; Resveratrol and Controlling Diabetes
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Resveratrol and Controlling Diabetes


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									Resveratrol can give someone some nifty advantages and it can help with
controlling diabetes. Diabetes is a condition in which someone's body has
a ton of sugar which is glucose and is unable to properly use insulin.
There are two different types of diabetes, type 1 is when the pancreas is
unable to create insulin and is most common in children. Type 2 is
usually when the pancreas produces way too much insulin and the body has
a hard time processing it.       There are a variety of traits that may
increase the risk of someone getting this disease. One of the biggest is
unfortunately hereditary meaning that if all of your parents and
grandparents had problems with their blood sugar levels than there is a
bigger risk that you're going to have a problem with it as well.
Malnutrition is also a big contributor to diabetes. Basically eating tons
of refined carbs and not enough fiber and protein is not good. Think
about it, our bodies are not used to all the sugar that we throw at it
every single day. Usually throughout time we ate sugar that had fiber in
it such as apple.

  Age is another fact that can increase the chance of getting this
disease. It's a known fact that the older someone gets the more the body
breaks down and there is more of a chance of something breaking, just
look at a car. Of course if you take care of it just like a 1990 bmw I
have with over 300 thousand miles it can last much longer than some
people think.       Resveratrol is a nutrient that is created from plants
that protects them from various toxins and funguses. It is in the skin of
grapes, some peanuts, raspberries and a few other foods. This substance
has been known to activate a gene called SIRT1 which can help with
insulin secration and creating the insulin. Since diabetes is all about
the problem of creating too much or not enough insulin as you can see
this can help. Studies with mice show that even low levels of this
nutrient can assist with their blood sugar levels.       Also this
nutrient is anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical. This means that is
helps prevent damage in cells when it comes to someone's body. This can
of course help with diabetes, heart disease, cancer and a number of other
problems.       Resveratrol has gotten a lot of buzz since it has been in
the shows Sixty Minutes, Oprah and some others. Because of this many
companies are trying to cash in on the hype and there are some good ones
and some bad ones. To help with the confusion our group has created a
free report that sort of goes behind the scenes with supplements and
simplifies what to look for when choosing them. To check out this free
report on supplements, click on http://increasemyhealth.net/.       Kevin
Whitsitt is a frequent author on many health topics and enjoys breaking
down complex topics so more people can undestand them. To learn more
about Resveratrol and Kevin's work click on Top Resveratrol Research.

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