GETTING IT RIGHT FOR EVERY CHILD
                                SOUTH AYRSHIRE IMPLEMENTATION GROUP
                                              19th June 2009
                                  Whitletts Area Office, Conference Room

         PRESENT:                 Kirsty Ramsay - Implementation Manager, Chair
                                  Lesley James - Children & Families Assistant Manager
                                  Alex Mohan – Community Midwife Manager
                                  Elaine Jarvie – Senior Social Worker
                                  Jean Davies – Children’s Senior Nurse Crosshouse Hospital, NHS
                                  Mary Timpany - Senior Admin Officer (Children & Families)
                                  Marella O’Neil – Children’s Services Manager Barnardos

1   APOLOGIES                                                                                               ACTION

    Nicola Murphy – Health Visitor NHS
    Heather Membride - Public Health Nurse (Schools), NHS
    Jill Dunlop - Integration Training Officer
    Linda Pettigrew - Child Protection Advisor, SA CHP
    Bobby McDowall – GIRFEC Team Manager
    Jane Gibson – Public Health Nurse
    Brigid McMaster – Health Visitor NHS

    It was noted that once again there was no representation from Education.

    Minutes accepted as accurate.
        1) The next Project Board is on the 3rd of July
        2) Hugh has responded to say that the Implementation Group, Improvement Group and CPC
           Performance Action Group will be merged in the future
        3) No practitioners from South Ayrshire were able to attend the National Practice Forum on
           Information Sharing
        4) East Ayrshire’s Risk Assessment Training has now been received
        5) Processes within Admin. social work in regards to assessment are being discussed on an
           ongoing basis. Lesley stated that the two systems of assessment are causing confusion
           and an agreement of how rollout of the new paperwork is going to be progressed has to
           be agreed. It has been suggested that it will begin with a move over for all LAAC.

    NHS Net Accounts
    The NHS Account is back up and running within social work.

    The laptops have had the anti-virus software upgraded and pens can be used both with the
    laptops and PC’s in social work.


        Kirsty and Liz delivered the GIRFEC Practice Model Training on the 11 June. There were 16
        people due to attend however only 8 attended. The training was updated and there was more
        time given to complete the practical exercises in the afternoon. Kirsty, Liz and Jill are meeting
        on Monday to make final changes and the course will be re-sent to the group. It evaluated
        very well.
       Kirsty received a generic GIRFEC presentation from the Scottish Government. This has had a
        slide relevant to South Ayrshire added and a couple of slides updated with South Ayrshire
        specific information. Own notes also added.            Kirsty will deliver this as requested.
        (Presentation attached).
       Liz, Jill, Kirsty and Lesley met on Wednesday to start re-writing the Risk Assessment Training.
        When this is completed it will be sent to the group for feedback. Once finalised a date will be
        scheduled asap as it was agreed that all social work staff will require to attend sooner rather
        than later. All other staff will also have the opportunity to attend this re-worked course.

5   Audit

         Kirsty explained that the template had been derived from the SWIA template for file audit.
           She had also added questions based on the Jane Aldgate/Wendy Rose paper on Risk
           Assessment. East and North Implementation Mangers have given their input. Some
           changes were discussed and everyone agreed that they would send any further feedback            All
           to Kirsty by Friday 26 June. This will then be sent to North and East and an agreed
           template taken to the Project Board on 3 July. Template attached.
         Kirsty said that the process would be discussed at the next meeting when there are more
           representatives. However, it has been agreed that the Implementation Group would use
           the template to carry out an audit of Integrated Assessments to inform future rollout. The
           template could also be for use by all agencies to carry out ongoing quality assurance on

6   Initial Assessment

    Kirsty explained that North Ayrshire have produced a draft Initial Assessment for use by universal
    services going to a Partnership Forum and also for social work to use in place of an IAR. This has
    still to be agreed by their Implementation Group and will be discussed again on Monday.

    South Ayrshire have discussed having an Initial Assessment in the past and as the Future Models
    Group are planning the introduction of Locality Children’s Services Group this is now crucial.
    South Ayrshire would also use this assessment for other agencies/services to refer to social work
    and for IAR’s, and other Initial Assessments. Both Jean and Lesley agreed that this was sorely
    needed now. Please review the attached initial assessment and feedback any proposed changes            All
    to Kirsty by Friday 26 June.

    The Implementation Managers will discuss any proposed changes and an Initial Assessment Form
    will go to the Project Board on 3 July for approval.

7   AOB
           North Ayrshire have also suggested changes to the Review Paperwork removing the
            Triangle and SHANARRI (see attached). The group agreed that this would not be
            acceptable to South Ayrshire as our evaluation had shown that the review was not robust
            enough and this was the reason we included the Triangle. SHANARRI is crucial for              Kirsty
            identifying Risk and Need. Kirsty will feed this back to the Implementation Managers and
            ask North why they are proposing these changes. If you have any other comments on this         All
            please send them to Kirsty by Friday 26 June.
           Kirsty asked that everyone bring copies of the minutes and documents sent out as she no        All
            longer has an admin. resource.


    Wednesday July 22nd, Holmston House, Room 3


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