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									ETD Submission Process
             Fall 2011

           Valerie Emerson
    ETD Administrator, Gelman Library / (202) 994-2041
              Before you Submit ……
   Review the information on publishing options (Open Access vs. Traditional)
    and copyright information BEFORE you submit!

        Open Access vs. Traditional Publishing: (ProQuest Resources)

             Publishing Options:

             Embargos and Restrictions:

        Intellectual Property and Copyright (ProQuest Resources)

             Copyright Law and Graduate Research:

             Protecting Your Intellectual Property:
Publication Options
Publication Options
   Review the approved and final version of your
    document to ensure it meets the University’s
    and your graduate school’s formatting guidelines
    before you convert it to a .pdf and upload your

       ETD Style Guide

       School Guidelines
                           Submission Process
    Create an account on the ProQuest ETD website,
     (Hint: The link for GWU is under “The” George Washington University.)

    If you create one or more accounts, please withdraw all submissions that will not be submitted for actual review.

    About You: You will receive emails (from ProQuest) at various stages in the submission process.
          Use an email address you check on a regular basis and can handle .pdf documents.
          Add to your address book to avoid these emails going to your spam box.

    Complete the ETD Details pages

    Upload your manuscript as a .pdf.

          The main manuscript must be submitted as a single .pdf file. You may also upload supplementary files as needed.

          You may use the PDF converter in your Word Processor, Adobe Acrobat or the .pdf converter provided on the ETD Submission

          If a single file or the main document + supplementary files combined is greater than 250MB, please contact the Library ETD
           Administrator for instructions on how to proceed. Depending on the circumstances, all or part of your submission will have to be
           submitted on CD Rom or DVD.

    Hand in your completed ETD Approval Form to your graduate school office:
                  Submission Review
   Submission is reviewed to ensure it conforms to the
    University and/or school specific formatting guidelines.
       If revisions are required, you will receive an email detailing the
        required changes.

       Make the corrections and upload your revisions.
            You will need to make the corrections to your word document,
             embed the fonts when you save it, and then convert it to a .pdf to
             upload your revision to your ETD account.

       NOTE:
            You must click on the Save and Continue buttons until you see a
             Submit button.
            You then MUST click on the final Submit button to automatically
             notify the ETD/School Administrator that your revisions have been
                    Submission Review
   Once your submission meets the formatting requirements, it will be locked
    and forwarded to your ETD School Administrator for final approval.

        Your School Administrator must have the following information in hand to
         complete the final review process:
             Graduation Application:

             Completed ETD Approval Form: (

             For Doctoral Candidates only: a confirmation email certifying the Survey of Earned
              Doctorates has been completed.
              ( )

                   Surveys may be completed online by going to the above URL. Forward the
                    confirmation email you received upon completion of the Survey to your School
                    Administrator to verify you have completed the survey, OR

                   You may complete a paper survey to be turned in to your School Administrator

        Both Master’s and Doctoral Candidates are asked to complete the
         Graduate Student Survey ( ) online.
         Submission Process
When your submission has been accepted, you will
receive an email from ProQuest indicating that you met
all the requirements for graduation.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for ProQuest to process and
publish your manuscript once it has been delivered.
Submission with very large files will take longer to
process and publish.
           Monitoring the Process
Links located on the left-hand column of the ETD Details
   page allows you to track the progress of your

      View Decisions: this is a record of communication from the ETD
       Administrators, including emails detailing the revisions requested
       by the ETD/School Administrator.

      View Revision History: this displays all of the different versions
       of your submission uploaded to the system. The most current
       version should always be checked.

      View History: Follows the progression of decisions/changes
       made for your submission.
                    Monitoring Your Progress
ETD Status box: (upper right-hand corner of the Details page)
    Administrator               Status                           Explanation

   Assign                      Submitted                        ETD has been submitted, but no action has
                                                                 been taken.

   Contact Email Group, GWU    Waiting for Revisions (Minor)*   ETD has been reviewed and minor changes have
                                                                 been requested.

   Your School Administrator   Ready for Checklist              ETD conforms to formatting standards and has been
                                                                 assigned to your graduate school administrator.

   Your School Administrator   Register Decision: Accepted*     ETD has passed final review, you have met all the
                                                                 graduation requirements, and your manuscript
                                                                 is ready to be delivered to ProQuest.

   Your School Administrator   Scheduled for Delivery           Your submission has been scheduled for delivery to

   Your School Administrator   Delivered*                       Your manuscript has been delivered to ProQuest.
                                                                 Please allow 6-8 weeks for your submission to be
                                                                 processed and published.

* The ETD website will automatically generate an email at these points in the process.
   Once delivered to ProQuest, your thesis/dissertation will be published by ProQuest in
    approximately 6-8 weeks. Submissions that have very large files will take longer.

   Electronic copies of theses/dissertations are sent to Gelman Library’s Institutional
    Repository as they are published.

   Catalog records on the ETD Details page are created and uploaded into the ALADIN
    Catalog on a monthly basis.

   The full text will be available through the ALADIN Catalog or the ProQuest database,
    Dissertations and Theses Online unless you have requested an embargo.

   In the case of an embargoed dissertation/thesis, bibliographic information including
    the abstract you supplied on the ETD Details page will be available in the both
    Catalog and the ProQuest database.

   If you choose to allow search engines to discover your work, only the citation
    information will be displayed.

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