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									                        Educational Fundraiser

                                                                                   It is the number one complaint made to the Federal Trade Commission.
                                                                                                                                                          Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America.
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Dear Parents/Families,                    will teach you what you can do for
                                          yourself. Or, if you prefer, you can
We are excited to invite you to learn     purchase ONE Call's ID Theft Assist
with us about identity theft in an        program, and allow them to do it.
educational fundraiser that will
benefit each of our families in
several ways.                             Useful and Saving:
                                          This program allows you to purchase
Education:                                a service that is useful to you. With
For two weeks, October 17-31, 2012,       the growing awareness of identity
we will be providing information to       theft, it's a service you may have
educate all of us on identity theft,
the fastest growing crime in America      considered purchasing anyway.
and the number one complaint made
to the federal trade commission.          Through our organization, you
                                          receive our group discount, which
Both children and adults are              saves you money, while helping us
vulnerable to identity theft, although    raise funds. This kind of successful
you may not be aware that children        fundraiser means we don't have to
are particularly targeted by identity
thieves. The educational material         hold as many fundraisers throughout
will teach us ways to prevent, and        the year.
detect identity theft, and what to do
if it occurs. The education program       The email information will have easy
is free, whether you participate in       clicks for ordering or you can go to
the fundraiser or not.                    our website at
                                          Because all of the ordering is online,
Fundraising:                              there is no money to collect, or
Like any organization, we can offer       orders to distribute.
more to you and your children with
more funding. Our identity theft          Educational Fundraisers are growing
education program is sponsored by         in popularity because many people
ONE Call, which offers a premier          like the idea of using fundraising
service called ID Theft Assist. It is a   efforts to also protect and educate
highly respected and well-established     our community. If you like the idea
service. The educational program          of this way to raise funds, then

                                          please help us make this Identity
                                          Theft Educational
                                          Fundraiser a
  80% of Americans are                         great
  concerned about identity theft.
  Source: Better Business Bureau               succ
  Does the following sound familiar?
  I've heard about Identity Theft and have an
  uneasy sense I should be dong something about it,
  but I don't really know where to start....

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