.

Due to extraneous factors such as budgetary inadequacy, constraints in
communication, expectations from the customers may be hampered.

 The address of the contact is as follows:
NODAL Officer: Onyeabo I. C.
Servicom Unit,
Citizenship & Leadership Training Centre
Plot 10 Oke Agbe Close
Garki II
Telephone: 09-671529, 08053352539

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