CatSitting4UPetDisclosure by wuzhengqin


									                               Pet Disclosure Form

Please complete one Pet Information Disclosure form per pet.

Owner:                                                    Pet Name:
Length of Time Owned:                                     Breed:
             Sex: M/F                                     Declawed: Y/N      Neutered: Y/ N
License #:                                                          Microchip/Tattoo/Tag #:
Physical Description (if similar to another):             Birth date:                Or Age:
                                                          Weight:                    Or Size:

Feeding Instructions: (Dry/Wet; amount; brand; any special instructions – include treats)

Medications (include type, amount, administration, etc)
Pet’s Living Area:

Emergency Care:

*Placing Credit Card on file at vets office is recommended
Vet Name:
Clinic Name:                                            Vaccinations up to date on (month/yr):

Pet Medical History: (ongoing or reoccurring known illnesses/injuries, allergies, treatments &

Temperament/Personality: (include things that frighten cat such as thunder, strangers, etc; include how
pet reacts to such things; include things cat likes – grooming, massage, touching ears, etc.)

Client/Owner Name:

Signature: _______________________________ Date: ____________

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