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Outgames Legacy Fund Sample Budget


									SAMPLE BUDGET – HOW TO USE                                                            u
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The budget should list the total income and expenditure and reflect all costs associated
with the particular project, including in-kind support and expenses.

The budget must balance (total income = total expenditure) to be accepted. Only
include costs and income associated with the project for which you are applying.

You should give a breakdown of personnel fees and how these were derived.

When including any earned income, (ie entrance fees, ticket sales etc) include the basis
upon which these figures have been reached.

Nb: Those applying for $5,000 are expected to make a contribution: cash or in-kind or
both and to seek support from other sources. These should be indicated in the budget.

How to use the budget template
1. List all expected income in the EXPECTED INCOME column. You must name the
organisations, businesses or individuals providing funds, list the amount each will
provide in the $ column.
Do not list in this column what the funds will be used for.

2. Under EXPECTED INCOME, when including Grants and Sponsorship, list organisation
and mark with a (C) - confirmed or (NC) – not confirmed, to indicate the status of those

3. List all expected expenses in EXPECTED EXPENDITURE by listing the reason for
expense, eg, trainer fees, equipment, transport, photocopying, etc. If the cost is being
covered by in-kind Sponsorship or in-kind Applicant Contribution, write in-kind next to
the item.

4. Any in-kind Income must also be shown as in-kind Expenditure and must balance.

5. In the Fund $ column show the amount of FUND monies you intend to allocate
against an expense, ie trainer’s fees total = $1,500, FUND $ = $1,250.

6. Add the Sub Total of each Section. Add the Section Sub Totals to find Total Income,
Total Expenditure and Total FUND $.

7. The Fund does not provide for profit, so if you expect more Income than Expense,
reduce the amount you are requesting from the Fund to make the EXPECTED INCOME
and EXPECTED EXPENDITURE equal the same amount.

8. The amount requested from the Fund (income) must be the same as the TOTAL
FUND $ (expenditure) shown in the FUND $ column.

9. If you are registered for GST, your income and expenditure must not include GST.
The amount you receive will be grant + GST.

1st Asia Pacific Outgames Legacy Fund   Sample Budget                                                                Page 1
          SAMPLE BUDGET ONLY                                                                             u
                                                                                                        Q ic kTime ™ a nd a
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EXPECTED INCOME                          $           EXPECTED EXPENDITURE                      $                                           FUND $
Section 1: Earned Income                 ---------   Section 5: Fees/Salaries                 ---------                                     -----------
                                                     (include on costs)
Participant Fees                                     Coach/Trainer/Presenter Fees            1500.00                                         1250.00

Entrance Fees


         Section 1 Sub Total                                       Section 5 Sub Total      1500.00                                         1250.00
Section 2 - Grants                       ---------   Section 6: Direct Project Costs          ---------                                     -----------
Outgames Legacy Fund                   *5000.00
                                                     X 10 new volleyballs (@ $50 each)              500.00                                       250.00
                                                     X 10 new volleyballs (in-kind)                 500.00
State                                                X 25 rule books (@ $10 each)                   250.00                                       250.00
                                                     X 5 places in umpire clinic (@ $100)           500.00                                       500.00
                                                     X 5 places in coach clinic (@ $100)            500.00                                       500.00
Local                                                Participant Fees (50 x $10)                    500.00                                       500.00
                                                     Venue Hire                                     250.00                                       250.00

       Section 2 Sub Total             5000.00                      Section 6 Sub Total     3000.00                                         2250.00
Section 3: Sponsorship                  ---------    Section 7: Travel/Accom Costs           ---------                                      -----------
Cash                                                 Airfare for Olympic Volleyballer –       500.00
                                                     Guest Speaker (in-kind)
                                                     x 2 nights accom (in-kind)                     500.00

Travel & Accom - STA (C)                1000.00
X 10 volleyballs - Wilson (NC)           500.00

         Section 3 Sub Total           1500.00                     Section 7 Sub Total      1000.00
Section 4: Applicant’s                   ---------   Section 8: Project Admin Costs           ---------                                     -----------
X 5 Volleyballs (@ $50 each)              250.00

                                                     Marketing Costs
In-kind                                              Upgrade of website (in-kind)            500.00
Marketing                                 500.00     X 3 half page ads in & MCV       1500.00                                         1500.00
Documentation                             250.00     Documentation Costs
Assistant Coach Fee                       250.00     Evaluation Survey (in-kind)                    250.00

       Section 4 Sub Total             1250.00                    Section 8 Sub Total       2250.00                                         1500.00
    Sections 1 to 4 = Total            7750.00                 Sections 5 to 8 = Total      7750.00                                        *5000.00
                   Income                  (a)                           Expenditure            (b)
         Notes: (a) and (b) must add up to the same amount
                 *The Fund request/income must equal the Legacy Fund expenditure

         1st Asia Pacific Outgames Legacy Fund        Sample Budget                                                                     Page 2

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