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									Engine Oil Information
       Why Motor Oil is Important
Motor oil is a lubricant that keeps the hundreds of
  moving parts in your car's engine from rubbing up
  against each other and causing wear.
• It reduces friction,
• allows your car to start easily,
• keeps the engine clean,
• blocks any little gaps between the piston ring and
   the cylinder walls,
• prevents rust and corrosion.
• It also keeps any foreign particles away from engine
                  Oil Viscosity
Viscosity is the ability of a liquid to be poured.
          Multi-grade Motor Oil

Multi-grade oil has two numbers and a letter, for
  example 10W - 30. The first number refers to
  the low-temperature viscosity, or the viscosity
  of the oil when the engine is cold. The second
  number refers to the viscosity of the oil when
  the engine is at operating temperature.
A higher number viscosity rating will not flow as
  easily as a lower number, so a lower number is
  better for colder temperatures.
API Service Ratings

• SM - For all automotive engines presently in
  use. SM oils are designed to provide improved
  oxidation resistance, improved deposit
  protection, better wear protection, and better
  low-temperature performance.
• SL - For 2004 and older automotive engines.
• SJ - For 2001 and older automotive engines.
   Choosing the Right Motor Oil
• Mineral oils are based on refined crude oil
  that comes from dear old Mother Earth.
• Synthetic oils are designed to reduce wear
  and tear on gears, reduce oil oxidation and
  sludge formation, and allow for extended
  drain intervals.
• Semi-synthetic, sometimes called premium,
  which is a blend of the two.
     When to change engine oil
• http://www.ehow.com/video_2326740_when
 Eventually motor oil breaks down in the engine.
 Contaminants accumulate cause oil to lose viscosity.
 Additives in the oil are used up in normal operation of
 the vehicle, after which corrosion and oxidation occur.

 Some experts recommend changing the engine oil
 every 5,000 km (3,000 mi) or every 3 months.

 Follow your owner’s manual.

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