Euchre Tournament Rules - Meetup by wuzhengqin


									             St. Clair Euchre Club

               Tournament Rules
RULE BREAKING PENALTY: If a player breaks any of
the tournament rules, a warning will be issued and
upon the second violation, a 2-point penalty will be
deducted from the player’s final score.

TABLE TALK: First and foremost there must not be
table talk or gestures during the game. “Table talk” -
Saying anything that may reveal information about
your hand or to indicate how your partner should play
or to prevent or advise your partner from making a
possible mistake. In the bidding process you must
keep your bids consistent. Please do not vary from
hand to hand saying something different in hands
during a game, such as pass or I pass, pick it up, I
order, that's trump or other similar phrases. Players
who are not consistent or are habitually using
different phrases when passing, ordering or making
trump will be given a warning that this practice is not
allowed. Further violation will result in 2 penalty
points being assessed against the person committing
the violation.

ORDER OF DEAL: Beginning each new game, the
scorekeeper will flip cards over until the first Black
Jack is found.
MISDEAL: Any exposed card during the deal is a
misdeal and the same person will re-deal the cards.

least 1 trump card in your hand to make trump or to
pick up a jack.

NO ACE, NO FACE, NO TRUMP: A hand with no ace,
no face and no trump can be folded.

STICK THE DEALER: If trump is not made the 2nd
time around, the dealer must call a suit.

RENEGE: Previously quitted tricks once turned over
and the next lead has been played cannot be
examined. In a situation that involves a renege, both
team captains will attempt to resolve the issue. If
dispute remains the Tournament Director will attempt
to resolve the issue. Unsubstantiated claims of
reneging are penalized 2 points. If it is determined
that someone did renege, the hand is over with full
points awarded to the team the violation was against.
Penalty points are deducted the player’s final total.

LONE HAND PLAY: When a lone hand has been
declared, the non-playing partner will shove his cards
straight across the table to his/her partner. The kitty
must remain face down on the table. Non-playing
partner may take in tricks. There must be no talking
during the play of a lone hand.

A player who mistakenly plays on his/her partner’s
lone hand, the lone hand is forfeited and hand is
played out with all 4 players, 1 or 2 points can be
made or 2 points if euchred.

retrieved if it has been played, should this result in a
renege, hand is over and full points in favor on the
non-offending team. Avoid controversy PLAY OUT ALL

PENALTY CARD APPLICATION: An exposed card during
play must remain face up on the table and played at
1st legal opportunity. A lead out of turn would also be
considered as an exposed card.

LEADING OUT OF TURN: Out of turn lead must be
called before a 2nd player plays on "an out of turn
lead" otherwise lead will stand. No penalty if lead out
of turn occurs in 5th lead. Penalty Card Application.

BIDDING OUT OF TURN: A player that bids out of
turn and also his partner forfeit the right to make
trump in that hand, in both 1st and 2nd round of
bidding. This must be called before a 2nd player bids
otherwise out of turn bid stands. Non-offending team
may accept the out of turn bid at their peril.

END OF GAME: The game is over when everyone at
the table has dealt twice. There will be no player
eliminations for losses during the tournament and all
players will play until the end of the tournament.

There are two types of scorecards.

Individual scorecards are scored by individuals and
kept until the end of the tournament.

Table Scorecards: One person will volunteer to keep
score all players at table. After the score has been
written on the scorecard, one of the opponents will
verify that the scores are correct. If a team receives 0
points, it will be indicated by an X on the score sheet.

At the end of each game, all players will confer and
verify that the scorecards are correct.

The scorekeeper will bring the scorecard to the
Tournament Director, the Tournament Director
Assistant or raise their hand notifying the Tournament
Director to collect the game scorecard.

PLAYER MOVEMENT: After the Tournament Director
has collected the scorecard, the losing team will move
to next table in numeric sequence and the winning
team will remain at the table. The winning team will
switch seats, so that they are no longer teammates.

There will be a 10 minutes intermission after 5 games
of play.


4 points – Team wins a Lone Hand

3 points – Teams euchres a Lone Hand

2 points – Team takes all tricks

2 points – Team euchres the opponents

2 points – Team skunks the opponents (Marked as S)

1 point -- Team takes 3 or 4 tricks in

0 point -- (Marked as X)

PRIZES AWARDED: (Ties are combined then split equally)

1st Prize:   Highest score: 50% of fees collected
2nd Prize:   2nd Highest score: 25% of fees collected
3rd Prize:   Most Lone Hands: 7.5% of fees collected
4th Prize:   Last Place: $20 Prize

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