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Rusty pickle


									                                                              the products you love. the moments you cherish.
                                                                        Let’s Celebrate! We have a lot of reasons to celebrate, not only are we thrilled to be
                                                                             introducing our new 2007/2008 Product Catalog Supplement, but we’re
                                                                         celebrating on our fifth year of business at MemoryWorks! Celebrate with us as
                                                                        we embark on another fantastic season of fun, fresh and fantastic products! Enjoy!

                                                                                        Amber and Kevin Crowell, MemoryWorks CoFounders
                                                                                                   and the MemoryWorks Team!

Rusty pickle                                          [french market]
Rusty Pickle puts the cool back in scrapbook-
ing, from trend-setting flourishes and botani-
cals, to all things princess and pirate – these hip                                                    c.
collections will take your scrapbooking in all
new directions! Totally fun, totally different…
and totally cool!
[theme sets:] Includes six 12x12 sheets of
double-sided patterned cardstock paper, one
sheet per design. Acid & Lignin Free. [chip-
board:] Two 12x12 sheets of raw die-cut chip-         [cap’n jack]
board shapes and accents. [tag set:] Includes
two 8x10 sheets of coordinating die-cut tag
and journaling accents. [alphabet stickers:]
Includes two 8x10 sheets of distressed letter                                                           d.
stickers. [chipboard alphabet letters:]
Includes patterned chipboard letters, numbers                                                                                                                    g.
and multiple frequently used letters, measuring
1 1/2” x 2” in size.                                                                                             e.

French Market Collection                                 d.
a. Theme Set RP001 • $5.75
b. Tag Set RP002 • $4.00
c. Abstract Alphabet Stickers RP003 • $4.00

Cap’n Jack Collection                                                                                                    h.
d. Theme Set RP004 • $5.75
e. Tag Set RP005 • $4.00                              [pirate princess]
f. Chipboard Alphabet Letters RP006 • $4.00
g. Stary Night Chipboard RP007 • $7.75

Pirate Princess Collection
h. Theme Set RP008 • $5.75                                    i.
i. Tag Set RP009 • $4.00
j. Chipboard Alphabet Letters RP010 • $4.00
k. Pirate Chipboard RP011 • $7.75
         a.                          [figgy pudding]
                                                                           True to their nature, BasicGrey has not only
                                                                           pushed, but pulled and torn the envelope of
                                                                      d.   creativity with their new distinctively daring
                                                                           collections. With colors and patterns that are
                                                                           so dramatic and moody, vibrant and inspira-
                                                                           tional, vintage and aged, and so exquisitely
                                                                           designed, BasicGrey continues to reject the
                                                                           typical and eliminate the ordinary – daring
                                                                           you to defy everything you know about scrap-
                                                                           booking…and love every minute of it.
                                                                           [theme sets:] Includes eight 12x12 sheets
                                                                           of patterned cardstock paper, one sheet per
                                                                           design; one 12x12 sheet of 2” die-cut mono-
                         [mellow]                                e.        grams; and one 12x12 sheet of coordinating
                                                                           die-cut shapes. Acid & Lignin Free. [mini-
                   f.                                                      monograms:] Coordinating 12x12 sheet of 1”
                                                                           die-cut mini monogram letters. Acid & Lignin
                                                                           Free. [ribbon:] Includes five coordinating rib-
                                                                           bon designs per package, one yard per design.
                                                                           [buttons] Includes 1/4 cup of coordinating
              g.                                                           buttons in assorted sizes and colors.

                                                                           Figgy Pudding Collection
         h.                                                                a. Theme Set BG056 • $11.00 *
                                                                           b. Die-cut Stickers BG057 • $3.00
                                                                           c. Fiber BG058 • $4.00
                                                                           d. Mini-Monogram Stickers BG059 • $3.00
                                    [periphery]                            Mellow Collection
                                                  j.                       e. Theme Set BG060 • $11.00
                                                                           f. Mini-Monograms BG061 • $2.00
                                                                           g. Ribbons BG062 • $6.00
                                                                           h. Buttons BG063 • $5.00

                                                                           Periphery Collection
                                                                 k.        i. Theme Set BG064 • $11.00
                                                                           j. Mini-Monograms BG065 • $2.00
                                                                           k. Ribbons BG066 • $6.00
                                                            l.             l. Buttons BG067 • $5.00

                                                                           Recess Collection
                                                                           m. Theme Set BG068 • $11.00
                                                                           n. Mini-Monograms BG069 • $2.00
                         [recess]                                m.        o. Ribbons BG070 • $6.00
                                                                           p. Buttons BG071 • $5.00

                                                                           *Includes double-sided cardstock and one
                                                                           sheet of monogram die-cut stickers.

                                                                              [infuse]                                       q.
Infuse Collection
q. Theme Set BG072 • $11.00
r. Mini-Monograms BG073 • $2.00
s. Ribbons BG074 • $6.00                                r.
t. Buttons BG075 • $5.00

Obscure Collection                                            s.
u. Theme Set BG076 • $11.00
v. Mini-Monograms BG077 • $2.00
w. Ribbons BG078 • $6.00
x. Buttons BG079 • $5.00

Undressed Chipboard
[chipboard shapes:] Includes four 5x8 sheets                                                                [obscure]
of adhesive-backed, high-quality raw chipboard
shapes. [chipboard monograms:] Includes
four 5x8 sheets of adhesive-backed, high-quality
raw chipboard 2” monogram letters.
y. Margie Monograms BG080 • $5.00
z. Bon Bon Monograms BG081 • $5.00
aa. Thickset Monograms BG082 • $5.00
bb. Elbow Monograms BG083 • $5.00                                                                                                 w.
cc. Mellow Shapes BG084 • $5.00
dd. Figgy Pudding Shapes BG085 • $5.00
ee. Periphery Shapes BG086 • $5.00
ff. Recess Shapes BG087 • $5.00                                                                                         x.
gg. Infuse Shapes BG088 • $5.00
hh. Obscure Shapes BG089 • $5.00

        product pick
                                                                                              cc.                                       dd.
BasicGrey Clear Stamps
Clear acrylic stamps are all of the rage – and if
you haven’t caught the wave now is a perfect
time! Clear stamps take all of the guess work out
of stamping. Their clear, unique design makes it
perfect for easy placement and storage. They’re so
versatile and easy to use, it’s no wonder why they                                       z.
are quickly becoming a favorite in the scrapbook
and stamping hobby!

                                                        aa.                                                                                  ff.
[clear stamps:] Features one 4x6 sheet of du-
rable, high-quality clear acrylic stamps in a variety
of designs and styles.                                                                           ee.

ii. 4x6 North Pole BG090 • $15.00
jj. 4x6 Winterland BG091 • $15.00

                                         jj.                       bb.

                                                a.                       [True]
                                                                                             Fancy Pants
                                                                                            Theme Set Collections
                                                               b.                           Tickle your fancy with the newest collection
                                                                                  c.        of the distinctive line of Fancy Pants prod-
                                                                                            ucts – from rich, warm and homespun to fresh,
                                                                                            fruity and fun these one-of-a-kind theme sets,
                                                                                            ribbon and rub-ons are sure to set your creative
                                                                                            spirit free .
                                                                    d.                 f.
                                                                                            [theme sets:] Includes six 12x12 sheets of
                                                                            e.              double-sided patterned cardstock paper, one
                                                                                            sheet per design. Acid & Lignin Free. [rub-
                                                                                            ons:] 8x8 sheet of colorful decorative rub-on
                [holly jolly]                        g.                                     transfers. [ribbon:] Includes six coordinating
                                                                                            ribbon designs per package, one yard per design.
                                                          n.         i.                     [Posies:] Includes eight delicate, hand-
                                                                                            crocheted posies in four coordinating colors
h.                                                                                          and two distinct sizes. [Buttons:] Includes a
                           i.                                                               total of 36 buttons, 12 printed and 24 solid in
                                                                                            coordinating colors and assorted sizes. Printed
                                                                                            buttons consist of two printed patterns per set.
                                                                                            [Decorative Pins:] Includes 32 decorative
                                                                                            pins in assorted colors and shapes.
     j.                     l.
                                                                                            True Collection
          k.                                                                                a. Theme Set FP044 • $5.50
                                                                                            b. Ribbon Card FP045 • $6.50
                                                                                            c. Rub-ons FP046 • $5.00
                                                                                            d. Harvest Buttons FP047 • $7.00
                                                                     [crush]                e. Harvest Posies FP048 • $8.00
                                                                                            f. Harvest Pins FP049 • $6.00

                                           o.         m.                                    Holly Jolly Collection
                                                                                  o.        g. Theme Set FP050 • $5.50
                                                                                            h. Ribbon Card FP051 • $6.50
                                                                                            i. Rub-ons FP052 • $5.00
                                                                                            j. Tis’ the Season Buttons FP053 • $7.00
                                                                                            k. Tis’ the Season Posies FP054 • $8.00
                                                                                            l. Tis’ the Season Pins FP055 • $6.00
                                                                     p.                r.

                                                                                            Crush Collection
                                                                             q.             m. Theme Set FP056 • $5.50
                                                                                            n. Ribbon Card FP057 • $6.50
                                                                                            o. Rub-ons FP058 • $5.00
                                                                                            p. True Love Buttons FP059 • $7.00
                [botanical]           s.   r.                                               q. True Love Posies FP060 • $8.00
                                                                                            r. True Love Pins FP061 • $6.00

 t.                                                                                         Botanical Collection
                                                                                            s. Theme Set FP062 • $5.50
                            u.                                                              t. Ribbon Card FP063 • $6.50
                                                                                            u. Rub-ons FP064 • $5.00
                                                                                            v. Sassy Buttons FP065 • $8.00
                                                                                            w. Sassy Posies FP066 • $7.00
                                 x.                                                         x. Sassy Pins FP067 • $6.00

                                                                                               y.        [Sweet Pea]
Sweet Pea Collection
y. Theme Set FP068 • $5.50
z. Ribbon Card FP069 • $6.50
aa. Rub-ons FP070 • $5.00
bb. Splash Buttons FP071 • $8.00                                                                        z.
cc. Splash Posies FP072 • $7.00                                                                                            aa.
dd. Splash Pins FP073 • $6.00

Felt Shapes
[Felt Shapes:] Includes four 12x12 high-quality                                                          bb.
sheets of felt die-cut shapes in four coordinating
colors, one sheet per color. Over 160 die-cut felt
shapes per package!
                                                                                     [felt shapes]
ee. Tis’ the Season Felt Shapes FP074 • $17.00
ff. Splash Felt Shapes FP075 • $17.00
gg. Harvest Felt Shapes FP076 • $17.00
hh. assy Felt Shapes FP077 • $17.00
                                                     ee.                                                                    ff.

Acrylic Stamps
Fancy Pants is known for their beautiful,
inspiring and versatile acrylic stamp collections
bursting with creativity and innovation. These
12x12 stamp sets are a terrific value with over      gg.                                                                   hh.
30 individual stamp shapes in each set!

[12x12 Acrylic Stamps:] High quality acrylic               r.
stamps with over 30 shapes ranging up to 6” in                                                  r.
size. Works perfect with 6x6 Acrylic Block and
                                                                [acrylic stamps]                       [creative cards]
ii. 12x12 In My Words FP078 • $40.00
jj. 12x12 From the Garden FP079 • $40.00
Creative Cards
kk. Notecard Journaling Prompts FP080 • $6.00
ll. Remember Journaling Cards FP081 • $6.00
Chipboard Box Sets
A great new concept in showing off your work –                                                           ll.
these adorable 8x8 chipboard box sets are so cool!
Plus, they make it so simple to create your own
one-of-a-kind creation. Alter the chipboard                                                          [School Days]
box and accordion album with your favorite                                                              mm.
designer paper, use the chipboard elements to
embellish, plus add your own flavor with rib-
bon, brads, buttons and more. Before you know
it you’ve created a delightful keepsake for your
most treasured memories!

[Chipboard Box Sets:] Includes an 8x8
five-panel chipboard accordion album, one 8.75 x                           [Baby Steps]
8.75 chipboard gift box, and three 8x8 sheets of                                   nn.
chipboard die-cut embellishments.

mm. School Days FP082 • $13.00
nn. Baby Steps FP083 • $13.00
                                                                                       Daisy D’s
                                            a.             b.

                                                                                Life isn’t perfect….but parts of it are. Those
                                                                                small little pieces that catch you by surprise…
                                                                                you know the ones that make you smile when
                                                                                you least expect it. Carving out little pieces of
                                                                                perfection is the inspiration behind the new
                                                                c.              Daisy D’s collections. With truly inspirational
                                                                                designs, vibrant colors and beautiful patterns,
                                                                                plus coordinating buttons, flowers and ribbon
                                                                                that are so perfect together…well it just doesn’t
                                                                                get any more perfect than that!

                                      d.              e.              f.   g.   [theme sets:] Includes six sheets of 12x12 pat-
                                                                                terned paper, one of each design; and one 7x10
                 [autumn]                                                       sheet of decorative cardstock sticker embellish-
                                                                                ments. Acid & Lignin Free. [journaling tags:]
                                                                                Two 7x10 sheets of die-cut embellishments
                                                                                and journaling tags. [rub-ons:] 7x10 sheet of
       i.                                                                       digital inspired rub-on transfers. [chipboard
                                                                                titles:] Includes 1 – 1 1/2”colorful chipboard
                                 h.                                             letters that spells four themed titles. [rib-
                                                                                bon:] Includes six ribbon designs, one yard per
                                                                                design. [buttons:] Includes approximately 70
                                                                                buttons in assorted colors and sizes. [flowers:]
                                                                                Includes 60 fabric flowers in assorted colors and

                                                                                Autumn Collection
       j.                                                                       a. Theme Set DD017 • $6.75
                                                                                b. Journaling Tags DD018 • $3.00
                                                                                c. Rub-ons DD019 • $5.00
                                                                                d. Chipboard Titles DD020 • $3.50
       k.          l.       m.         n.                                       e. Brighten My Day Ribbons DD021 • $6.00
                                                                                f. Brighten My Day Buttons DD022 • $6.00
                                                                                g. Brighten My Day Flowers DD023 • $6.00
                                                                                Halloween Collection
                                                                                h. Theme Set DD024 • $6.75
                                                                                i. Journaling Tags DD025 • $3.00
                                                                                j. Rub-ons DD026 • $5.00
                                                                                k. Chipboard Titles DD027 • $3.50
            o.                                             p.                   l. Treat Me Ribbons DD028 • $6.00
                                                                                m. Treat Me Buttons DD029 • $6.00
                                                                                n. Treat Me Flowers DD030 • $6.00

                                                                                Snowflakes & Holly Collection
                                                                                o. Theme Set DD031 • $6.75
                                                                                p. Gift Tags DD032 • $3.00
                                                                                q. Color Rub-ons DD033 • $5.00
                                                                     q.         r. Chipboard Titles DD034 • $3.50
                                                                                s. Soften Me Up Ribbons DD035 • $6.00
                                                                                t. Soften Me Up Buttons DD036 • $6.00
                                                                                u. Soften Me Up Flowers DD037 • $6.00
                                 r.              s.                  t..   u.

    [snowflakes & holly]

                                                w.                                        v.
Snapshots Collection
v. Theme Set DD038 • $6.75
w. Journaling Tags DD039 • $3.00
x. Rub-ons DD040 • $5.00
y. Chipboard Titles DD041 • $3.50
z. Cool Me Down Ribbons DD042 • $6.00
aa. Cool Me Down Buttons DD043 • $6.00
bb. Cool Me Down Flowers DD044 • $6.00                               x.

Maybe Baby*
cc. Theme Set DD045 • $7.75
dd. Journaling Tags DD046 • $3.00                    y.         z.        aa.                  bb.
ee. Rub-ons DD047 • $5.00                                                                                               [snapshots]
ff. Chipboard Titles DD048 • $3.50
gg. Ribbons DD049 • $6.00
hh. Buttons DD050 • $6.00
ii. Flowers DD051 • $6.00

* Includes double-sided patterned paper.



                                                                                           ff.             gg.          hh.        ii.
                                                     [maybe baby]
3 Bugs in a rug                                                                                   n.                          o.
[theme sets:] Includes four 12x12 sheets
of double-sided patterned cardstock paper,
one sheet per design; and one 12x12 sheet of
coordinating die-cut cardstock tags. Acid &                                                                      [back porch]
Lignin Free. [design board:] 6x12 sheet of      a.
thin-profile light-weight patterned coaster                                                           b.           d.
board embellishments [mini monograms:]
12x12 sheet of coordinating die-cut cardstock
mini monogram letters.
Cotton Shop Collection
a. Theme Set BR018 • $5.50                                                                       f.
b. Mini Monograms BR019 • $2.00
c. Design Chipboard BR020 • $2.00
Back Porch Collection
d. Theme Set BR021 • $5.50
e. Mini Monograms BR022 • $2.00
f. Design Chipboard BR023 • $2.00

                                                           [cotton shop]

                                                                      cosmo cricket
                                                                      [theme sets:] Includes six 12x12 sheets of
                                             b.                 e.    double-sided patterned cardstock paper, one
                                                                      sheet per design; and one 12x12 sheet of die-
                                                                      cut cardstock embellishments. Acid & Lignin
                                        c.                            Free. [journaling cards:] 12x12 sheet of six
                                                                      double-sided 4x6 journaling cards. Acid & Lignin
                                                                      Free. [chipboard letters:] Includes three 6x6
                                                                      sheets of adhesive-backed, printed chipboard,
                                                                      featuring 33 characters per package. [die-cut
                                                                      fashions:] Two 12x12 sheets of decorative die-
                                             d.                       cut cardstock letters or embellishments. Works
                                                                      great with coordinating Buck Naked chipboard!
                                                                      [buck naked chipboard:] Includes 46 chip-
i.                    [be good]                                       board buttons and frames with button holes.
                                                                      Works great with Die-cut Fashions!
                                                                      Gretel Collection
                       f.                                             a. Theme Set CC026 • $8.25
                                                                      b. Journal Cards CC027 • $2.00
                h.                                                    c. Chipboard Letters CC028 • $4.00
                                                                      d. Buttons & More Fashions CC029 • $4.00
                                                                      e. Alpha-Button Fashions CC030 • $4.00
                                                                      Be Good Collection
                                                                      f. Theme Set CC031 • $8.25
                                                                      g. Journal Cards CC032 • $2.00
                                                                      h. Chipboard Letters CC033 • $4.00
                                                                      i. Ornament Fashions CC034 • $4.00
     j.                                                               j. Alpha-Button Fashions CC035 • $4.00
                                                                      k. Ornament Chipboard CC036 • $7.00

                             [hey sugar]                              Hey Sugar Collection
                                                                      l. Theme Set CC037 • $8.25
                                                                      m. Journal Cards CC038 • $2.00
                                                                      n. Chipboard Letters CC039 • $4.00
                             l.               m.                      o. Buttons & More Fashions CC040 • $4.00
                                                                      p. Alpha-Button Fashions CC041 • $4.00
                                                                      Biography 101 Collection
                                                                      Not all memories fit nicely between page
                                       n.                             protectors – with the Biography 101 collection
                                                                      you can scrapbook all your photos, postcards,
                                                                      letters and journaling in the 8” album – and
                                                            p.        then use the corresponding shadow box for
                                                                      keeping all your dimensional memorabilia.
                                                                      [biography 101 album:] Includes an 8” post-
                                                                      bound album with 3” window, 10 page protectors
                                                                      and vintage luggage case. Acid & Lignin
                                                                      Free. [8x8 biography kits:] Includes 12
                                                                      double-sided patterned cardstock paper; eight
                            r.                                        double-sided journaling cards; one double-sided
                                                                      strip tease paper; and one sheet of cardstock
                                                                      alphabet stickers. Acid & Lignin Free.

                                                                      q. Black Biography 101 Album CC042 • $40.00
                                                                      r. Brown Biography 101 Album CC043 • $40.00
           s.                                                         s. Little Girls Kit CC044 • $10.00
                                              [biography 101]         t. Little Boys Kit C045 • $10.00
My Mind’s Eye
[theme sets: ] Includes four 12x12 sheets of
double-sided patterned cardstock paper, one
sheet per design; one 12” printed transparency,
one 4x6 printed transparency frame and one              c.
2 1/2”x 4 1/4” journaling card. [twill rib-
bons:] Two coordinating twill ribbon designs
per package, one yard of each design. [blos-
soms:] Includes one large 4 1/2” blossom, with                                  d.
two coordinating 2” crocheted posies. [gems:]
Includes 12 3/8” coordinating rhinestone gems.

BoulevardCollection                                                                        e.
a. Theme Set MME017 • $7.00                                                                          f.
b. Twill Ribbons MME018 • $3.00
c. Blossoms MME019 • $3.50
d. Large Gems MME020 • $1.60
Bliss Collection
e. Theme Set MME021 • $7.00
f. Twill Ribbons MME022 • $3.00
g. Blossoms MME023 • $3.50
h. Large Gems MME024 • $1.60

Bungalow Collection
i. Theme Set MME025 • $7.00                         [bungalow]
j. Twill Ribbons MME026 • $3.00
k. Blossoms MME027 • $3.50                                       j.
l. Large Gems MME028 • $1.60

Signature Christmas Collections
[theme sets:] Includes nine 12x12 sheets of            k.
patterned paper, one sheet per design; and one
12x12 sheet of coordinating die-cut tag elements.
Acid & Lignin Free.
m. Festive MME029 • $8.50
n. Frost MME030 • $8.50

     product pick                                                                                    [festive]

Rub-On Tape
o. Fancy Border DD052 • $5.00
p. Zig Zag Stitch DD053 • $5.00
q. Straight Stitch DD054 • $5.00

                               q.                                                                                     9
                                                             [peter, peter,
                                                            pumpkin eater]                       Piggy Tales
                                                                                              [theme sets:] Includes six sheets of 12x12 double-
                                                                                              sided patterned cardstock paper, one sheet
      c.                                                                                      of each design. Acid & Lignin Free. [cardstock
                                                                               a.             stickers:] Two 6x12 sheets of colorful cardstock
                                                                                              letter stickers. [barn door toppers:] 12x12 sheet
                                                                                              of interactive flap door accents. [ribbon:] 18 feet
                                                                                              of decorative ribbon, three feet of each design.
                                                                                              [rub-ons] 4x6 sheet of decorative rub-on trans-
      d.                                                                                      fers. [barn door chipboard:] 12x12 sheet of white
                                                                                              chipboard interactive flap elements. [hide & seek
                                                                                              flapbook:] 7 ¾ “ x 8 ½” white chipboard board
                       e.                                                                     book with 3x3 interactive flap elements.

                                                                                              Peter, Pumpkin Eater Collection
                                                                                              a. Theme Set PT013 • $5.50
[chicken                                                                                      b. Cardstock Stickers PT014 • $4.00
 little]                                                   h.                                 c. Barn Door Toppers PT015 • $2.50
                                                                                              e. Rub-ons PT016 • $4.00
       g.                                                            i.
                                                                                              d. Ribbon PT017 • $6.00
                                                                                              f. Barn Door Chipboard PT018 • $4.50

                                                                                              Chicken Little Collection
                                                                                              g. Theme Set PT019 • $5.50
                                                                                              h. Barn Door Toppers PT020 • $2.50
                                                                                              i. Cardstock Stickers PT021 • $4.00
                                                                                              j. Ribbon PT022 • $6.00
                                                                                              k. Rub-ons PT023 • $4.00
                                                                                         j.   l. Hide & Seek Flap Book PT024 • $9.00

                                                                                               We R Memory
                                                           [promenade]                        [theme sets:] Includes six sheets of 12x12
                                                                                              double-sided patterned cardstock paper, two
                                                                                              sheets backed with 6x6 quadrant squares. Acid
                                                                                              & Lignin Free. [layered chipboard:] 6 x 12 sheet
                                                                                              of dimensional, layered chipboard elements.
                                                                                              [rub-ons:] 6x12 sheet of colorful, decorative
                                                                                    q.        rub-on transfers. [eyelets & snaps:] Includes six
                                                                          p.                  decorative metallic eyelets. [trims:] Includes
                                                      n.                                      six yards of designer trim, one yard of each
                                                                o.                            design.

                                                                                              Promenade Collection
                                                                                              m. Theme Set WR037 • $5.25
                 [explore]                                                                    n. Layered Chipboard Tags WR038 • $5.00
                                                                                              o. Rub-ons WR039 • $4.00
                                                                                              p. Trim WR040 • $7.00
                                       r.                                                     q. Designer Eyelets & Snaps WR041 • $4.00

                                                                                              Explore Collection
                                                                                              r. Theme Set WR042 • $5.25
                             v.                                                               s. Layered Chipboard Tags WR043 • $5.00
                  u.                                                                          t. Rub-ons WR044 • $4.00
            t.                                                                                u. Trims WR045 • $7.00
                                                                                              v. Designer Eyelets & Snaps WR046 • $4.00
Scenic route                                                      [ashville]

Looking to spice up your creativity this season?                         a.
Warm, radiant hues paired with complemen-
tary soft, natural tones create the delightful,
nature-inspired collections from Scenic Route.

[theme sets:] Includes four sheets of 12x12
double-sided patterned cardstock paper, one
sheet of 12x12 ruled background cardstock paper;                                                                                   d.
and one sheet of 12x12 patterned Kraft designer
cardstock paper. Acid & Lignin Free. [die-cuts:]
One 12x12 sheet of decorative cardstock arrow
or journaling die-cut shapes. [chipboard
sheets:] 6x12 sheet of colorful decorative                                                              f.
chipboard accents. [chipboard circles:] 11
chipboard circles in a variety of sizes.                                                                                     g.
Ashville Collection
a. Wild Flower Theme Set SR025 • $5.25
b. Branch Theme Set SR026 • $5.25
c. Family Chipboard SR027 • $4.00
d. Caught on Film Chipboard SR028 • $4.00
e. Life is Good Chipboard Circles SR029 • $3.50              j.                              i.              [sumner]
f. Journaling Die Cuts SR030 • $2.00
g. Die Cut Arrows SR031 • $2.00
Sumner Collection
h. Tree Theme Set SR032 • $5.25
i. Willow Theme Set SR033 • $5.25
j. Vacation Chipboard SR034 • $4.00
k. Autumn Chipboard SR035 • $4.00
l. Die Cut Arrows SR036 • $2.00                              k.
m. Journaling Die Cuts SR037 • $2.00
n. Because I Can Chipboard Circles
   SR038 • $3.50
Label Stickers                                          l.
o. Ashville 4x6 Label Stickers SR039 • $1.50
p. Sumner 4x6 Label Stickers SR040 • $1.50
Background Collection
Office-inspired paper and journaling accents
are all of the rage this season – and Scenic
Route’s background papers are the perfect
backdrop for every project, and now there are
die-cut arrows and chipboard circles to match!                                                                  [background]
[theme set:] Includes six sheets of 12x12
background cardstock paper, one sheet of each      o.
design. Acid & Lignin Free. [die-cuts:] One
12x12 sheet of background cardstock arrow                                     q.
shapes. [chipboard circles:] 11 chipboard                                                                                     r.
circles in a variety of sizes.                                      p.
q. Background Theme Set SR041 • $3.50
r. Die Cut Arrows SR042 • $2.00                                                                                         s.
s. Save the Date Chipboard Circles
    SR043 • $3.50
                                                                                                      a.                 [rhonna christmas]
Autumn Leaves                                                                                                                         b.                                c.
Capture your most meaningful memories in
a truly inspirational way. From beautiful,
whimsical designs to ultra-cool, trend-setting
elements - your memories and mementos will
feel right at home with our selection of fabulous
new seasonal products from Autumn Leaves.

A Rhonna Christmas Collection
[theme sets:] Includes five 12x12 sheets of pat-                                                                                                         e.
terned paper, one of each design; one 12” shaped
patterened paper; and one 12x12 sheet of glitter
paper. Acid & Lignin Free. [patterned felt:]                  f.                                                 i.                           j.
Four yards of decorative patterned felt, one
yard of each design. [chipboard:] 36 pieces of                                        g.
colorful, decorative chipboard journaling panels
or shapes. [buttons:] 6 oz. of vintage buttons
in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. [mini file
folders:] Nine patterned mini file folders and 9
coordinating sticker labels.
a. Theme Set AL030 • $6.75                               h.
b. Patterned Felt AL031 • $7.00
c. Chipboard Panels & Tags AL032 • $6.00
d. Bag-o-Buttons AL033 • $6.00
e. Mini File Folders & Labels AL034 • $6.00

Rhonna’s Rub-ons
[rub-ons:] Includes 10 5 x 4 1/4 sheets of                                                  k.                              l.                                    m.
colorful, decorative rub-on phrases and elements
packaged in a 5 x 5 1/2” tin, featuring approxi-
mately 24 – 30 greetings in all.
f. Greetings AL035 • $11.00
g. Keywords AL036 • $11.00
h. Phrases AL037 • $11.00

Clear Stamps
[clear stamps:] 5x7 sheet of high-quality clear
acrylic stamps in a variety of styles and designs.
i. Ticketed AL038 • $15.00
j. For The Records AL039 • $15.00                        JUST LIKE AN EXCLUSIVE SHOP
k. Alphabetically Sent AL040 • $15.00                  with your favorite indulgences, MemoryWorks has
l. Tis the Season AL041 • $15.00                       a special place where you can go to get one-of-a-kind
m. A Rhonna Christmas Card AL042 • $15.00              seasonal scrapbook items. As a MemoryWorks cus-
                                                       tomer you have special access to our unique Online
                                                       Boutique that offers preferred shopping on more of
                                                       the great new seasonal products available in this
 []                                amazing industry, in addition to the fabulous product
           801.737.3242                                lines featured in our Catalog and Supplement! Now
                                                       you get the best of both worlds – the tried-and-true
                                                       favorites included in our printed Product Catalog
                                                       and Supplement, plus the great selection of limited-
                                                       edition items featured in our exclusive Online
                                                       MemoryWorks Boutique!
                                                       []                   Disclaimer: The products included in the Online MemoryWorks
                                                                                                               Boutique are not part of the regular MemoryWorks product line. Items

                                                                                                               are available for a limited time only, and are changed on a seasonal basis.
                                                                                                               Contact your personal consultant for information on how to order items
                                                                                                               from the MemoryWorks Online Boutique!

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