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					Betty Crocker's Diabetes Cookbook by Betty Crocker shows you easy
everyday meals that you can prepare for a diabetic person. This cookbook
puts flavor and variety back onto the menu for people with diabetes and
their families. Betty Crocker is the most trusted friend in American
kitchens and now she has teamed up the International Diabetes Center to
create an essential source of easy-to-make recipes and nutrition
information for the increasing number of people who have diabetes. This
recipe book features Carbohydrate Choices which is the newly simplified
approach to meal planning recommended by the American Diabetes
Association.      Diabetic Cookbook by The Healthy Recipe Source provides
over 500 delicious diabetic recipes to help you start enjoying food again
as a diabetic. This recipe collection is sure to please anyone who needs
to watch their diet without sacrificing their taste buds. This is the
perfect book for the millions of people with diabetes who need to be
careful at maintaining their diet. You will find recipes for desserts you
may have thought you could never have like cookies, cakes, and fudge.
With these recipes, you can make all these treats and more without
worrying about slipping off your diabetic diet.

  The New Glucose Revolution for Diabetes by Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller is
the definitive guide to managing diabetes and prediabetes using the
Glycemic index. This is the first comprehensive guide to using the
glycemic index to control type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, prediabetes,
and more. This book features the most accurate and latest information
with new findings by the authors. It includes recipes for all types of
diabetes including gestational diabetes and juvenile diabetes. There are
also recipes for related conditions such as obesity and celiac disease
plus practical guidance on sugar, sweeteners, alcohol, snacking, and
eating out at restaurants.      The Insulin-Resistance Diet by Cheryle R.
Hart and Mary Kay Grossman is the best-selling book that has helped
thousands of people overcome insulin resistance and lose weight. This
book provides a life-long livable eating plan that shows you how to lose
weight safely and easily because it links carbs and proteins to control
blood sugar and insulin spokes. This edition includes the latest
information on good versus bad fats, carbs, and more. Don't want to give
up on your sweet treats? This book is good news for anyone who loves
chocolate, coffee, nuts, and cinnamon.      Diabetic Meals in 30 Minutes
or Less by Robyn Webb M.S. provides you with healthy, diabetes-friendly
recipes. This recipe collection is perfect for people with active lives
and will perfectly fit into your busy schedule. It is stuffed with
recipes that are specifically designed for people with diabetes. This
book will get your meal plan on track in no time. The author of this book
represents an expert in the field of diabetes and she is dedicated to
improving the lives and interests of diabetic people all over the world.
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