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Programme News January 2012


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									                                    Programme NEWS
                                                                          Soroptimist International of Europe
                                                                                       Issue No. 27, January 2012

Project of the Month                     Happy New Year 2012 to all our readers worldwide!!!
                                         The SI/E Programme Team wishes you all a New Year filled with
This month’s winner is the SI Club       happiness, adventure, and good health! With your steady support, we
of Lecco, Italy, for their project:      will continue to make a difference in the lives of women and girls!
“Concerto Nuevo Tango.” The
Programme Focus objective of this        2012 at a Glance!
project is no 4: “Ensure women and       27 February – 9 March, 56th Commission on the Status of Women, New
                                         York, US
girls have food security and access
                                         12 – 17 March, 6th World Water Forum, Marseille, France
to the highest attainable standard       22 – 24 March, Future African Federation Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya
of health care.”                         27 May, International Peace Marathon, Kigali, Rwanda
                                         15 – 17 June, 20th Nordic Soroptimist Meeting, Lulea, Sweden
The goal of this project was to          20 – 22 June, Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable
commemorate the 15th anniversary         Development, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
of the establishment of the AMCT         30 June – 8 July, Icelandic Soroptimist Week
association, with whom the club          14 – 15 July, SI/E Governors’ Meeting, Budapest, Hungary
has strong ties because the first        14 – 16 September, Dreiländertreffen, Bad Ischl, Österreich
ever club president, Gabriella Zanini,
was a promoter of AMCT
(www.acmtlecco.org/).          AMCT
stands for ‘Association for the Care
of the Sick in Treatment’ in Italian
and was created in 1996 to respond       2012 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year
to the needs of terminally ill           of Cooperatives recognizing the contribution of cooperatives to socio-
patients and families in the local       economic development, mainly their impact on poverty reduction,
community who lacked official            employment generation and social integration. With the theme
                                         “Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World”, the UN aims to
support services. Their aim is to
                                         promote the development and establishment of cooperatives across
improve home care through
                                         the globe.
competent and diligent attention,
improving the quality of life of the     We encourage Soroptimists worldwide to advance cooperatives and
patients, and avoiding unnecessary       raise awareness of their contribution to social and economic
and often traumatic removal from         development as well as encourage the creation and growth of
their family environment.                cooperatives, especially women’s cooperatives.
                                         For more information, please visit http://social.un.org/coopsyear/
To celebrate AMCT’s anniversary, SI
of Lecco collected funds to support
                                                                                     The designation of the
doctors, nurses and volunteers who                                                   International Year of
help terminally ill patients in their                                                Sustainable Energy for All
own homes. The club organized a                                                      recognizes that “access to
concert for piano and violin with        modern affordable energy services in developing countries is essential
music by Astor Piazzola. PFR no.         for the achievement of … the Millennium Development Goals and
22534 states that the financial input    sustainable development.” Over the course of 2012, UN Secretary
                                         General Ban Ki-moon’s new global initiative – Sustainable Energy for All,
amounted to $9290. The project
                                         will continue to partner with governments, the private sector, and civil
helped contribute to the needs of        society to achieve the following three goals:
AMCT which helps around 32                    - ensuring universal access to modern energy services
communes with a population of                 - doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency
about 150,000 people.                         - doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy
Congratulations Club Lecco!              You will find more information at
                                            care for their children during these       Illiteracy and disease.
                                            activities.                                www.icrc.org/
                                            Funds needed: 2,800 EUR                    This is the official
                                                                                       website of the Intern-
 Log onto www.soroptimistprojects.org                                                  ational Committee of
 to see the website’s redesigned new                                                   the Red Cross (ICRC). The ICRC is an
 look. It is easier to navitgate with       Soroptimist    International     has
                                                                                       impartial, neutral and independent
 completely revamped new buttons,           launched the CSW 56 pre-session
                                                                                       organization       whose      exclusively
 tags, search functions. Here are some      advocacy tool kit. This tool kit is
                                                                                       humanitarian mission is to protect
 of the changes and exciting new            designed to help Soroptimists in all
                                                                                       the lives of victims of armed conflict
 features:                                  124    countries     lobby      their
                                                                                       and other situations of violence and
 - new logo                                 Governments and local decision
                                                                                       to provide them with assistance. It
 - a complete new section “Water and        makers to ensure that all
                                                                                       also seeks to prevent suffering by
 Food” to promote our Federation            Government missions attending
                                                                                       promoting         and     strengthening
 theme projects                             CSW 56 are aware of SI's position.
                                                                                       humanitarian law.         The ICRC is
 - prominently feature the club’s name                                                 headquartered          in       Geneva,
 - the donors/supporting clubs are listed   To read the full news story and to
                                                                                       Switzerland,       and    directs     the
 under Resources Needed                     access links to the advocacy guide,
                                                                                       international activities conducted by
 - quick change between currencies EUR      and the letter and postcard to
                                                                                       the organization in armed conflicts.
 and USD                                    governments, visit
 - you can pledge support to a project      http://www.soroptimistinternationa         www.unhcr.org
 through the contact page                   l.org/who-we-are/news/post/251-
 Please continue to visit the Project       advocacy-kit-for-csw-56-launched.
 Matching website and give us your
 support!                                   It is important that as many               The Office of the United Nations High
                                            Government missions as possible            Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
 This month, we feature the project         are aware of the SI position before        is the UN agency mandated to lead
 “PL0001 – Support for mothers of           CSW 56 commences to maximize               and coordinate international action
 profoundly      impaired      children.”   our influence. We therefore hope           to protect refugees. The agency’s key
 Mothers of children with physical          that members will take the                 focus is to safeguard the rights and
 and/or mental disabilities often           opportunity to communicate the SI          well-being of refugees. UNHCR was
 abandon themselves to their children’s     position to their Governments using        established in 1950 by the UN General
 care. Because of the amount of             these above resources.                     Assembly. Since then, the agency has
 attention, time and effort required to                                                helped tens of millions of refugees.
 care for a child with disabilities,        To find out the minister responsible
 mothers are often excluded from social     for gender and equality within
                                            your government, please consult            UNESCO is the UN
 life, suffer from depression and
                                            the     UN       Women       National      agency focusing
 struggle to cope with everyday
                                            Mechanisms for Gender Equality             on Education,
 problems. The aim of this project is to
                                            which lists, by country, the minister      Science and
 support 10 mothers (often single) who
                                            responsible for gender and their           Culture.
 have children with disabilities to cope
 with this situation. The SI Club of        contact details:
                                                                                       It aims to contribute to the buliding
 BIelsko-Biala    (Poland)    plans    to   http://www.un.org/womenwatch/da
                                                                                       of peace, the eradication of poverty,
 organize group activities led by           w/documents/National-
                                                                                       sustainable      development     and
 professionals     to    help    mothers    Mechanisms-Web.pdf
                                                                                       intercultural     dialogue   through
 understand that while caring for their                                                education, the sciences, culture,
 chlidren, they also have to take care of   FEATURED WEBSITES:
                                                                                       communication and information. Visit
 themselves. These activities will help     www.savethechildren.org
                                                                                       their website to learn more about
 them to build their self-esteem and                                                   their global priorities.
 confidence, put them in contact with
 mothers in a similar situation and have                                               www.ilo.org
                                            As an independent organization,
 professionals                              Save the Children aims to create
                                            lasting impact in the lives of children
                                            in need around the world. On this
                                            site, you can find out more about          The        International     Labour
                                            Save the Children’s work, how you          Organization is the only specialized
                                            can support the organization or            agency within the UN system that has
                                            develop partnerships between your          government, employer and worker
The Programme Team
                                            local club and Save the Children. The      representatives.     Its   tripartite
Soroptimist International of Europe
72 rte de Florissant,                       organization     is     effective     in   structure is very unique and
1206 Geneva                                 responding to disaster situations          effectively provides a platform for
Switzerland                                                                            govnernments and employers’ and
Tel : +41 22 346 08 80                      and works to resolve the ongoing
                                            struggles children face on a daily         workers’ organizations to have a
E-mail: suba@soroptimisteurope.org
www.soroptimisteurope.org                   basis, such as poverty, hunger,            social dialogue to foster social and
                                                                                       economic progress.

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