Engine Operation

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					                                Engine Operation

   The internal combustion engine converts _______________ chemical energy into
    mechanical energy.
        o Is done by heat derived form a fuel source
   Approximately _______% of energy released in engine is converted into work.
        o Remaining energy lost in form of heat & friction in engine
   Components are designed to convert __________ for maximum efficiency
        o They must withstand ________ and _______ generated inside engine
            during operation.
        o Must meet size and weight requirements
   Engine Block
        o Main ____________ of engine
        o Supports & maintains _______________ of internal & external
        o Block can be produced as one-piece or ______________ unit
   Cylinder Bore
        o Hole in _________ that aligns and directs piston during movement
   Stroke is the linear distance the piston travels from _____ dead center (TDC) to
    __________ dead center (BDC)
        o TDC point in which piston is closest to cylinder head before piston moves
            back down cylinder
        o BDC point which piston is farthest from cylinder head before piston
            moves back up cylinder
   Displacement (swept volume) that a piston displaces in an engine when it travels
    from _______ to _______ during same piston stroke
   When bore and stroke are known then ______________ can be found
        o D=.7854 * B2 * S
        o D = displacement (in cubic inches)
        o .7854 = constant
        o B2 = bore squared in inches
        o S = Stroke in inches
   Example (fill out)

   For multiple-cylinder engines:
        o Multiply the ______________ of the single-cylinder by the total number
           of cylinders
   Generally, the larger the displacement, the _______ power it can produce
   Air cooled engines have cooling ________ on exterior of block
   Increases surface area of block contacting _____________ (existing) air for
    cooling efficiency
   Liquid cooled engines have ________(sleeves) drilled or cast into block to allow
    coolant to pass through engine and cool it
   Cylinder Heads
       o Engine component fastened to the _______ of cylinder block _________
           from the crankshaft
       o Head gasket is filler _________
   Crankshafts
       o Convert _______ motion of pistons to rotary motion
                 Crankpin journal
                 Bearing journal
                 Counterweight journal
                 Crank gear
   Crankcase
       o Houses and supports _________
       o In 4-stroke acts as oil ___________ for lubrication
       o May have multiple parts like a sump or crankcase cover
                 Sump is ________ & acts like oil reservoir & provides access to
                   internal parts
       o Crankcase cover provides access to internal parts in crankcase & supports

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