Towards Coherence Between Classroom Assessment and Accountability by HC120212153914


									Towards Coherence Between
 Classroom Assessment and
 Selected Chapters from the 103rd
          NSSE Yearbook
             What is NSSE?
• National Society for the Study of Education
• Dedicated to: improvement of education research,
  policy, and practice through scholarship and
• Scholars, professional educators and
  administrators, policy makers, etc.
• Publishes 2 Yearbooks (free to members) each
  year on current “interesting topics”
• Information about membership can be found on
  the flyers
      Motivations for Yearbook
• Concern: there has been insufficient attention paid
  to the central place of the classroom in thinking
  about the role of assessment in education and in
  educational accountability
• Hence: discuss examples of research studies that
  link classroom assessment and accountability in
  multiple ways (Source articles)
• And: offer reflections on these efforts based on the
  data and on their own varied experiences and
  orientations (Commentaries)
      Organization of Session

• Opening remarks by each panelist
  – 10 mins max
  – Dylan William, John Smithson, Mark Wilson,
    Marjie Jorgensen
• Q&A and discussion, audience and panel
• Concluding remarks from panel

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