End of Genesis - Unigen Life Sciences Announces by anamaulida


									It appears that the Genesis line is History and all those remaining are
copycats or expired products according to their website. Imagine a
manufacturer who actually calls out the copycats.
If your going to copy it, I'll end the line and then everyone will know
the truth about the copycats. Some people would have milked the product
recognition from the visibility, but in this case, the company went for
protecting the buyer's health.     Other UGL's could learn something from
this type of good forward practice.

  It's nice to see the buyer being protected for once.
The move makes sense since Unigen has some FDA registrations in Thailand
and the line had been long copied-¦ so it's not like they are exiting the
market but rather appear to migrating the base over to registered
products and away from the copykat.                       Usually I'm
busy ripping manufacturers new orifices and but they have so damn many
stickers on the boxes and holograms everywhere-¦ Can it be? an actual
JCOP compliment-¦..   I did the MIMS and TFDA verification check and they
are in fact there-¦                           You have to check these
things yourself readers.    Some manufacturers misrepresent or stretch
the truth about USP, cGMP, BP.   It's not that easy to verify. Most
people won't call their local embassy for the given country or FDA in
that country to verify licensing or a manufacturing license-¦.. which is
not an import or export license nor a registration..
Once you start digging-¦ you quickly find out who are the real
competitors who are the basement mixers or unlicensed.. and also who are
the export-only one's never meeting any FDA regulations anywhere in the
world-¦. Then of course, you have your fishy bullshit jurisidictions
where the licensing is meaningless and often forged.
Copycats destroy the marketplace and offer those without facilities a way
to adulterate other's names-¦ although occasionally as with MaxPro, the
copy may be an improvement over the original swill.
I dream of the day the competition is highly qualified manufacturer to
highly qualified manufacturer instead of Bath-tub vs.   Garage vs.
Jungle Lab vs. UN/WHO/cGMP/BP/USP etc etc certified manufacturers.
The UN WHO has a list of certified facilities. Countries readily
disclose licensing information.       You need to verify the claims
yourself-¦. Don't take anyone's word for anything -¦ unless you're a
shady bill follower (aka sheep), then make noises and the moon and pray
for his divine guidance.      http://www.steroidsonsale.com

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