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									                                 Berthoud Gun Club Trap Range
                                   2012 Winter League Rules

League Type

  1) This league is comprised of 5 member teams shooting 50 targets/week. This league will be 6
     weeks long. Each team member will shoot 25 targets from 16 yards and 25 targets from the
     22 yard line on two nights, Jan. 12th & Feb 2nd. 50 Doubles targets from the 16 yard line will be
     shot on two nights, Jan. 19th & Feb 9th. 50 Wobble targets from the 16 yard line will be shot on
     two nights, Jan. 26th & Feb. 16th. Two shots per target can be used on Wobble targets.
     Leagues will run on Thursday evenings.

  2) A Handicap of 70% of shooter’s combined average will be added to each round for all shooters,
     for all events. The maximum score possible with a handicap is 24/25.

League Cost

  3) The fee is $14 for club members and $15 for non-club members per shooter per night/per team.
     From these proceeds, $11.00 will cover the cost of targets and the league secretary fee and
     the remaining $3.00 will be reserved for a point payoff fund to be returned to the shooters at
     the end of the league in the form of money per team per win.

  4) Each Team also pays a one-time sponsorship fee of $25. This fee will be used to add to the
     team payout at the end of the league.

  5) All league shoots are guaranteed bird leagues. ALL TARGETS, whether shot or not, must be
     paid for.

  6) The league secretary will only keep track of how much the TEAM owes and has paid. An
     individual payment record is the responsibility of the team members or their designated captain.
     Any unpaid league fee balances will be deducted from the final team winnings.


  7) The three-point method will be used for scoring. One point will be awarded to the highest total
     team score (individual scores including handicap) for each 25 target round. A third point will
     be awarded to the highest combined team total of both rounds. A half (1/2) point will be
     awarded to each team in the event of a tie.

     NOTE: Doubles will score one point for first target total, one point for second target total and
     one point for total targets.

  8) NO Trophies will be awarded for this league.

League Set Up

  9) If the league has an odd number of teams, each team will receive one BYE during the league.
     The BYE will be shot and paid for, and the BYE team will win three (3) points for the week.
     Shooters scores will go towards their averages.

  10) The schedule may contain up to two Position Rounds (PR). All teams shoot Position Rounds
      in the following order 1st vs 2nd place, 3rd vs 4th place, etc. If two teams are tied with numbers
      of wins in the standings, the team with the highest combined average (including handicap) will
      be considered the higher placed team for both the standings and the position round.

  11) The starting times for the league will depend on the number of teams signed up for the league.
     If 10 teams the 1st team will start at 5:00PM, 12 teams the first team will start at 4:30PM and if
     14 teams the first team will start at 4:00PM. The club will have the range closed by 8PM. Any
     team not on the firing line within 10 minutes after their scheduled start will be subject to a five
     bird penalty and will have to forfeit their unfinished rounds or finish shooting after the other
     team(s) complete their rounds. As a courtesy to other teams, please be on time and shoot in a
     timely manner.

  12) In the event of severe weather, management may postpone a league shoot for a week or
     teams may have the option of making up their scores prior to the next scheduled league night.
     This decision will be made by the management and available team captains. Please note that
     each league schedule only allows for one make-up week if absolutely necessary, so shooters
     need to be prepared to shoot in ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS.

Substitutes & Dog Scores

  13) A team may use a DOG SCORE or Substitute for any missing shooter. A dog score is the
     missing shooter’s average plus handicap for each 25 target round. The dog scores are less 2
     birds for all events. (Please write dog score next to the missing shooters name on the score

  14) Teams may have up to three (3) designated substitutes. Please give the league secretary the
     names (first and last) of these individuals. A sub may be designated by more than one team,
     but may not shoot for opposing teams on a given night. Teams without designated subs may
     pull a sub at random from the “pool”. All subs will establish their own average and handicap.
     Only scores from the designated subs will be valid. The regular team member is responsible
     for payment. Any arrangements with subs for payment or reimbursement are strictly up to you.
     Subs do not receive any of the purse money payout. When using a sub, cross out the Regular
     shooter’s name and write in the substitutes’ name (First & Last).

  15) Unless declared prior to shooting, ALL scores on the sheet will count (unless it is a score from
     an unauthorized sub.) If a non-team member is planning on shooting the targets for fun in a
     member’s absence, and a dog score is intended to be used, this must be noted prior to
     shooting. If an unauthorized sub turns in a score, the missing shooter will automatically
     receive a dog score.
  16) A team may replace one regular team member during the course of the league.

  17) A team must have scores from three (3) regular members (including dog scores) for the round
     to count.

  18) A minimum of three (3) shooters (regular team members and/or subs) must be in attendance
     for the round to count on the scheduled night. Pre-shoots will be allowed for 2 Team shooters
     per week, un-limited times. Pre-shoots must be shot within 7 days PRIOR to the night the
     Team was scheduled to shoot. This rule is intended to allow shooters to shoot targets they
     paid for, not to be abused over time. The league prefers that 5 shooters shoot on scheduled

  19) If a Team starts a League with 4 members or losses a member during the league and a
     replacement is not available to complete the league, a blind score will be used. A blind score
     is the scratch average of the existing 4 team members for all events. The blind score will be
     Handicapped as if it were a shooter for all events.


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