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					Weddings are one of the most important social events in every human
culture. In the past, they united not only a man and a woman, but their
families, and even villages, countries or kingdoms as well. Although not
used as a political tool anymore, weddings are still the best of social
events. Everybody dresses and acts as best as they can, and follows a set
of rituals where everybody, specially the bride and the groom, are
assigned certain rules to follow. These vary from country to country and
from religion to religion, but they?re always there. In the past, one of
the most important aspects of a wedding was the day or season when it
happened. There were days that were considered lucky for getting married
and days that were considered unlucky for a ceremony. In addition, people
thought that the day of the wedding could influence future events, like
the harvest, or the weather. While we don?t believe in those things
anymore, there is a tendency to move to a more natural lifestyle. This in
turn has influenced weddings. Some people are now having weddings in a
natural surrounding, with simpler, more sober decorations, or with
motives that are related to nature. If that seems attractive to you,
then you might consider fall wedding invitations, if you?re getting
married in the months of September, October, or November. Fall wedding
invitations are classy and elegant, yet simple and natural at the same
time.   Fall wedding invitations also carry a symbolism that?s very
pertinent to marriage: The discarding of previous times, in this case,
the life of a bachelor. Because of this, fall wedding invitations mark
the end of single life, preparing both the bride and the groom for a life
where they?ll be together through the hardships of winter and the beauty
of spring. Because of their symbolism of end of life, fall wedding
invitations can also be a homage to a special relative that passed away
but that the couple would have wished to have with them in the wedding.
The main motive of most fall wedding invitations is a dry leaf, which can
transform almost all invitations into fall wedding invitations. Forests
with floors covered with leaves and trees that are losing their leaves
can also be good motives for fall wedding invitations, although they tend
to be a bit more expensive. Finally, fall wedding invitations are also a
good option if your wedding colors are brown or red. They will match
perfectly and will impress your guests.        I've always felt that fall
wedding invitations are the best thing ever! My favorite has always been
addressing bridal shower invitations in the fall !

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