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									                     Who Was Brian Miller?
      The Summer 1996 Idaho Section SRM Newsletter included Brian’s obituary:

                         BRIAN A. MILLER – IN MEMORIAM

Brian A. Miller, 47, of Fairfield and Gooding, Idaho, died Wednesday, June 5, 1996 after
                         a lengthy and difficult struggle with cancer.

 Brian was born September 17, 1948, in San Francisco, California, the son of Joseph
   and Charlene Miller. He graduated from high school in Modesto, California, and
 attended Modesto Junior College. Brian then served in the U.S. Marines from 1966-
  1969, including service in Vietnam from 1968-1969, where he received two Purple
 Hearts. He was honorably discharged at the rank of Sergeant on October 13, 1969.
 Brian graduated from the University of Idaho in 1975 with a B.S. in Range Resource

   He worked a year for the University as a research associate in the Department of
  Range Resources then took a job as assistant manager of a ranch in Camas County
Idaho. He later managed a ranch at Jerome Idaho. From 1979-1984 Brian worked as a
  Soil and Range Conservationist with the Soil Conservation Service in Buhl and Twin
Falls, Idaho. Brian was a district conservationist from 1985-1992 based in Gooding and
  Fairfield, Idaho. From 1993 to the present he operated his own consulting business,
 Rangeland Services, specializing in ranch management planning, range improvements,
     range monitoring and ranch appraisals. Brian received certification as a range
      consultant from the Society for Range Management in 1987. Brian was also
owner/operator of a hay, grain, grass seed and livestock ranch in Camas County, Idaho.
          He was serving as supervisor of the Camas Soil Conservation District.

Brian was a very active member of the Society for Range Management since the early
 1970’s. He was chairman of the Idaho Section Awards Committee for several years,
Secretary Treasurer for six years, and Section President in 1989. He was also active in
 the parent society, serving on several committees including the Producer Affairs and
Range Certification Committees and the Advisory Council for three years. He received
   the Idaho Section President’s Award in 1984. He received the University of Idaho
 College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences Alumni Achievement award in 1985,
 in recognition of his professional accomplishments in his first ten years out of school.
 He was also a member of the Idaho Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.

  Brian was a dedicated, focused man. He fought many battles in his life and was not
used to losing. He was strong and brave through every battle, but never so much as his
last struggle with cancer and pneumonia. He was respected and liked by everyone who
 knew him. You knew that if Brian was doing it, it would be done right and to the best of
   his ability. He had a special dry wit about him and could ease the tension in many
meetings with his exceptional quips. He was an expert horseman and loved his horses.
                                 He was a “true cowboy”.

  Brian died like he lived – with dignity and honor, and he will be missed by his friends,
family and the range profession. Survivors include one sister, Judy Erdman of Modesto,
  California and best friend, “hired hand and rock picker” Gayle Anderson of Twin Falls,

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